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New Homes Edmond | The Beautiful Bay Window

New Homes Edmond | Welcome in

Welcome, what is up to another fantastic podcast. I’m the Jay man going to be talking to you exclusively about the home buying process and building a home being a big speed new home builder and all that that entailed. I’m just going to talk about construction stuff and show homes and building and just use lots of words. So first thing you’ll see here on our show homes website is we have quality homes for all budgets, whether you’re looking at something starting around 160 k, New Homes Edmond, or we have homes that start at the $400 and go all the way up in the millions and millions of dollars. So, um, lots of stuff. New Homes Edmond, you know, before you think about building, you should always check our move in ready inventory. Uh, we have a lot of homes, I think about 45 that are up and running here. Let’s do a quick rundown. A first one is a beautiful bay. Would in the Silverleaf community located at, uh, what is that 51st and county line might be 61st, maybe 41st one of those. Um, beautiful bay. It’s 1336 square feet. I’m priced comfortably at 170,343. Three bedrooms, two baths, two car garage. It’s in broken Arrow school. District number three. Uh, liberty elementary, Anita Ridge middle school, and broken Arrow high school.

We also have another beautiful bay would in Silverlake. Uh, this one is 34, 45 eastern Quebec street in broken arrow. I’m priced affordably at $172,401. Um, and again, same school district, same all that jazz, a big speed new home builder. We also have a Birkdale and Silverleaf 34, 25 East Quebec Street, broken Arrow, a 100, 1,424 square feet. Three bedroom, two bath, two car garage, comfortably priced at one 74, nine slash 22. And again, same school district, broken arrow. New Homes Edmond, we also have in silver leaf, the Birkdale, another Birkdale at 177,000 zero five slash seven. And that one is 4,001 north 34th street. Broken Arrow. Just what we got another and Silverleaf one 77 five. Oh, to that one is 34, 41 east Quebec street. Broken Arrow. Moving onto crystal creek. We have a lovely bay. Would 13, 36 square feet, three bedrooms, two bath, two car garage, a look at it. And Crystal Creek, which is 41st in olive. It is in the union school district. Goes to Rosa Parks Elementary Union, Middle School and union high.

Switching gears back to Silverleaf, we haven’t Ashton affordably priced at $180,586. That’s 1499 square feet. Three bedrooms, two bath, two car garage. And again being in silver leaf, it’s going to be broken. Arrow schools, liberty elementary, Anita Ridge middle school and broken Arrow highschool, another silverleaf house. And Ashton, 1499 square feet listed at one 81 74. Uh, same school districts for Silverleaf. What do you know? We got more and Silverleaf. New Homes Edmond, we got to Cambridge. 16 62 square feet listed at one 87. One 70 and that is 34. 13 East Quebec Street. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Big speed. New Home Builder,

of course,

we also have an amber located in Silverleaf, comfortability priced at $187,295. It is 1683 square feet, three bedrooms, two bath, two car garage, a New Homes Edmond school district. Sticking with silver leaf, we also have a Cambridge 34, 29 eastern Quebec Street in broken Arrow listed at one 87 five 61. It is 16, Sixty two square feet, four bedrooms, two baths with a two car garage. Shifting gears over to Crystal Creek, we have a Birkdale one 89 to 45, a 114 82 square feet, three bedroom, two bath, two car garage, and that one is one three, three to five east 41st place. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Moving on to Tucson village, bixby. New Home builder


Tucson village is located at 121st and elm. It is 67, 13 south 20th street in broken Arrow. The plane is called the dewberry. New Homes Edmond I’m not gonna. Say anything about that. It’s called the dewberry and it is 18. Oh, six square feet, four bedroom, two bath, two car garage, broken Arrow schools, spring creek elementary childers, middle school, unbroken. Narrow high school. Moving on to Tucson village. A floor plan. The Ellington, 6,700 south 20th place broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It is very reasonably priced at a one 98 7:50 price tag. Eighteen 76 square feet. Eighteen 76. I think that was the year that we, uh, brought Alaska into the United States. Let’s check that Alaska state. And a slight sidetrack. You’ll have to, you know, give me a little leeway here. I just got to know if I was right because I’m usually am. Just kidding. Nineteen 59. I was away of 18. Seventy six was Colorado. I knew it was something. So I, Colorado Eighteen, 70 6:00 AM. We’re back. Uh, let’s see here. Okay. So yes, as I said before, it was um, 18, 76 square feet on the Ellington into sun village. Big speed. New home builders. We also have a liberty for sale in Tucson village. 60 seven. New Homes Edmond, nine South Twentieth Street in Broken Arrow listed at $201,200. It is 1932 square feet, three bedroom, two bath with a two car garage, a broken Arrow school district. Of course, another house and Crystal Creek. We have a Cambridge 16, 62 square feet located at 1330, 31 east, 43rd place South Tulsa, Oklahoma, a 60 62 square feet listed at 201,000 4:57. A four bedroom, two bath, two car garage and union schools. Big Spi. New Home Builder.

Back to Tucson village. We have a lovely newport and that’s not the cigarette brand. That’s the shaw homes home. A Newport, New Homes Edmond? That’s what I think of. I think of cigarettes. I don’t know what other people think of, but you know, I’m pretty ratchet. I’m the Newport plan, 2048 square feet. Just a hair underneath the crescent. I’m conveniently priced at 205,804 bedroom, two bath, two car garage and it is broken Arrow schools back to crystal creek. We an amber 16, 83 square feet listed at 200, 6,007 69 a union schools back to Tucson village. We have the remington humbly priced at $218,800, 2,207 square feet. It’s a four bedroom, two and a half bath with a two car garage and broken Arrow schools. Finally, we’ll be wrapping up this podcast with the Finley and highland creek. One hundred one zero four one four South 226 east avenue in broken arrow.

The findlay plan is 18. New Homes Edmond, two square feet. I thought it was 18. Oh seven. Um, and it is $225,388. Three bedrooms, two bath with a three car garage. Island Creek is oak crest elementary children’s middle school and broken Arrow high school. Thank you so much for tuning in. I’m going to have more wonderful jazz like this queued up in just a minute. So buckle up your seatbelt and get ready to have lots of fun. I know I will. Thanks for listening. Thanks for being a bixby new home builder. And go into New Homes Edmond dot com where we treat everybody like they’re Donald Trump. Like they have lots of money like Donald Trump. Not like they’re actually don’t trump. Okay, bye.

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