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New Homes Edmond | What Move In Ready Homes Are Available

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Are you looking to build new homes Edmond, Oklahoma. This is the place for you. New homes. Edmond is a great place to build your home. With Shaw homes. We have many different floor plans to choose from and great price points, competitive decoration choices, and finishes. We have it all for you. New homes Edmond at Shaw homes is the place to go. If you need a new home, we have many different floor plans. We have floor plans ranging from small, medium, large to extra large. We can do it all for you. If you would like to come and look at floor plans, we can offer them in many different styles. If you are ready to build a new home, there are five easy steps to follow. The first step is to come and pick your plan. New homes. Edmond is the place to do it at Shaw.

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When you take the first step to pick your plan, we take a 90 minute model home tour taking you through six to 12 homes, depending on your needs with the beautiful finishes and decorations by our designers. It makes it easier to visualize if your furniture fits. It is interesting to see when we go into a new home without furniture, how difficult it is for our minds to recognize the space where you’re standing in. Because of that, we furnish our model homes so that we can easily represent what it would look like to live in one of the homes furnishing. It really helps the psychological part of buying new homes Edmond in our first step, picking your plan. We will drive your own car in case you need to leave. For any reason, there is no getting into somebody else’s vehicle. You just drive your own.

Speaker 1: (02:07)
In case an emergency comes up, you’re free to go. Pricing is an important part of buying a home, but during this portion of it, we don’t go too deep into pricing so that you don’t feel any pressure to make a decision. Today. We want to discuss your boundaries with your finances so that we don’t show homes that are outside of your budget. But as for detailed pricing, we save that until the end of the tour to go over the important details that matter most, we understand that this is a big decision, and we want you to have a focus on the functionality of your needs rather than worrying about budget problems. At this time, we will not show homes that are outside of your budget because we don’t want to press people’s comfort zones because of that. There is no pricing until the end, so that

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Can remain excited to see floor plans in the new homes Edmonds, we will be focused on functionality behind the design of the plans on this tour. And there is something for everyone because all of our plans are very versatile in many of them come in one or two story versions. We like to say there is a small, medium, large, and even extra or extra, extra large version of our floor plans so that we have plans that meet many different family needs in our five easy steps to owning a new home Edmonds. We have step two, pick your payment. We know that many families are not coming in as cash buyers. So we find it important to talk about monthly payments. Our first goal is to ask what kind of monthly payments are you comfortable with? We want to then compare that payments to what you’re currently paying.

Speaker 2: (04:00)
Now. It is important to understand those factors so that we aren’t getting in over our heads as a company, new home Edmonds, but also to protect you as the client, not getting in too far over your head with this very exciting purchase. If you use a preferred lender, we do offer an extra incentive that changes we’d like to offer this because the lenders that we work with, we trust when building a new home Edmond, we want to make sure that we can build this home with integrity and with a lender that will not just approve anybody, but can approve people that are able and ready to buy a home. We don’t want people getting in over their head in our lenders, assure our protection and your protection so that we can all remain on the same page. Using a preferred lender does create an incentive for you and doing the application with one of our preferred lenders is as easy as five minutes.

Speaker 2: (05:07)
And our lenders are sure to get back to you within 24 hours with a pre-approval. When the pre-approval comes in, we’re able to get some more legitimate, legitimate numbers so that we can talk further about your payment in step two, pick your payment. We also do talk about what type of loan you’re going to use. Our preferred lenders offer all of the same programs as any other lender, conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, native American loans. We like to offer all of the different types of loans to provide that opportunity for many different families. The third step in our five easy steps to owning a Shaw home. New builds Edmonds is to pick your place. We offer a Homesite reservation option that creates some space for you and your family to think about this great decision with our home state reservation. We have a refundable, uh, check fee that we offer.

Speaker 2: (06:16)
And for some homes, it is a certain cost. And for others, it is a different cost. This is a seven day refundable deposit. We don’t cash this check during that period. That is so there, there are no rush decisions. We want you to be sure of your decisions rather than rushing and making a decision that you are not ready to make with the Homesite reservation. You choose a Homesite that is good for a new homes Edmund new homes Edmond creates an ability for you to lock in your home site reservation that says this home site is for you. If you want to change your home site during those seven days, that is okay. Two other customers are also looking at the same inventory. So we want to ensure that the home site that you fell in love with is reserved just for you. Homesites are one of a kind.

Speaker 2: (07:17)
And when that Homesite faces the direction you like with the backyard you like is gone, we cannot reproduce it. Homesite reservation checks need to be a personal check, not a business check or money order. New homes Edmond creates a place for you to find the perfect home site just for you. The fourth step in the five easy steps to owning a Shaw home is pick your finishes. Shaw homes strives to have the most transparent pricing. We will meet at the model to go through your favorite plan. We will show you a photo collage of all included features and all optional features to make it easy to decide what you like after we complete step one, we choose a floor plan for you. And after you decide which floor plan you like the best we give you an option survey that makes this appointment go very smoothly.

Speaker 2: (08:15)
During your options survey, you get to see what’s included in new homes Edmond and see what is an upgrade. If you want to include upgrades, you get to choose which upgrades you put in your home to make it unique to you for your new homes Edmond, when you finish completing your options to survey, it kicks that back to me as your salesperson so that I can put it into a financial format and see how much each option is after you do that. We meet, and this meeting takes 45 minutes. We do this so that there are no surprises about your title. Total price will be, we will price it exactly to the dollar with only the features you specifically want. Not an approximation. During this time, you can choose to add things or take them out. It’s a very fluid document that we can tailor exactly to your liking price point wise and options wise.

Speaker 2: (09:19)
You will receive an itemized price out sheet of any options you choose on the spot at this meeting. So there are no surprises. The last step of the five easy steps to owning a show home is our purchase agreements. If you are happy and satisfied with your new homes Edmond decisions at this point, then we watch an informational video that explains the in detail, the paperwork you’re signing. During this time we sign the document that puts us into contract to build you a new home, new homes Edmond. And this is the time for you to create the home of your dreams.

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