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New Homes Edmond | Walk In Front Of The Closet

New Homes Edmond | Walking Around Your Home

So imagine as a big Spec home builder, and this is candice was shaw homes and as a bixby homebuilder I wanted to talk with you about our beautiful Monterrey one. Our Monterey was first designed by Glenshaw. Oh Gosh, I think it was in 2009 for our, a beautiful seven lakes brand new model home. And boy was it a hit. We went all kinds of awards with it that year at the parade of homes. And it’s been a fan favorite ever since. Um, when you walk into the beautiful Monterey, the ceilings are all nice and tall. That home is built on a nine foot plate line. And uh, as a big ski home builder we made it to have a very large open tall entryway that is a six foot seven by 11 feet one. New Homes Edmond on the two story version, uh, if you look up in the entryway, it overlooks a stair railing, uh, from the upstairs hallway outside the game room.

And then to the left, just off the steady. When you walk in the front or just off the entry, when you walk in, the front door is a large study with a vaulted ceiling and this can have a pair of French doors or double doors added to it and it has a closet, so this room could actually be modified by adding a door to it and making it a Wella, a fourth bedroom downstairs on the single story version for instance. Then as you step on into the home, on the right is a very open, a large dining room that is a great big 12 slash seven by 11 one, and it is a gorgeous. And as a bixby home builder, we want to offer you a plan with a powder bath. So this one accommodates that. It has a powder bath. New Homes Edmond I’m just past the studies, still the door off of the entry room, the entryway, and then as you step on into the great room, there’s a 10 foot ceiling in there that can actually be vaulted or raised to a 12 foot ceiling on a single story which makes the room feel just huge.

Uh, same thing can happen with the dining room as a bixby home builder, we want to give you options. And that dining room can also be bolted to a 12 foot ceiling. The Great Room is a 24 or five by 17 seven. And as a bixby home builder, we want to give you lots of windows that overlooked the patio. So the Monterrey one has three windows with transom up above a transom windows up above them that overlooks a patio. And your a beautiful backyard. The covered patio is 16, nine by 7:11 and it is really, really pretty with a nice tall ceiling on the patio. So as not to block any light coming into the home buyers home, um, the great room, a windows just next to the windows and the patio there is a corner fireplace. New Homes Edmond I’m just past the corner. Fireplace is a little entry to a hallway that leads to bedroom number two and bedroom number three and a hall, a bathroom for them to share.

And a linen closet. So the bedrooms are 10th at nine by 11 six. And um, they are just a perfect size for guests or four kids at home and one of the things that makes the beautiful Monterrey so special as a bixby home builder, we want to, I offer you, I’m very unique floor plan in this. Monterey is certainly one that does that. New Homes Edmond, I actually sell this home a lot too to people who do shift work like in the medical profession because there is a, uh, the kitchen just off of the great room. And then behind the kitchen there is a whole way that runs past the Butler’s pantry and the walk in Pantry area past the laundry room and then down a private hallway to the master bedroom.

Excuse me, the master bedroom is a large 13 seven by 21 five with a very nice sitting area off of the master. And then I’m, the master of course has a private bathroom with an eight foot double sink vanity in it, a six foot soaking term and a 40 to 60 a shower. And of course private toilet closet. New Homes Edmond a linen closet, which, uh, we girls just love to have our linen closets right there in the master bath, the master bathroom, the master bedroom offers a large closet. I’m at 12, oh, five by seven slash seven. And as a bixby Humboldt, or we’d like to offer a real special feature to this home, which has become a fan favorite from our clients over the last couple of years where that master closet walks right into the laundry room. And the laundry room is large. It’s big enough for a large counter, a washer and a dryer, and in a large utility closet.

And even your mud bench area. So that is a functional laundry room. You walk into the laundry room from the garage, so as you step into the laundry room and you’re coming home from work, you can make a right hand turn from the laundry room right into your master closet. New Homes Edmond there you are kicking off your shoes right there in your master closet, one before you even enter the rest of the house. Or if you have groceries that you’re unloading, you strip straight from the laundry room across the hall and your Pantry and Butler’s Pantry area right there. So just a few steps to unload groceries. Just a couple of steps to kick off your shoes and change your clothes for comfort in the evening. And as a bixby homebuilder, we here at Shaw homes have found that this beautiful Monterrey at 2,446 square feet delivers an awful lot of bang for the buck.

Our buyers love this home and so do I. it’s gorgeous. The book, by the way, can have a vaulted ceiling. Actually. You could involve the whole ceiling in the kitchen and in the nook and I think it’s just beautiful that way. And there’s a large arched transom window that goes over the neck area. Now if that home isn’t big enough for you, and I think it probably would be, but just in case it’s not as a bixby homebuilder, we also offer you the option of a Monterrey to now the Monterey to is for the family who wants a lot of square footage footage a big room. So imagine drawing a line straight through the middle of the house, straight through the, uh, dining room, the great room and the covered patio, and then cutting on that straight line and spreading the house apart. Four feet, making the great room and the dining room and the covered patio for feet wider, not only as a New Homes Edmond home builder does that add an additional four feet to your great room and your dining room, but it adds an additional four feet of width to that beautiful covered patio.

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