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New Homes Edmond | You have all of the choices

New Homes Edmond | You have all of the choices

Today today on a walk you through the process of building a brand new home with shaw homes so you can know what it looked at, what it takes to get into your. Okay. Your past, your new big bigsby new home. The first thing we always do is take our customers on a model home tour. The model home tour takes about 90 minutes, so you six to 12 homes that are all fully furnished and decorated. You had to drive your own car as well, so there’s no pricing and no pressure. There’s just information focused on the function behind the design and why we’ve laid out the ruins the way we have and there’s something in it for everyone, so everyone’s included and welcome New Homes Edmond to come on the model home tour as well. There’s so many different versatile plans and we tell you the differences in these plans and why we’ve redesigned them and why that might benefit you.

There’s also a lot of different one or two story versions as well. Most of our model homes are built as the two story version, but we’ll explain the differences in the one story version. And just so you have all the information and options so you can make the best decision for you and your family. The next thing we do on you’re on the path to your new bigsby home. Your big speed new home is step number two, which is financing that was financing all connected with one of our three preferred lenders, New Homes Edmond which are the biggest banks in Tulsa. And they’ll go over monthly payment quotes and this is great because you get to understand what you can afford with a co payment you’re comfortable with, with today’s interest rates and all the factors included. Like I said, we have three preferred lenders that have an extra incentive, so the extra incentive, some months it’s $10,000 off or $15,000 in free upgrades.

So was a really great incentives. If you use our three preferred lenders, it’s also quick and easy, is a five minute application and at 24 hour approval process with interest rate matching in closing costs matching as well with conventional loans, Fha loans, va loans, and native American loans. So the best thing you can do today is know exactly where you’re at and what you feel comfortable with purchasing. Some of our customers are preapproved for $500,000, but they don’t want that payment every month. So they talk about what you can afford and what you feel comfortable of purchasing and moving forward, including your principal interest taxes and insurance payments. That way it’s all included with your new home. The third thing we always do is called the home site reservation. This is great because our home sites are all one of a kind. We can replicate these floor plans over and over, but we can’t produce more land so all of our home are one of a kind and one of the things we started allowing was our customers to reserve home sites the way our customers reserve home sites is a $1,000 deposit and this just goes into our office and allows the sales manager to delete that home site from all other prospects from choosing that home site New Homes Edmond.

And this is refundable for seven days. We don’t cash the check, it literally just sits in her office and if for any reason at the end of seven days you don’t want to move forward, we literally just hand you the check back and this allows for no rush decisions. Switching. Homesites is allowed. You get to take your time and get all your questions answered. We don’t cash the check like I said. Um, this also competing customers are blocked from the site and all homesites are one of a kind New Homes Edmond.

The next step on your path to your new big ski, your big speed new home is that number four, which is the price out. The price out is one of my favorite steps where we get to sit down and we allow the customer to choose the floor plan, the community they want to build it in and go through all of our upgrades and put them in there. So it’s priced out the way you want down to the dollar total price printout on the spot. Tons of options to choose with knowledgeable staff you to meet your favorite meal at your favorite model or a lot of times just at the model of that sales manager at the price. It takes about 45 minutes with itemized pricing, no surprises and all of your questions answered, so we literally get to build your home on paper and you see itemized pricing, New Homes Edmond what every single upgrade cost. That way you have all the information upfront before you make any decisions and we found that having all the information is the best way to make a good decision.


The price out takes about 45 minutes and then the next step is the purchase agreement. So the purchase agreement is step number five, you to watch a 45 minute video. It’s about a one hour meeting. The things that are final after you signed the contract or the structure and the home site. This means the floor plan you chose and the community chose to build it in because after you signed the contract, we send out for building permits and the construction loan. So we have a lot invested on our side. And so we need you to be 100 percent sure on what breaks b new home you want and where you want to build it. If you didn’t change your mind after the purchase agreement, New Homes Edmond our pricing would stay the same. But we found that a lot of times that our customers like to change their mind.

And that’s okay. You can change your mind on the colors and all the finishes on the inside. So don’t feel like you’re selecting 100 percent everything. Like I said, the only thing is that you have to be 100 percent certain on or the plan you chose and where you chose to build it. Any additional deposits or do as well at this purchase agreement. So if the home is between zero and $250,000, the additional deposit would be a $5,000 earnest money deposit. If it’s between two and 50 and 300,000, it’s $10,000. Earnest money deposit. And if it’s between 303 50, it’s $15,000. Anything over $350,000 is just five percent. Again, this is just an earnest money deposit and it’s applied to your down payment, your mortgage approval is also do and whether it’s contingent or noncontingent, meaning whether you need to sell your current home before you start the process on this one, and then if you wanted to delay the build for any reason as well, we would need to know that. And then congratulations after step number five, the purchase agreement you just purchased, your new home. New Homes Edmond the next step would be the design studio.


Step number six. The design studio is three easy meetings. The first is your interior meeting where you pick up all your selections for the interior, meaning your countertops, your counters, um, your cabinets, the flooring, paint colors, really everything on the inside of your home. The second meeting is the exterior selections, so you’d pick out all the bricks or stone or stucco or whatever you’d want on the exterior New Homes Edmond.


And then the third one is to finalize everything again in the design studio. No structural changes are allowed. Those would all have to be done in the purchase agreement, but if you want us to do any kind of customized on the inside, we do what we call a custom options request, but in the design studio you work with the award winning designers, the largest design studio with tons of options offered and it’s a simple process and we also ask that you would bring no children under the age of 12 into the design studio because they may not be distracting to you, but we might have other people in there as well and they might be a distraction to our other customers, so it’d be courteous to everybody. We asked that no children under the age of 12. We brought into the design studio, the design studio for about 30 days depending on how decisive our customers are New Homes Edmond.

After the design studio and you sign off on all of your selections. The next step is your plan and review. The plan review takes about 90 minutes. Then you get to meet your builder at our main office. In review your blueprints, review your site plan, discussed the greater the land, review your selections and discuss the timeline, discuss your weekly updates as well, and discuss your homeowners. New Homes Edmond, I shall harm is we send out weekly updates that way. Your big speed, new home, you are included in every step of the process. Step number eight is building. This is where we break ground and from this moment forward it. It’s about five to six months until your home is 100 percent done. We’ll get to meet at your home. You enjoy the progress, joy, the weekly updates. The builder will welcome any of your questions. You’ll have their personal phone number so you can text, call or email them at any time, and after it it’s a hundred percent done.

You’ll have a homeowner’s orientation done onsite, and this is great for your speed, new home because you get to learn how to light the pilot light, how to operate your sprinklers and any other things that would be needed to know to maintain your new bixby home. After it’s a hundred percent done, we go to closing, which is step number nine. This is where we give you the keys and it’s time to move in, but we also meet at the title company. Any other down payment is fulfilled at that time, so if you put down $10,000 but you’re wanting to put down $50,000, you’d bring an additional $40,000 to closing and pay directly to the bank. You pay all your closing costs as well. Mortgage signed for at that time and we transferred the title into your name New Homes Edmond

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