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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Find the Perfect Home for You

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So today let’s talk about the 10 steps, uh, of home-buying basics, 10 steps to building or buying your new homes in broken arrow. There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration when, when buying a new homes in broken arrow, uh, many people who have gone through this quote unquote process have labeled it as something that is difficult. Something that is stressful, something that is just ridden with anxiety and worry and fear. And that’s quite the contrary here at Shaw homes, we feel the process is actually quite simple and very much stress free, but we know that, uh, for those who don’t understand what it takes to build a new homes in broken arrow, uh, perhaps that person may have built with a company that, that just doesn’t have the proven process or the pathway of success and has, uh, and, and had the benefit of an experienced team in place that would do things the right, excuse me, the right way, the Shah homes way.

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Uh, we tell our customers this, that we’ve done this a few thousand times, so it’s okay if you have not, uh, you don’t have to be trying to figure out, uh, everything. You don’t have to try to navigate your way through this and bump along. Uh, you’ll have the benefit of having the Shaw homes team right there with you from contract to financing, to finding that one of a kind home site to pricing out your home, the way you, the way you want it, right to purchase agreement through the design studio studio, drafting up the plans, understanding your construction all the way to closing, and then ride on to understanding your warranty for your new home. In broken arrow. We have experienced experts that are always, always, always right in place to guide you, to lead you, to help you to answer your questions, because we already know the process.

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So matter of fact, we already know the questions you’re going to ask before you actually ask them. And so you’re going to have the benefit of having a, a whole host of professionals who will help you through the process, keeping every step simple as we navigate through to your new homes in broken arrow. So step number one begins the process, and it’s, it’s quite simply a, a model home tour and a model home tour allows you as, as a client to, to view our floor plans. We have, we have almost 80 different floor plans to choose from all most of our floor plans come as both one or two story, and then they, most of our plans come small, medium, large, extra large. And in terms of the numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms that you, that you would like in your home, since we have the largest collection of fully furnished and decorated model homes in the Tulsa area, we take our clients on model home tours.

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I mean, who doesn’t love going around, looking at beautifully decorated model homes. And so we invite you to join us on what will be the most information packed experience in your home, shopping in your home shopping process. As a matter of fact, many of our customers have actually told us that, that the single most helpful thing they did during their home shopping experience was to go on a model home tour. The tour allows you to see what would take a couple of weeks on your own to actually do in less than a couple hours. Uh, and it actually helps you to understand a lot of information in a very short amount of time, and to actually see the function behind the design of the homes floor plan, see that there is in fact something for everyone, the versatility of our plans you’ll experience firsthand. This is not about pressure.

Speaker 1: (05:04)
It’s not about pricing. It’s actually about the functionality of every one of our home floor plans. You drive your own car. We’re not going to hold anybody hostage. It’s a very exciting, very fun time to see these homes as they come to life and begin to make sense to you so that you can know that, that this, this floor plan or that floor plan is actually going to work in your favor. Once. Uh, we have gone through the model home process. The next step that we invite people on is, is basically the financing in order to help you focus in on the plans that will best fit your budget. We have our clients apply for a mortgage. Pre-approval one of our preferred lenders. Soon after the model home tour, this free five minute application process that can be done right over the phone or online will, will, will help you to know within 24 hours as to what you are now approved for regarding your, uh, mortgage approval.

Speaker 1: (06:25)
The step number three is a Homesite reservation. Uh, now that you have the, the, the floor plan for your new homes in broken arrow. Now it’s time to find the one of a kind piece of the land, the home site to place your new home on, in broken arrow. Not every home is going to fit on every home site. So now that we know the plan, we can begin to show you what home sites your plan will fit on here at Shaw homes we have at this present time, over 500 home sites in and around the Tulsa area. And, and it’s time now for you to select which one is going to be best for you. Uh, once you select a home site that works for you, uh, we ask you to, to, uh, to do a seven day refundable Homesite reservation. It’s actually a, a deposit that holds your home site for seven days.

Speaker 1: (07:40)
That is fully refundable. That allows you to get questions answered, to, uh, understand a little bit more about the process and to be assured of the Homesite you’ve chosen is the one that you desire to have and to move forward with. So we ask our clients to put down a thousand dollars deposit. This thousand dollars deposit takes the home site out of inventory and holds it as your own for seven days. And at the end of seven days, it’s time for you to make a decision as to whether you want to move forward with this home site, choose another home site, or just be done with the process, uh, and have it finalized. Step number four is where we actually begin the process of, of pricing out your new homes in broken arrow. Now that your home site is reserved, we will meet

Speaker 2: (08:55)
You at your, at your favorite model home. And we’ll begin to review all of the options that are available for you, so that you can actually build your home on paper and have a, a, an itemized price out of everything that you want in your new home. There won’t be any surprises. All your questions get answered. The home will be priced the way you want it right down to the dollar. And when it’s all said and done, we’ll actually print out a price out on the spot. Uh, so that you’ll know exactly everything in your house and what everything in your house will cost so that you can begin to or so that you can continue to make an informed decision about your new homes in broken arrow.

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