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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond | The Biggest House

New Homes Edmond | Fair and balanced

I’m missing up. I’m over. Glenn Shaw, who in 1978, he built his first new home. It was a Redford three for just $27,000 and then he found out that he really liked building new homes and he started building more homes and he formed this company called show homes and since then we’ve been the best builder around and all you have to do is check out our reviews. That song was brought to you by New Homes Edmond.


Show homes, show homes.com, fair and balanced. The people you trust, people you need when you want. A wonderful home

for wonderful price. My name is the man and I will be here for you for the next 10 minutes. New Homes Edmond I want to be your Sherpa and the difficult mountain that is last.

So thank you so much for tuning in. It’s my pleasure to be here

today. Just speaking really long run on sentence New Homes Edmond

tenses. So,

um, if you like that guy, you’re going to love this podcast.

So I’m basically going to try to make it one really long sentence and just use a lot of conjunctions and other types of ways to keep the sentence going and uh, just generally kind of speak in platitudes and I’m just keep going on for 10 full minutes. So stay tuned. It’s going to be great. Fantastic time. And once again on the jam man hopefully won’t be coming up with any more songs about shaw homes because, you know, singing stopped my strength. You know, New Homes Edmond, this is my strength though, is showing up at the main office at 8:00 AM, um,

for our punishment meetings because that’s my bread and butter, you know, getting up, getting out early when it’s freezing cold, know as a punishment for not making enough sales. So you know, nevermind, you know, that I’m paycheck to paycheck and I don’t know New Homes Edmond when the next paycheck’s coming right on that. That’s not punishment enough. I know it’ll get it done in 8:00 AM meeting. That’s the answer I want to talk to you today about being a big speed new home builder and all the wonderful things that that entails. Building in such a treat, uh, it’s a wonderful town when you’re a big speed new home builder. There’s just a real sense of pride, a real sense of, you know, I built a wonderful new home in Binghamton. Now bixby is a bit of a pain to get out to Scott, uh, you know, only a couple of ways you can get there on account of the Arkansas River and uh, sometimes I can make traffic backup quite a bit, particularly on memorial. Um, and there’s just happens to be a lot of stuff right on the edge of a big speech and Tulsa off a memorial, so that makes traffic even stronger.

Have you. Trafficked for Bixby is like the best traffic day ever for Dallas. So it’s all relative New Homes Edmond. It’s all relative. Big speed. New home builder is a, the key word of the day. We’re going to look forward to saying that for you at least five times, maybe six, maybe 10. I’m just gonna. Keep rambling and talking and chatting and talking about selling houses and how, uh, you know, whether you need a house that’s 1800 square feet or maybe 18, 57 square feet or 2095 square feet. Maybe you’re looking at something that’s 21. Oh, two square feet. Maybe you’re thinking, Hey, you got an endless, this 21, 72 square feet. The answer to all your questions is yes. We’re a big speed new home builder that has all of that. We can keep going.

Good morning.

Hi, can I do a venti hazelnut flat white New Homes Edmond betsy haze on flat white and a Bacon Gouda. And a cup of water, please. Okay. Do you want extra shot of us thread?

Uh, no. Thank you.

No Bacon Gouda and a cup of water or anything else I got for you. That will do it. All right. Thank you. Thank you.

I guess what I’m doing anyways talking about being a ew Homes Edmond.

Yep. So, uh, when you need a great home calls show homes, we’re going to build a great home for you. Call us, call the shaw homes, New Homes Edmond call

us at the main office. It’s off Kanosha oh right. And we’re back talking about being in a new home builder again and how wonderful it is, how lucky we are to building such a great city. So the city of dreams, big bixby where anything can happen. New Homes Edmond There’s modeling agencies and there’s like three post offices. So whatever you need done, you can get it done in bixby. Check us out on the web show homes.com like us on facebook and check us out on Yelp as well as um, I think we still have a myspace. You can like us on Angie’s list or any of these other fantastic websites. Uh, just want to be a big speed new home builder and um, everything will be great. New Homes Edmond. And we’re back once again, checking in, being a big name home builder. It’s fantastic. I love it. Love it so much and I’m working hard on the rag, trying to find people the home and their dreams.

Trying to say, hey look, come see me. And if you do, you’ll be glad that you did a asked for the Jay man, pretty famous, New Homes Edmond, one of the best podcasters on the team. So a lot of people get, you know, they request me, they hear my podcast and they’re like, Whoa, this is a great dude. Want to be on his team. And uh, you know, I want to build a band, fantastic home or show homes, so everything’s great and just super chill and like I’m not even really stressed out or worried. So nothing on that front, Casey, we’re thinking that that’s not true. So you shouldn’t, shouldn’t say that. Um, just realized that I’ve probably been talking pretty quiet on this whole podcast to do apologize if you’re straining your ears. Uh, you know, the thing is when you’re a big speed new home builder, you can’t always speak loudly enough for some of the retirees out there, you know, maybe all their kids are in college now and uh, they were retired and uh, you know, it’s just a wonderful, wonderful time for them because they get to come and find a great big speed new home builder Hash for the Jay man, New Homes Edmond super qualified.

I’ve helped many, many people build a home, sold just under $5, million dollars worth of houses last year. New Homes Edmond, uh, you know, I got to say I’m hungry. I’m hungry like the wolf. I got a burning desire to be fantastic and I want to do right by you and your family. So come check me out. Find us online, show homes.com, fair and balanced shall homes the leader in the industry that you trust to build you an amazing home. Thank you so much for tuning in. Guys that do want to apologize to anyone I may have offended previously. Uh, nevermind intention for anyone to hear these podcasts. I would never, ever want to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend anyone. A really. I’m a good dude. New Homes Edmond, I just had some bad information was told that these would be completely private. No one would ever read them or listen to him that it’d be anonymous and put on a hidden page of the website and, uh, turned out not to be true. And I said some really awful stuff that I didn’t mean so really sorry if I hurt you or any of your coworkers, um, you know, I just, again, we’d never, ever want to do that. Made a mistake. And it was dumb one. And I’m sorry.

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