Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond | We Are Fully Licensed To Build Homes

Are you someone who is already built or bought a New Homes Edmond Shaw home? Are you someone who has people that you know in the area? If so are they looking to build or buy also? If so you are able to get a bonus before being able to send your friend or loved one to build a home with us. We will be able to get them in a contract and get their home built for them and then you will get a referral bonus just for sending them to us. We truly do love taking care of our customers we want to be able to give you a great experience so that you can then pass experience on to someone you know.

Go ahead and call us if you have somebody that you think of who is looking to build a ride for a new home. We have homes that are in the low 240s and we can go all the way up Wellington over 800,000. So no matter what kind of home they’re looking for or do they want three bed two bath or four bed two bath or a flex room in three bedrooms or whatever kind of configuration they need, we are going to have that for them.

You can come out to see New Homes Edmond or you can give us a call because we are going to be able to give you all the information will be able to get your friends Set up on a model home tour so that they could to consider homes that you have looked at and then they can see the Homes for themselves now with fresh eyes is it looking for themselves. Maybe they even came through with you to see the tour whenever you did the tour for your home but now they need to come back there and see it for themselves so that they can refresh the memories and see what they truly love for them.

That’s why we want you to give us a call today so that you can be able to send your friends over to someone that you know you can trust and rely on. We are going to be the builders it take great care of them we’re gonna make sure that your friend is truly getting the best experience. We don’t want them to feel like they are getting gypped out of anything or that they are not getting the best experience because we truly do want to give that to them.

So make sure that you call us today here at Shaw Homes by dialing 918-258-6161 and let us know that you were looking to set your friend up on a New Homes Edmond home tour. You can also send them your sales persons number or visit www.shawhomes.com and will be able to get you the information and get your friend set up to see the Homes for themselves and see what they would like to build.

New Homes Edmond | Our Lenders Match Any Rates You Have

If you or your loved one is looking to build New Homes Edmond and you were looking at Building or buying a brand new home and you’re not really sure where to start go ahead and call today here Sean so that we can get started for you. Will be able to take them on a hunter and will be able to show you the best experience around. You won’t find any other builder who truly does care about their customers like we do and you’re not gonna find any other builder who really does want to go above and beyond for you like we do. We don’t just listen to what it is that you say you wanna spend but instead we listen to what it is that you want her home and we try to help you save money while you can.

If you say that you’re looking for a true four bedroom home with three baths and a three car garage and then you end up loving a 5 to 6 bedroom home with a four car garage, we are going to make sure to help you understand that you can still get exactly what you want and save a lot of money and we are never going to try to push you into something that as well over your budget or that it’s gonna make you spend more money just because we want to make more money. In fact we don’t care about that we would like to help you get into a home and we wanna do it for the best price possible.

That’s what we build New Homes Edmond that are those the $240,000 range and we can build them well Into our luxury line and those can go well into the 900,000 range. We can do so many different plans and floorplans for you in options in amenities into the home and that’s why we want to take you on a model home tour. If you’re interested in looking at any kind of fun whatsoever you want to be able to go in and one of them towards us so that we can show you all the options because we have so many different plans to choose from.

If you have called in here trying to see our model homes and you simply wanna know if you’re open we can go ahead and get you scheduled on the way home tour as well. That way you don’t have to worry about trying to catch the model home during hours that were open and maybe it doesn’t work out with your schedule so you never able to see it. And said we’d rather be able to schedule it with you on a time that’s convenient and then we will be sure to be there and show you all the Homes at one time.

Make sure that you call so they hurt shaw homes by dialing 918-258-6161 and let the New Homes Edmond experts take care of your home for you. We are going to do a great job and give you a great experience. You can also go to www.Shawhomes.com I will make sure to show you all the information online and get you the best information as quickly as possible.

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