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New Homes Edmond | The Crescent Front Porch

New Homes Edmond | The Crescent Front Porch

Hello and welcome to show homes and this article. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to research and figure out all of the information so that way when it comes time you can make the best decision for you and your family. And this article I’m going to tell you about all of our big speed new homes and you can find that perfect floor plan that fits all of your needs. The first big speed new home floor plan I want to tell you about is called the Addison. One story. New Homes Edmond The Addison one story is 1,857 square feet. It’s a three bedroom home, two bathrooms, one story with a three car garage. Uh, the cool thing about the addison is that it has a split floor plan and a master walked through, we call it the snooze button design. So if people get up at separate times, one person can wake up, walk into the master bathroom and close the doors behind them and shower and change and get ready for the day and exit through the master closet without having to go back and forth through the master bedroom to disturb that. Their partner.


The Addison can also be built as a two story which would make at the Addison p two for your new home. The Addison p would be 2,421 square feet, but making it a four or a five bedroom home. If you use the office as a bedroom with three bathrooms, two stories, New Homes Edmond and a three car garage with the Addison to story. That game room seats nine to 10 comfortably. It’s a really large game room and upstairs you also have a bedroom and a bathroom.

The next move and ready home are. Sorry. The next big speed. New home would be the crescent. Crescent as a one story is 2095 square feet. It’s a three bedroom home, two bathrooms, one story with a three car garage. Now, if you build this one in any of our big speed communities for your big speed new home, it has a front porch, which is really nice. Some of our floor plans don’t have much of a front porch with the crescent front porch is really nice. Uh, also once you come inside, you’ll notice it has a formal dining room and an office and then down a crescent shaped hallway or find two other bedrooms with a bathroom as well in the master suites, New Homes Edmond one of our largest master bedrooms with a bump out and look for additional seating. And in a nice size master bathroom with a walk in closet.

Also in the center, the laundry room is far away from the bedroom. So if you’re the type of people that like to do laundry at night, um, this would be the perfect floor plan for you with an open concept from the kitchen to the living room. This is truly one of our best for plans. The crescent can also be built as a two story. One of the different versions is you can have it walking upstairs, right? The game room with a bedroom. New Homes Edmond a bathroom as well, or you can have just the game room upstairs. So if you build it with a bedroom and a bathroom and a game room upstairs, the crescent will have 2,946 square feet, making it a four bedroom, three bathroom home. Two stories with a three car garage. If you did the crescent m, it would be 2,593 square feet. For bed it’d be three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two stories. The three car garage.

The next floor plan that can be your new home is called the Finley. The findlay is 1,802 square feet. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms. One story with a three car garage. The next one, which would be your big b new home, is called the Greenville. The Greenville as a one story, it has 2000, 257 square feet. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms. One story with a three car garage. Some of the cool things about the Greenville is that it has the largest master suite of any of our floor plans and one of the versions that adds to bonus rooms off of the master suite, which are both private rooms for that master and the master suite abs study and an exercise room. It also has what we call it grand entrance, so in the very end, in the first entrance there is 13 foot ceilings and then continuing into the dining room there are 20 foot ceilings, so a really nice size grand entrance, and even as a one story, those ceiling heights stay the same. The Greenville has a few upstairs versions as well. One of the officers versions is the Greenville one e, New Homes Edmond which is 2,987 square feet, four bedroom, three bathroom, two stories is a three car garage

with the Greenville one either is a game room, a bedroom and a bathroom. You can also do the Greenville one h, which is 3,164 square feet, making a five bedroom, three bath bathroom, two stories with a three car garage. This allows for a game room, a bedroom, a second bedroom, and a bathroom upstairs, or are you going to do the Greenville one l, which is 3,400, 13 square feet, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, two stories was a three car garage, and upstairs you would have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, or you can do that second version of the Greenville for your big speed. New Home. Would you be the Greenville to the Greenville to as a one story with those two bonus rooms off the master suite is 2,556 square feet, three bedroom home, two bathrooms. One story with a three car garage, and those have the Greenville too. He began with a game room, a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs. Three thousand 286 square feet. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. And for your new home you can do at Greenville to age, which again has the game room, two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs making that 34, 63 square feet, a five bedroom home with three bathrooms. Or you can do the Greenville to l, our largest Greenville version, New Homes Edmond which would have three bedrooms upstairs, so a total of six bedrooms and four bathrooms will be 3,712 square feet.

Next for your big speed Newham, you can build the monroe. The Monroe is one of our most popular floor plans because it has more versions than any other floor plan. With the Monroe, there are 15 different versions that you can choose from and I’m confident that within those 15 versions there’s a version that meets all of your needs New Homes Edmond.

Some of the cool things about the monroe is that it has our largest great room and our largest opening into the kitchen with one of our largest back Patios as well. The Monroe one for your bigs. B, new home is 2,274 square feet. Three bedroom, two bathroom. One story with a three car garage. The Monroe one, he allows for a bedroom, a bathroom, and a game room upstairs, which would be 3074 square feet. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms upstairs. Or You knew the Monroe, one h for your big expedia home, which is 3,279 square feet along for five bedrooms and three bathrooms or free your new home. You can do them in row one, which is our largest monroe version, allowing for upstairs. You’d have two bedrooms, two game rooms and one bathroom making it 3,671 square feet, five bedroom home and three bathrooms. The other version of the Monroe one is you can do a a game room at the top of the stairs, New Homes Edmond so you walk right into the game room with a bedroom and a bathroom.

Also upstairs, the square footage here would be 2,820 square feet. You can do all of those same upstairs versions and the Monroe to the difference in the Monroe too, is that in the monroe to the laundry room and bathroom soft places. And you can actually walk through from the master closet through and have that snooze button design. So one of the benefits of the Monroe too. And in the monroe three a as a one story, the those bedroom, number one bedroom number two and number three move around a little bit. And then as a two story, there’s only two bedrooms downstairs and the rest are upstairs for your new home, you can also build the Monterey, the Monterey. It’s a single story is 2,446 square feet. It’s a three bedroom home, two bathrooms upstairs. You can do a game room, a bedroom and a bathroom or two bedrooms, a game room and a bathroom. So the Monterrey with two bedrooms upstairs would be the Monterey one h for your new home. This would be 3,448 square feet. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms. There’s another version of the Monterey which just adds four feet down in the middle of the house, which is the Monterrey to. We also have the notting hill, which would be a great big speed new home for you. Um, but if you’re wanting to check out these floor plans for yourself and find your big senior home, check out New Homes Edmond

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