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New Homes Edmond | The Powder Bath

New Homes Edmond | A Study Here

That show homes, we build custom homes in Baroque and Arrow, and one of our most adorable, newer models is in our beautiful seven Oak South neighborhood located on the south side of 101st street between Lynn Lane and county line. There you’ll find our beautiful Greenville model and our Stonebrook v. So I’m going to talk to you a little bit about this stone brook. The today. The Stoneberg v was designed to give families the maximum amount of square footage for the least amount of money. New Homes Edmond by the way, just be adorable at the same time. So make. I’m basically going to take you on a virtual tour through the stonebrook be so when you’re walking up on the front porch, you’ll see that the front porch has a nine foot ceiling and I’m a beautiful iron work and a hammered glass front door that’s an eight foot front door. So you walk in through the entryway, through the porch, into the entryway, which is a fairly large entryway, a also with a nine foot ceiling.

And if you look back to your left, you will see we have a study there. And this study is, uh, 1111 by 10:11, so it’s a, a nice size, but it has a very high vaulted ceiling. It’s bolted up to 13 feet, so makes that room feel even bigger than it than it actually is a stepping on a little further into the entry. If you look to your left, you will see the mudroom. But if you look, if you look to your right, you will see a little landing to a coat closet and the cutest little half bath powder bath that you just ever never saw. By the way, New Homes Edmond even the bathrooms in this home have a nine foot ceiling because it is built on a nine foot plate line. So, uh, when you step on past the staircase on your right just into the great room, you will see the staircase going up on your right.

And then the great room three windows are directly in front of you as well as the large stone corner fireplace. This great room is 18, three by 1711. So it’s huge. It’s a really nice size, great room for a great, for a family. One of the things that make the makes the Stomberg be so unique is the kitchen. Most of the time the kitchen island is going to be facing the great room. So if you’re standing at the sink, most of the time you’re looking at the back of someone’s head, Whoever’s sitting on the sofa. Well, New Homes Edmond in the Stomberg v we turned the kitchen on its side and the kitchen sink, if you’re standing at the kitchen sink, you are overlooking a very large nook of, for the dining room and three large windows overlooking your outside. So how cool is that when you’re standing in your great room, you see the three windows of the great room overlooking the covered patio.

And then you also see the three a windows in the nook. So a lot of natural light coming in from the backyard. And besides that, I would personally rather look at my beautiful landscaping in my backyard. Then the back of my husband’s head, uh, that notebook is a very generous size of 12, one by 1211, also with nine foot ceilings. New Homes Edmond, as a custom homes broken arrow builder, we like to come up with the most unique floor plans and offer our customers the most for their, the most bang for their buck. And this stonebrook be certainly delivers that back in the kitchen, which is also a nine foot ceiling. You’ve got the island and then just to the right of the island, your refrigerator, a small cabinet area, which is like the perfect size in my house. It would be for coffee bar that that’s where my keurig would go and I’d put my k cups in the drawer underneath them, my coffee cups in the upper cabinet up about that.

Then of course you’ve got your, a cooktop wall with the oven and microwave cabinet and encounters on either side there in the kitchen. Now it just looks like a standard corner pantry. When you open the door to the, uh, stonebrook be Pantry, you are in for a real surprise because that pantry is just huge. You have to step on into it and then step way back because it actually goes all the way back behind the kitchen. So tons of storage in this beautiful little Stonebrook v, it’s a moment, just delivers a lot with, New Homes Edmond, with this home. Then when you step out of the kitchen back toward that, look to your right, you will see the little landing to the master bedroom. And once inside the master bedroom you’ll see another three generous windows overlooking the backyard. And a room that is 16, nine by 15 three.

So it again is huge, plenty big for, um, for a king size bed and lots of furniture in there. Now the Stonebrook v master bathroom is something that’s just really special as a custom homes broken arrow builder. Like I said, we’d like to offer things that, uh, you just don’t see everyday. And this master bathroom certainly delivers that. So when you step into the master bathroom, just to your left is a tub with a very large window over the tub, letting lots of natural light in. New Homes Edmond then it’s got a 42 by 48 shower. So a forefoot shower in there. And then the vanity is so cute because it’s a v shape. So there’s a his and her side with a large piece of countertop in the middle that you could set decorations on a pretty plant or whatever, but the whole vanity area is mirrored, reflecting, reflecting lots of light into that master bathroom.

So it’s just a, it’s just really, really, really adorable. Then on through the master bath, you step into the master closet, which also has a nine foot ceiling. Many master closets a only have an eight foot ceiling, but this one’s a nine footer with tons and tons of shelves in there. The master closet is 15, three by six foot nine. So, New Homes Edmond, it just has plenty of room for all of your clothes. And then stepping on through the master closet, the right into the laundry room, which is such a popular feature these days as a custom homes broken arrow builder, we like to give our customers a whatever is trending at the time. And the newest, one of the newest trends is having that laundry room just right off the master closet and just doesn’t. That makes sense. So when you’re washing your towels, your sheets, your clothes, you’re putting them up right there in your master closet.

So it’s such a great thing having it located so closely and then stepping on through the utility room is the Optional Med bench area and the entry to the garage. So when you’re pulling into the garage at the Stonebrook B and walking into the home, you’re walking into the mud binge area, which is of course where the kiddos are all going to drop their backpacks and coats and things like that. Then you can step right on into your laundry or around the corner. The kiddos can head upstairs and you’re right, they’re dropping off groceries in your kitchen. So it’s just, it’s just got a lot a lot of bang for your buck downstairs. And the Stonebrook v is designed so that all the kiddos sleep upstairs. Upstairs. We’ve got a bedroom two, three and four and in large game room. So when you climb up the stairs, when you get up at the top of the stairs, you are a turn left and your in the large game room, which is 15, nine by 18, seven and straight ahead of you is bedroom number four and then a bedroom number three.

And then a really great a bathroom that funded, serves a lot of functions for an upstairs bathroom. The uh, there’s two doors inside the bathroom so that one kid could be taken a shower or taking a bath with the door closed and then another kid could still step in and brush his teeth or wash his hands right there in the sake. And then a bedroom number two is adorable and it is a very generous size. So all the kids can be upstairs in the beautiful Stonebrook v, a shaw homes. We build custom homes and broken arrow. And you can go see this model anytime at our beautiful sevenoaks south neighborhood, again, off of 101st street, halfway between a Lynn Lane and county line.

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