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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Beautiful, Spacious, Affordable Homes

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hey guys, Katherine here with your weekly podcast for Shaw homes, talking about new homes in broken arrow this week, I kind of want to take a break from what we normally talk about, which tends to be a lot of decorating and function of our floor plans. And I just wanted to give you more of an overview of the process that we use at Shaw homes, um, when helping you find new homes in broken arrow. So we tend to start out or not tend to, we always start out with a model home tour. And the reason why we do this is because we have the largest selection of fully furnished and decorated model homes in the Tulsa area. And we like to take our customers on model home tours. And, um, I mean, it’s a great way to look at beautifully decorated, um, modeled homes and all of our new home communities in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (01:12)
And so we, um, our customers have even told us that even if they end up buying a used home or going with a different builder, that the model home tour was the single most helpful thing that they had done during their process of looking for new homes in broken arrow. So, um, the reason why most people say that is because on our tour, we really focus on the function behind the design of the homes, a floor plan. Um, that’s one thing that we really try to, um, focus on quite a bit is, uh, the function of the design in all of our new homes, not only new homes and broken, narrow, but new homes, uh, and all of our other communities that we build in. So when we design a plan, we actually put a lot of thought into, um, laying out the homes, the way that we did, um, the, all of our plans come from designers and architects who have, who have 30 plus years experience in the field.

Speaker 1: (02:31)
Um, and they just really know what they’re doing when it comes to building new homes in broken arrow. So, uh, for let’s see, um, also one thing that you’ll notice during our model home tour as well, is that a lot of times there is a version two or three of the plan, um, just because we have redesigned and rebuilt them based on popular trends. So, um, like right now, for example, the open floor plan, um, is really popular. So a lot of our plans have been redesigned to kind of reflect that in new homes, in broken arrow. Um, so the way that our tour works is we actually, um, we’ll go to between six and 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes and the Tulsa area. It gives you a really great idea of all of the communities that we build in and allows you to kind of see a lot of our selections and finishes that we offer as well.

Speaker 1: (03:40)
Um, and all of our new homes in broken arrow, we actually saw, we take several families at a time. So the tours do kind of fill up fast and we have you just follow the community manager. So that would be me or whoever is taking you on the tour around new homes, in broken arrow. And you just follow us in your own vehicle so that you are able to, um, leave if you know, an emergency comes up or something happens that you are unable to continue the tour. Um, so that’s, that’s a really nice feature of the tour is that, or for example, I had a customer told me the other day, and then that way, if we get mad, we can just ditch you in the middle of it. Of course they were joking, but yes, that’s true. Um, if you get sick or if you have an emergency or, you know, if we’re taking too long, you can just go ahead and leave.

Speaker 1: (04:40)
And that’s why we have you driving your own vehicle. Um, another thing why we want you to drive in your own vehicle is you’ve probably never written with me, but it’s probably a good idea. Um, I haven’t always been the best driver. I can barely drive a grocery cart through the store. So, um, when taking you on a new home tour in broken arrow, um, definitely following me in your own vehicle is an option. So we tend to start the model home tour of our new homes and broken arrow out at forest Ridge. And that’s in a community called spring hill at forest Ridge. It’s pretty far out on 71st street, actually kind of past the forged forest Ridge area. It does sit, I believe on the 13th there it’s near the 13th hole. I can’t remember exactly, but we’re building lots of new homes in broken arrow out there.

Speaker 1: (05:39)
It’s a great area. Um, it’s kind of far out, but still close enough to everything that you are. Um, you know, not feeling like you’re living out in the middle of nowhere. So, like I said, that’s where we typically start the tour. Um, we also go to our next model is going to also be in a new homes in broken arrow and that one’s going to be out on a hundred and first and, um, that one’s also pretty far out there, but it’s a great neighborhood called Highland Creek. And then, um, we go up to another neighborhood called seven Oak south also in broken arrow on a hundred and first, and then continuing on up to a hundred first to a neighborhood called the village at Southern trails. Now there are a few other neighborhoods in broken arrow that we build in, but those are just our ones that have models.

Speaker 1: (06:35)
So, um, as far as new homes and broken arrow go, if you want to view, uh, our models, um, those are going to be in spring hill at forest Ridge, Highland Creek seven, Oak, south and village at Southern trails. Um, we also have a couple other communities out there that are going to be our entry level homes, our Manchester and Manchester premiere series. And those are going to be, um, also new homes and broken arrow. Uh, one of those communities is out at F on 51st, um, pretty far out near the broken arrow high school, but they’re doing lots of new homes in broken arrow out there. And we have another community right across the street there on 51st. And then we have also got, um, another community in broken arrow. Um, that’s a Manchester premier, or I’m sorry. Yeah. A Manchester premier community, seven Oak south.

Speaker 1: (07:32)
And then we also have new homes in broken arrow, um, in our Manchester community called Tucson village, which is 120 first and county line. And we’ve got a couple of other neighborhoods in broken arrow rush, Brooke north, which is on all of between 91st and a hundred first. We’re building new homes in broken arrow there as well. So, like I said, on the tour, we start out there in broken arrow. And then after the last home in broken arrow, which is going to be at villages Southern trails, we move on up to Bixby. I’m still able to build in Bixby all of the new homes in broken arrow that we’re able to build. Um, just kind of a different location, um, still great floor plans. And then our tour actually finishes up out in Jenks, or we can also build all of the same great new homes in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (08:31)
Uh, we could build those out in Jenks as well. So we, like I said, we go through most of our communities on the tour. Um, we don’t tend to always get to all of them. However, uh, you will get a pretty good variety, especially in, um, broken arrow of all of the new homes that we can build for you. So another thing that we do on the tour besides really focusing on the floor plan and the function is it gives you an opportunity to get kind of familiar with our communities and catch the vibe. Um, we have some communities that, uh, have a lot of young families in them. So a lot of our new homes in broken arrow are going to have, um, like family friendly communities. And then we have some other communities in Bixby. Like I said, you can build all the same new homes in broken arrow that you can in Bixby.

Speaker 1: (09:28)
Um, but that those neighborhoods become a little bit more exclusive and higher in price, but we still go through them on the tour. So, um, once again, we do tours every week, uh, Saturday morning at nine Sunday at five and Monday at five. Um, we’d love to take you on a tour and show you all of our new homes on broken arrow, what we have to offer and your selections and finishes and let you get a really, really great idea of how the floor plan functions. We’ll see you next time with more information on new homes and broken arrow by.

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