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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Finding New Homes Can Be Difficult

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So your buying a new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma, and perhaps you’ve heard that building a home can be difficult, stressful, and filled with anxiety, a process that just seems to be, uh, too hard to imagine yourself going through at Shaw homes. We actually feel quite the opposite. We feel that the process is actually quite simple. And as a matter of fact, stress-free maybe the person who told you building a new home in broken arrow, Oklahoma, uh, built with a company that doesn’t have the proven process and the simplified pathway with an experienced team in place to do things the way that Shaw homes does them. Well, we like to tell our customers is we’ve done this more than once. As matter of fact, we’ve done it a few thousand times, so it’s okay if you haven’t done it, you’re not going to be out there on your own, trying to figure everything out, trying to understand what your next step is.

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We’ve already built the process, simplified the pathway, and we know what your next step is. Matter of fact, we always know what your next step is, and that’s why building a new homes in broken arrow. Oklahoma is actually a, a very simple process. Uh, you’re going to have the [inaudible] team right there with you from contract to design studio, to grafting onto construction, to closing all the way right to the place where your warranty commences. And we’re going to have experienced experts that are right in place to guide you to help you navigate and answer the questions along the journey. Uh, as a matter of fact, we already know the questions you’re going to be asking. In fact, uh, we’re going to have the answers hopefully ahead of time. Uh, before you actually asked the questions, uh, you’re going to find us to be a company that is highly, highly transparent, and we will actually go to the efforts of over explaining things in an effort to make sure that you have all the information you need to, to build your new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma, Oklahoma.

Speaker 1: (03:00)
And if your unsure of the process, we’re going to fill you in on what the process looks like right now. So step number one begins with a model home tour. Since Shaw homes is the largest new home builder in the Tulsa area, we have the largest collection of fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area. And so what we do is we take our clients on model home tours. I mean, who doesn’t love going around and looking at beautifully decorated model homes. One of the things that our customers continue to tell us that has been the greatest help to them during the home shopping experience, whether they build with us or whether they buy used with, uh, you know, a move in ready home is they is the a model home tour because of the model home tour. What we do is we, we really focus in on the design behind the function of the homes floor plan.

Speaker 1: (04:22)
We help you to understand why the rooms are built the way they are. There’s actually a method behind our madness. Uh, and that’s why a house can be, uh, actually less than the amount of square feet that you may be looking for. But because it’s built a certain way because it has a certain function built within the floor plans, design that allows you to actually feel that and enjoy that and see that during the model home tour, um, where once we invite you on this model home tour, it allows you to see what would take perhaps a couple of weeks on your own and to do so in just a matter of, of, of 90 minutes to two hours, because you’re going to see that we have something for everybody. And we truly mean that with 80 different floor plans built as one or two stories and built small, medium, large, and extra large, depending upon the number of necessary bedrooms and bathrooms that you might need in your new home, in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (05:43)
We literally have something for everybody. The model home tour is going to focus on information function and versatility. Step two would be the financing, uh, in order to help you focus in on the plan, the floor plan that will actually best fit your budget. As you’re purchasing, uh, getting gaining information to purchase your new homes in broken arrow. We, we highly suggest applying for a mortgage pre-approval with one of our preferred lenders. Soon after the model home tour, this five minute free application process can be done right online. And within 24 hours, uh, your application will be approved and you’ll know exactly where you’re at, and you’ll be able to continue moving forward with the information that you’ve been given. Step number three is, is, is the home site reservation. Now that you’ve selected your one of a kind home it’s time to find the one of a kind piece of property to place your home on the home site.

Speaker 1: (06:56)
Uh, not every home fits on every home site. So now that we know the plan for your new homes in broken arrow, we want to show you what home sites in broken arrow will actually fit your, your, your floor plan. Once you select your home site. You’ll, uh, you’ll, uh, submit a, a refundable deposit called a Homesite reservation. This refundable deposit is, is $1,000 that holds your new home site for a period of seven days. It actually removes it out of our inventory, and it literally becomes your new home site for seven days until you tell us otherwise. And as it takes it off the market, you now have the opportunity to kind of hit the pause button and make sure that you’re getting all your questions answered. Make sure that that you’re taking your time as you’re going through this process. If necessary, you can indeed switch your home site.

Speaker 1: (08:14)
If that’s something that comes up during, during this seven day period, and then at the seven, at the end of seven days, you tell us what you want to do. If you want to proceed and continue moving forward with your new homes in broken arrow, or if you’ve made a decision that perhaps this is not for you, we will, we will, uh, truly refund your, your Homesite reservation. No questions asked during this time period, step number four has to do with the, the price out now that your home site is reserved, we’re going to meet together and we’re going to begin itemizing everything that you want within your home. In other words, we’re going to build your home on paper and it’s going to be priced the way you want it. We have over 440,000 different line item options that you’ll have. You’ll have the ability to choose from.

Speaker 1: (09:19)
Uh, as we go through this, down to the dollar price out where you have you’ll, you’ll be making choices on the interior of your home, and then on the exterior of your home and have the ability to know exactly what your new homes in broken arrow is going to cost. And then at the end of the price out, we’re, we’re going to print out the price out on the spot, uh, for, for, uh, no charge and without any kind of contractual agreement, it is, it is yours to review. And to understand, so again, you have all the information you need to move to the next step, which is going to be the purchase agreement.

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