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New Homes Edmond | the Perfect Home for You

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hey, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article and gather all the information for you and your family. So you guys can make the best decision today. We’re talking about new homes Edmond, and what it looks like to build a new home in Edmond and what are all of your options. So, um, just continue reading. Thank you so much for, um, again, just digging deep to find this article. Um, so what we’re going to talk about today, new homes Edmond are the floor plans that you can build, uh, in Edmond. So some of the floor plans that I want to talk to you about are called a heritage series. So here was Shaw homes. We actually have three different series of homes. One is Manchester for your new homes. Edmond, Manchester homes are still really great homes, great included features like quartz and granite comes standard, but the options are just a little bit more limited.

Speaker 1: (01:01)
So the price range is a little bit lower around 180 to two 50 in the, in the Manchester series. And then from there we go to the heritage series, which in a heritage series, there’s a little over 400,000 options to choose from, um, a lot of differences and about 75 different floor plans as well. So there’s a lot of different options for you in the heritage series. Um, and the heritage series are the price range is around two 50 to four 50. And then above that, uh, we have, um, Water stone or Shaw luxury series, um, for your new homes Edmond. So if you’re looking for a home that’s over $450,000, really beautiful, um, floor plans, you know, closer to the 4,000 to 6,000 square feet, um, definitely check out our Shaw luxury series.

Speaker 1: (02:03)
Um, the first footprint I’ll talk to you about today and the heritage series for your new home admin is the Crescent. So the Crescent actually has three different floor plans or different versions to it. So the Crescent is it can be a one-story, which is 2095 square feet. It is three bedrooms, two bathrooms, um, with a three car garage. Um, if you want to, you can also add a game room or a bonus room upstairs on the Crescent, um, which is 2,593 square feet. That makes it still actually the three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two story, or you can add a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs, which makes it a Crescent P. And that brings in at 2,946 square feet,

Speaker 2: (03:00)
Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two stories, the three car garage. So if you’re looking for a really unique layout, uh, this one does have a formal dining room as well and an office. So definitely check out the Crescent P for your Edmond, new home or your new homes Edmond, another really cool floor plan. I want to talk to you about it’s called a Glendale. So the Glendale is one of our coolest floor plans that was designed to fit on a col-de-sac lot. So if you have a really wide lot or a col-de-sac shape, or it’s not as deep, but it’s really, really long, uh, the Glendale would fit perfectly on that floor on that lot.

Speaker 2: (03:43)
Um, the Glendale is 2,105 square feet. It’s a four bedroom, three bathroom house with an office as well. And it’s really cool because the office inside the Glendale is actually vaulted as well. So the window from the exterior opens up into the office. So a really cool unique layout and floor plan for the Glendale. And it also has a three-car garage. If we’re going to be looking for a cool floor plan on a larger lot or a col-de-sac it for your new home Edmond, uh, definitely check out the Glendale. The next floor plan I want to tell you about, um, is called a Greenville. The Greenville is one of our most popular floor plans. Uh, the Greenville, um, has two different two different single-story versions. Uh, and then also it has four different versions of each of those. So I think there are like six or eight different versions of the Greenville.

Speaker 2: (04:52)
The Greenville is one of our most, um, open concepts as well as a huge master suite on one side and really tall ceiling. So there’s 20 foot tall ceilings in the dining room and one of our biggest single story home. So I’m looking for a big single story home for your new homes. Edmond, definitely check out the Greenville. One story. Uh, the Greenville one story brings in at 2,257 square feet. This is a three bedroom, two bathroom home with a three car garage, or the other version is a Greenville too. And the differences there for your new homes Edmond is the Greenville two actually adds two extra bonus rooms off of the master suite. So if you wanted a private study or a private exercise room out of the Greenville, two would be the perfect floor plan for your new home Edmond. Um, the square footage, there is 2,556 square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms with the three-car garage.

Speaker 2: (05:52)
Um, then we go into all the different versions of those two floor plans. So you can add a game room, a bedroom, and a bathroom upstairs, or you can add a game room, two bedrooms with a bathroom, or you can add a game room, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms upstairs making it one of our largest floor plans. So the Greenville with just the game room, the one bedroom and one bathroom upstairs, it’s called the Greenville one E and that would be 2,987 square feet, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two stories, the three-car garage, if you want to two bedrooms upstairs, one bathroom and one game room. That’s the Greenville one H so we have 3,164 square feet for that floor plan, making it five bedrooms and three bathrooms, or like I said, the biggest version of this, you can add three bedrooms and two bathrooms with one game room upstairs making it the Greenville one L which is 3,413 square feet, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a two story home.

Speaker 2: (07:01)
And you can do all of those same versions on the Greenville too. So the Greenville two E again has the two bedrooms, I’m sorry, one bedroom upstairs, one bathroom, one game room, which is 3,286 square feet, four bedrooms, and three bathrooms. Or you can do the Greenville two H which the H adds two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a game room upstairs. The Greenville two H is 3,463 square feet, a five bedroom house, three bathrooms, a two-story with a three car garage. And in the Greenville, two L is actually our largest, um, heritage series floor plan as far as square footage. So 3,712 square feet, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. So really big Greenville floor plan. Um, and now the other one that we’ll talk to you about today is called the Monroe. The Monroe is actually our most versatile floor plan and it has 15 different versions to it.

Speaker 2: (08:09)
So I’ll talk about the three single story versions for your new home Edmond, and then each version has five different upstairs configuration. So a lot of, um, differences here. So the mineral one is 2,274 square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one story with a three car garage. And then whenever we walk into the house on the left, you have a formal dining room and you walk into a really huge opening from the kitchen to the living room. It’s one of our biggest openings, as far as that Archway, right? There goes a huge back patio that comes standard. And then, uh, onto the side of the living room as the master suite, um, really cool reading nook in the master suite, a really interesting layout with the split vanities and a corner tub in the master bathroom. And then depending on the version of the Monroe that you want to select for your new homes Edmond, everything I just described in that home will stay exactly the same.

Speaker 2: (09:13)
Um, but then on the other side where those two bedrooms are at the bathroom and the laundry room, those that spot there texted a couple of different options, um, that we have redesigned over the years. So the mineral one has two bedrooms, um, a laundry room walk through from the master and then the Monroe one actually has it where the bathroom is set up, where it kind of blocks that walkthrough from the master suite. So the difference between the Monroe one and in Monroe two is the bathroom number two, and the laundry room actually switched places. And we actually create space in the study or wait in the mineral one, this space for our study.

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