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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond | the Premier Builder in Oklahoma

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hello? Hello, good afternoon. This is Michael Lewis here from Shaw homes, and new homes edmond Shaw homes. It is the premier builder here in the Oklahoma area, building homes since 1985. Yes. The other homes since 1985, this is where you can get a lot of great volumes built that are reasonable. First starting base podcasts is going to be about what it looks like when the weather gets nice and everything. So, and the [inaudible] two days in court just woke up this morning, had a little back and wasn’t that bad, just a little bit back. So I got to stretch. I want it to be some points on the shower while I was in the shower for my wife, my wife, and were not closed. I did pick out another shirt now that she decided, but I decided to switch it up and not spend it because I kind of figured based off the weather prediction, that that is going to be a little bit warmer, warmer this afternoon.

Speaker 1: (01:13)
We can’t talk right now. So same shirts got just [inaudible] limiting backstory. So last night, um, me and my son, my five-year-old son is morning. I love my boss. Um, but he always gets in the side of asking me to see our school and that’s the next day messed up. So I said, so he asked me daddy, we’re in school tomorrow. And I’m like, no, yes, no. I what to say yes. Then you’d like it to sleep in and wake up on a one and look up me thinking, okay, he’s probably not gonna look up to like eight o’clock fast forward to this morning. He was told the wakes up at 6, 2, 5 8 talking about daddy where the picture batch got a little bit background. So last night I’ve also talked to him. So now I’m out of my little brother Malique, but we did, um, oh, I was talking to my nicknames and my, my little brother’s nickname, his little name.

Speaker 1: (02:19)
So I couldn’t find a picture last night. [inaudible] when I seen him a couple of months. Um, so like, so we wouldn’t go to the last minute. I had seen a patient in a guest out on his mind the entire night, but the first thing he asked me, we woke up this morning was okay. He was like sending me this. He told me he was talking to me. Like I had been waiting for the moment, which I wasn’t. I was just commercial breaks, talks about to building new construction when you’re focusing on a whole lot of different areas. But today’s areas, new homes Edmond, Oklahoma Edmond, Oklahoma is where you see new construction, new admin home shop homes.com where you can get over three days and four points slash excuse me, crashing over 65, 4 plants, 30 feet from the chicken building and had more than daily, weekly, monthly.

Speaker 1: (03:17)
Check it out. So that’s going to asking you about approach culture. Okay. Just not applying to put, you know, after, after that they shower get dressed in the room, you’re ready to rock and roll fed out to door. You know, they called the meeting this morning at 9:00 AM. So I plan on going to work out. My backseat chilling means could these, these past couple of days new homes edmond, I want to get there right before I go work out because God forbid I, and try to lift some weights in my arms, my legs and my back get all on me, mean Munis rap. So I’m trying to get that, hopefully that hopefully today, the last day where he’s not acting right. And I get back to the gym tomorrow because I need the workout was dad. Bod is not sitting well with that. Love the fact I’m a dead pod.

Speaker 1: (04:13)
Um, so to get to mean this morning, it’s a 9:00 AM seven. We’re still happy to meet you in the summer for new homes edmond. So listen, Somerset was where I had my thirst tag-a-long interview. And it’s not tattle on the shadow. I’ll say this from said, of course at that time, didn’t the word was, it seemed like it was so far away or not to travel so far. Um, this is where my thirst and old loom doesn’t seem to seem. It needs to say discipline with different memes. I’ve seen it multiple times, multiple months anyways, but back to, so he thought about 8 53, 5, or go into the living room and he was [inaudible] I’m trying to, and so I guess that in this time now, since it’s a little slow to go to the trainee, so they might be picked back up, they’ll have a core. So about, he had more than the sales and it’s, it’s about eight of us, Jimmy Bri in shaming, uh, femur, Caitlin.

Speaker 1: (05:46)
So like eight of us with another 30, about 11 of us. Um, so the thought is thought that they keep this, keep these eight, um, learn so that when things get strong, you are solid and no get to take off instead of stay in the mindset. Also. So Tuesday though, we’ll reach out to April or probably tomorrow just to see if she has any influence on clients or people who we’re looking for. Just talk to him about that. That relationship got a question from the Buddha. So that’ll be stopped with her very first days in the model, a scout, I looked for a black river’s who’s using the phone, like whichever, most strategy [inaudible]. And this was back in October, fast forward to the pain.

Speaker 1: (07:17)
Um, since that [inaudible] workloads and the oldest stuff, and I’m getting better at being confident in my own stuff, but I still, especially, I don’t miss it. I wouldn’t necessarily, I wouldn’t necessarily say better than doing it. And I just try to not try to fit myself inside somebody else’s box, but I am on box and it’s due to my boss, but he’s better. So pay attention to what it does. It does this, you seem to fall move that calm, which was field that actually helped me break that ice removal, that nervousness. So I could, I could transition easily from next recommended thousand 10 to, um, we got through one was over there. So it was, or you stumbled at words and just relax, release. But if you’re looking for a new home in today’s market, it’s tough trying to, so the best way to build yourself, definitely go online. google.com in certain new construction homes. And it’s a new start for new homes Edmond, Oklahoma, new the structure. You definitely see show homes, come up, click that website, check out our new homes edmond, there was a call schedule, a tour pack.

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