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New Homes Edmond | Working On Closing Costs

New Homes Edmond | Working On Closing Costs

Today at shaw homes, I’m going to continue down the path to your new home.

Shaw homes has created the best path with 10 easy steps getting you from where you are now to walking into your brand new, big B, new home. The first three steps you’ve already covered in a previous article, but again, to recap, step number one is the model home tour with 90 minutes six to 12 homes fully furnished and decorated. You get to drive your own car. So if something comes up and you can leave at any time, there’s no pricing on it in the model home tour. So there’s no need to worry about feeling pressured. Um, again, it’s just focused on the information. I’m getting you the information and the function behind the design. New Homes Edmond three, on what floor plan fits you and your family best. Step number two is financing. And like I said, we work with the three largest banks in Tulsa. Uh, we work with Spirit Bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank.

The cool thing about these banks is since they are the largest three banks in Oklahoma, they can do closing costs, matching interest rate matching as well with conventional loans, fha loans, va loans, native American loans, and rd loans as well. And so number three was the home site reservation and was your base being new home. One of the coolest things you can do is reserve that one of a kind home site because we can duplicate floorplans over and over, but we can’t replicate a piece of land. So New Homes Edmond once it’s gone it’s gone. So we started to allow our customers to reserve a home site. And the way they do that is a thousand dollar deposit. That’s refundable for seven days. We don’t even cash the check, it just sits in our office and allows us to delete that home site from our software so no other sales manager can reserve it or have has access to it and blocks all of the competing customers. Um, and the cool thing about the home set reservation is it allows you to take your time, get all your questions answered.


switching homicides has also allowed. And today I’m going to tell you about the next three or four steps on your path to your new bixby home. So to get into your new home you have to go through step number four, which is the price out, which is my personal favorite step. The cool thing about the price out is that we really just allow you to build your home on paper. Some builders may have a base price or ballpark numbers for you and they can’t give you any precise pricing and it’s not really their fault. They just don’t know what it’s going to cost them so they don’t know what they can charge their customers. But Shaw homes, we’ve been doing it long enough that we know exactly how much every brick cost and how much every piece of lumber costs and exactly what our trade will charge us to install those items. So we have accurate pricing upfront. Now New Homes Edmond during the price out, it is priced the way you want down to the dollar, a total price print out on the spot as well. So as you leave the model home, you’ll be able to walk away with the price out with tons of options to choose and knowledgeable staff to help you. Um, again, you get to meet at your favorite model or sometimes the model of that sales manager. It’s about a 45 minute meeting and you’ll see itemized pricing so that there’s no surprises, no, get all of your questions answered.

The cool thing about the price out is that before your bigs b new home, you get to build your home on paper. So if you wanted those double ovens or hardwood floors throughout the entire house or whatever items you would want, that would be considered an upgrade. We can put in all of our upgrades, all your entire wishlist, put it in, put everything that you want inside this home, and you’ll see itemized pricing, what every item costs, and we’ll print it out for you. Allow New Homes Edmond you to take it home. And this is great. I’m sure you can at least have a benchmark on knowing what is a good price or where we stand. So you’ll see that it cost 900 something dollars to do the double ovens and a couple of thousand dollars for hardwood floors in the dining room. So this way you can take it home and you and your significant other or whoever can discuss and figure out what’s important or what you can live without maybe sometimes to keep yourself within a certain budget.

So our big B new home customers have a certain budget in mind and this price out can sometimes turn into more of a wishlist and they’ll throw in everything that they never even thought about. But the cool thing about throwing it in your price out is that way you know and understand exactly how much it cost and that way you know how much money you’re saving by not having it. So even if you have a certain price in mind and and during the price that you go over that price, there’s no need to worry. We print it out and allow you to cross things out. You get to take it home, discuss, figure out what you can live without, cross things out, and then a price the home out the way you want to. Again, New Homes Edmond the price out typically lasts about 45 minutes, sometimes a little bit longer depending on how decisive our customers are picking things out for their big screen at home and the way the price that works is that you would meet in our model and we would show you a slide show with certain items and you would say, yes, let’s put that in there, or no, we can live without that and we’d go through all of our upgrades.

That way you can really build your home on paper New Homes Edmond after the price out. The next step is the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement takes up 45 minutes as well, maybe closer to an hour with your big new home, but you do watch a 45 minute video. That really just helps set the expectations for all of our customers, allowing everybody to be on the same page, going into the next step at the purchase agreement. Like I said, you’d watch that information video, informative video that’s a one hour meeting, and during this time all of your structural options are final and your home site selection is final meaning if you wanted to switch your garage to garage, left versus garage, right, or if you wanted to maybe move a wall, bump out the notebook or the front bedroom or whatever it might be. Any structural changes needed to be done before the purchase agreement because after the purchase agreement we send out for building permits and construction loans and those need to be specific when they’re submitted.

So we can’t do that without charging you again. So again, the structural options need to be final and the home site selection needs to be final. So at this time you need to be 100 percent certain on which homesite you’re going to build your home on. But don’t feel too much pressure for the colors because colors are not final and the finishes are not final. So you can still change your mind on the hardwood floors to tile or the paint colors from beige to white or whatever color you’d want to change interior. So New Homes Edmond all the cosmetic features on the inside of the home are more of a fluid list that can be changed at any time in the design studio.

Any additional deposits are also do at purchase agreement. So this is where if the homeless between zero and $250,000, there is a $5,000 earnest money deposit due and this deposit is applied to your home and your down payment. If the home is between 2:50 and $300,000, it’s a $10,000 earnest money deposit. And if the home is between 300 and 350,000 is a $15,000 earnest money deposit, anything over $350,000 is five percent of the purchase price as your earnest money deposit. And really this allows us to start the process on our end knowing that you’re fully committed to this project just like we are, New Homes Edmond because shot homes is taking a large risk, letting a customer design and pick out everything for their new home. So we need to make sure that you are 100 percent committed. Also, you need your mortgage approval. Do so you should have already talked to the bank at this point for your big new home, figuring out what feels comfortable with your monthly payment, um, your maximum and just what you feel comfortable purchasing.

The thing we can do, the purchase agreement is a contingent contract. So if you have a home that you currently live in that you need to sell before you start building your new home, um, we can do that in the form of a contingent contract. And this, we sign up a contingency allowing you 120 days to sell your current home before we start the process on building your new home. So that’s the cool thing about the contingent contract. Also, New Homes Edmond you can do a delay of build with your bigs bdo home. So some of our customers, they might have 10 or 11 more months in their lease or they don’t want to have to break their lease so we can push out the delay of build or the build time and two, three months out, allowing them to move in closer to the day that their lease is up. And then congratulations after step number five, we will start the process to building your brand new, big speed new home.

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