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Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey guys, Catherine here with another weekly podcast. And yesterday we talked about all of the different, um, communities that we can build new homes in broken arrow in, and today we’re going to talk about some of the other communities that we can build new homes and not necessarily in broken arrow, but in Jameson Bixby, we can still build the same great homes and Jameson Bixby that we can build as new homes in broken arrow, broken arrow is going to be your best value as far as price goes. So, um, just keep that in mind when thinking about new homes on broken arrow, however, um, jinx and Bixby also have some great locations. Um, okay. So the first neighborhood that we are able to build in, in Jenks is called, um, timber Creek. And that is, uh, basically a hundred and 11th and, um, 33rd. Let’s see.

Speaker 1: (01:04)
Nope, I’m sorry. It’s um, off of, um, that is off of 33rd, um, it’s on west a hundred and 18th south, um, off of, I believe it’s south 33rd east avenue. Um, yes, on the east side of south 33rd west avenue in Jenks between a hundred and 11th and 120 first. So all of the same great new homes that you can build in broken arrow, you can also build out here. Um, this is a great community because it has half acre all the way up to roughly acre and a half hope sites. And, uh, it’s just a great community kind of on the outskirts of Jake’s if you wanted a little bit of land and there’s a lot of trees around it, there’s some, um, fields with some oil pumps, which are actually really pretty in evening, like when the sun’s going down. Um, and then there’s a lot of, um, trees, some reserve areas and some creeks and stuff running through there. So, um, great opportunity if you are looking for something in jinx schools, um, for you to be able to have a little bit of land, um, and you know, it’s just a really, really great community. So, um, besides that, we also have, let’s see, in jinx, we’ve got, um, Oak Ridge, which is 111 and Elwood, and this is a great new, um, neighborhood. Like I said, it’s called Oak Ridge. We actually have a model out there of our latest floor plan. That’s called the west port. And,

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Um, these are just your regular size home sites and sort of, you know, a regular neighborhood. And, um, they, uh, are also great also part of jinx schools. We can build anything that we can build as new homes in broken arrow out here as well. Um, so just another great location if you’re looking for a new construction in the jinx area, but you don’t want a huge yard. Oak Ridge is definitely, um, an option for you there. Um, also in Jenks we have, um, Edgewood estates. So Edgewood estates is going to be off of a hundred and 11th. Um, also, and it’s back behind a neighborhood called, um, Breitling village, which is, um, one of our competitors neighborhoods. But if you keep going back in there, um, if you keep going kind of back through that neighborhood, um, you’ll eventually get there. And, um, yeah, it’s, uh, it’s basically south Cleveland and, um, west a hundred and 11th, and then you go back behind, um, that Breitling village community there and it’s at the back.

Speaker 2: (04:20)
There are also some larger home sites in here. We don’t have very many, there are some, um, that you can, um, build on that are pretty good size. Um, I believe we can even build some of our luxury homes out there, um, because the home sites are big enough, um, also in, so those are going to be our, uh, GenX communities. We had another one Elwood park, um, but that one’s, uh, that one, um, sold out. So now let’s move on over to the XP, which is usually everybody’s second choice behind GenX, um, with a lot of people’s first choice as well. Once again, we can still build, um, a lot of those, um, same homes that we can build as new homes on broken arrow. We can also spilled those out there in Bixby and Jake’s, so we’ve got seven communities in Jenks, I’m sorry, in Bixby. Um, the first is a state’s at the river, which is the community that I work in, and this is just a great community. It’s kind of small. They just started building phase two, which Shaw homes is not building in. Um, but it’s also, uh, if you’re looking to get into the big SPI area, but still kind of be close to, um, stores and, and everything else, this is a great community because we are east of the river. Um, so a lot of the

Speaker 3: (05:57)
Stuff that you would want to be doing, if you were living in a new homes, new homes in broken arrow, you can also do living in these new homes, um, in Bixby. So, um, definitely a great neighborhood. It’s not as close to the river as people think a lot of people, um, don’t want to come out this way because they think it’s too close to the river, but honestly, that’s not that close to the river. Um, we’ve got quite a bit of space between this community and the river. Um, as a matter of fact, last year when all of the historical flooding were happening, a lot of the neighbors told me that, um, they went ahead and stand back their garages and everything trying to, you know, keep the water out and, um, nothing ever even came up thus far. So, like I said, we’re quite a ways from the river, um, but still close enough for people to worry.

Speaker 3: (06:58)
It’s still a great community in any of the homes that we can build as new homes and broken arrow. We can also build here. Um, we also have quail Creek, which we are building our last two homes then are right now. And that is located off of 120 first between them on the, uh, uh, on the south side of 120 first between Sheridan and Memorial. And there are, um, we have two home sites left over there and we’re going to be, we’re actually currently building some homes on there. So if you’re looking for something, move in ready, and you’ve looked at all of the new homes and broken arrow, and you’re thinking about Bixby. Um, then, uh, this is a great, um, this is a great way for you to, um, kind of get into the big space schools and get into the Bixby area without, you know, getting too far out in the country.

Speaker 3: (08:02)
It’s also right across the street from, um, the elementary and middle school. If you have kids that they would attend, if they were to, uh, live in that neighborhood. Um, we also have summer set, which is right on the it’s on the Northeast corner of a hundred and 11th and Sheraton. And this is another great community. Um, it’s very small, it’s actually gated. And, um, it’s kind of, I feel like it has an exclusive feel to it. Um, even though it’s very small and it actually, um, backs right up to one of the nicest and most expensive neighborhoods in the Tulsa area. So, um, Somerset is another great option for building in Bixby. If you’re not too keen on the new homes in broken arrow, then you can, um, then you can definitely build a new homes and Bixby out here in Somerset. We also have spring hill farms, which is going to be our best value for a community in Bixby.

Speaker 3: (09:13)
And this is located at 170 first and Peoria. Um, so it’s definitely a pretty, it’s pretty far out there. However, um, it’s a great community. This also has a half acre home sites in it, and we’ve got a few out there. Um, but it is like I said, a great community half-acre home site. So if you’re looking for something a little far out, um, maybe in Bixby schools, this would be a great community that you can still build all of the new homes in broken arrow. Um, for, um, you can build all the new homes in broken arrow that we build out here in this community as well, last but not least. We have Yorktown, which is at 130 first and Elwood. And this is, um, also a great value community. It’s actually in Jenks, but it is considered, um, Bixby, I believe it has a jinx address.

Speaker 3: (10:17)
Um, but I know for sure that it goes to big SPE schools, again, a community that, um, is a great value and we’ve got lots and lots of home sites out here. This is a master plan community and anything that we can build, um, as far as new homes in broken arrow that can also be built, um, out here in Yorktown in Jenks. So I think that’s all that I have for you guys today. I’ll be back on Monday with some more podcasts and who knows what we’ll talk about then, but, um, for now, just any information you guys need on new homes and broken arrow and go to Shaw homes.com and we’ll hook you up. See you next time.

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