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New Homes Edmond | Custom features

Hi, this is Brooklyn with Shaw homes and today I would like to talk to you a little bit about, um, some of the options that we have to offer here at Shaw. I’m, we are one of the top bixby homebuilders and today I’d like to talk to you about some of the custom features, New Homes Edmond, that we offer here at Shaw homes to build your dream home with us. Now obviously, and in most of our homes are on all of our homes. Rather we’re going to have features that come standard in our home. So these are, these are going to be things that, that you’re going to find in the base price of the home and now they’re going to be certain neighborhoods that might offer some, some different amenities that are going to come standard as well. Um, now some of our, um, included features, they’re going to be a lot of really nice, really nice interiors as well as exteriors on the exterior of the home. You’re going to find that we provide, um, king size and meridian brick and that’s going to be on all four sides of the home. We find that especially as a big speed homebuilder, New Homes Edmond we find that most of our clients really enjoy the brick that we have to offer and the different varieties we have as well.

You’re also going to find that we will also include the outdoor living with 120 square feet of covered patio. New Homes Edmond now this is going to be on all homes. The size will vary depending on the plan. Another great exterior feature is going to be the firm foundations with engineered post-tension slabs pulled 32,000 pound tension. Now this is really important as a builder and we find that not all bixby home builders are offering this post tension slab and this is really important. Um, just to secure the home, which is really, really important when you’re building a new home. You want to be able to have a reliable slap that you’re building on. We also offer the low e Argen filled vinyl tilt, dual pane energy efficient windows. The color is going to be your choice, your choice of white clay or Tan with divided light on the front and clear view on sides and the back. We also offer the owens corning, that’s going to be the [inaudible], which is blown in ceiling insulation and the are 13 exterior wall bats with zero tolerance application, all exterior doors, New Homes Edmond windows and are energy, some sealed energy efficient and weather sealed. Another really, really important factor is a big sweet home builder that we offer here at Shaw homes as an included feature, um, and our heritage and signature series. Huh.

We’re also going to offer the anidine seamless aluminum guttering and downspouts for the front of the home as well as our framing, which is going to be two by fours, which are 16 inches two by 4:16 on center interior and exterior walls. Now, one of the things that I feel like is the most important that’s going to be included here is our dupont tie that house wrap that’s going to be for moisture vapor protection. I feel like this is a very, very important because this is what going to be keeping dry. New Homes Edmond, and that dupont tyvac is state of the art. It really is the highest end that you can get for your home premium protection when it comes to, um, moisture protection for your home. We’re also going to offer a textured and primed horizontal hardboard siding and slash or random shapes, which is just a great look on the exterior of the home. New Homes Edmond, the two story homes use limited lifetime warranty, moisture resistant sub floors on top of engineered no squeak floor choice. Uh, the no squeak floor joists are really important if you’ve ever had an older home that does have those squeaky boards on the second story,


it’s really loud on that floor and it’s extremely loud on the floor below it. Um, you don’t want to wake anybody up in the middle of the night should somebody upstairs have to be moving around. So that’s something you’re not going to have to worry about here. Another is one of our great warranties. It’s the 30 year warranty architectural style shingles a very important, especially for all the inclement weather that you will get an Oklahoma. Um, I know that we are, New Homes Edmond


we are one of the only bixby homebuilders that offer those. And they are really, really important, especially in this area of the country. Um, so it was a big speed homebuilder a, we know that those are things that are very important to our customers. So we want to keep those things as an included feature as well. You’ll also get the designer mailbox to match the community covenants and design, um, which is really important. It’s something that a lot of people might not think about, New Homes Edmond, but it’s important to kind of tie you into the community and something that will include for you as well.

We’ll also include the pain on all exterior soffit and Fascia Trim. That’s going to be one main color and an accent color as well, and the front door as well as the shutters. So that’ll all be included. We’re also going to include that insulated fiberglass entry door with continuous weatherstripping protection, uh, that back patio fiberglass door with a full view glass, which is really, really awesome to have when you’re entertaining or when you’ve got kiddos in the backyard. It’s nice to have that full view glass. I’m now something that you could add on. There would be those at a smaller blinds that are within the ics, the interior of that glass as well. Um, but what is going to be included is that full view glass on that, a back patio of fiberglass door. Um, another included feature here is going to be that quick set, a Dakota front door entry set, including the deadbolt, New Homes Edmond and you will have your choice of the satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze colors.

A really, really great book for that front door entry. Also included is going to be the overhead door company is that primed, embossed steel, 16 foot garage door. Now there are a million options. There are many, many options when it comes to the, your, New Homes Edmond, garage door. But what is clued included, it’s going to be that primed and boss steel, 16 foot overhead door, garage door as well as the, uh, fully sodden front and rear yard. A oversized and acreage will require extra side. But on most of our lots, we’re going to be able to fully sod the front and rear yard for no additional cost. Nice. Speaking of landscaping and you will get a $500 allowance and that’s going to be for shrubs, trees and flowers. The mulch and the green iron edging is also going to be included there as well. Well, I’m or as per covenants in our communities.

So if, if your covenant does require more or requires a little bit higher of a landscaping allowance, that’s also going to be included as well and the base price of the house. So whatever your community covenants require, we will include that in the cost of the home, um, but on, on homes that don’t require it or that had a minimum, a low minimum, we will at least have $500 allowance for those things. So that’s going to be for shrubs, for trees, flowers, New Homes Edmond, and then your mulch in your green iron edging as well. Um, every home we do include a, a tree, a mature tree. So we’re gonna. Add a tree in your front yard and give it time to mature and to grow so that you know, you, you have that tree when you, you planted that tree when you felt that home. And so we think that’s a really important that we can add in there for you guys as well.

A couple other, um, additional things that we will be including are going to be to frost free host bibs. Um, so you won’t have to worry about those frosting over when it gets cold because a lot of times in the winter months, you know, you don’t want to have to be thinking about your hoses and don’t certainly don’t want to have to go outside to address those as well. Um, along with three waterproof Gfi outlets, which are really, really important and key to have as well as an electric half hp garage door opener included for a two car bay, um, and so you can get that additional third car bay as well. And that’s just something that you’d have to talk to your sales rep about. New Homes Edmond, so for plans that include the three car garage, that pre-wire for coach lamps on all three bays are always going to be included, um, and the fixtures will just come out of your lighting allowance. So you’ll get to choose those as well. And you know, that Kinda can run the gamut and that’s something that you will pick out later at Andrew’s lighting. Um, and as a big speed homebuilder we think that that’s really important to include to our clients as well.

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