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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Finding the Perfect Location

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey guys, Katherine here with your weekly podcast, from Shaw homes about new homes and broken arrow. So I wanted to kind of just go over some of the locations that we’re able to build in, in broken arrow for you. So the first community that we’re going to talk about, um, that you can build new homes in broken arrow is called Ashbrook and this community is located, um, off of, I believe it is, um, Evans road, um, between hold on, just to be sure. And I will let you know, um, it’s between a hundred and first and 91st, um, off of let’s see, that is 241st. So in between, um, it’s right at 95th. So in between 91st and a hundred and first on 241st, so it’s a little bit out of, um, central broken arrow, but off of highway 50, one kind of close off of highway 51, um, has pretty accessible from the, uh, it’s accessible from highway 51.

Speaker 1: (01:27)
And then it’s also close to, um, the Creek turnpike in the Muskogee turnpike. So, um, one of the nice things about building out in this neighborhood, um, when building new homes and broken arrow is going to be that these home sites are a half acre. So you do get a little bit more land with these home sites. So if that’s something that you’re looking for, when thinking about building new homes and broken arrow, I would definitely check out Ashbrook. We only have one home site left out there, but if you are looking for a little bit of land, perhaps if you have young kids and you’d like a big backyard, um, this is definitely a great location. As far as building new homes in broken arrow in other neighborhoods, uh, we have brightened village, which is going to be on 120 first between Lynn lane and county line.

Speaker 1: (02:21)
And this is a great neighborhood, really close to the Creek turnpike as well. So it’s easily accessible to that. Um, great location. It’s kind of, it’s not really near any other neighborhoods. Everything around there is, um, either a turnpike or woods. Uh, there are a couple of businesses down the street, but it’s kind of like living in a neighborhood. Um, but, but you get kind of like that, um, rustic kind of, sort of type, um, feel to the neighborhood as well because it’s surrounded by a lot of trees and there’s a couple of palms and, um, it’s just a really nice neighborhood. Um, next we’ve got Highland Creek and Highland Creek is actually on, uh, 209th. I believe let’s see here. Yes, Highland Creek is between a hundred first and a hundred and 11th, um, and uh, Evans road. So Highland Creek is actually, um, a really great neighborhood.

Speaker 1: (03:37)
It’s got, it’s very affordable and the yards are very large. So if you’re not a huge fan of yard work and not something that you’re looking for, um, when searching for new homes in broken arrow is a location. That’s not going to require a lot of maintenance. This is a great neighborhood for that. A lot of young families in this neighborhood. Um, great place to build. The nice thing about this neighborhood is that it actually qualifies for a rural development loan. And then it’s also, um, I believe Wagner county. Um, so your taxes are going to be a little bit lower than they would be for Tulsa county.

Speaker 1: (04:21)
Oops, sorry. Um, the next neighborhood is going to be Highlands at forest Ridge. This neighborhood is actually sold out except for a spec home that we’re putting in there. So if you were looking for, um, perhaps a home specifically in that neighborhood, and like I said, we are putting us back home in there, but as far as building new homes and broken arrow, we won’t be able to build anything out there. Um, we also have, um, Millicent pond, which is sold out Remington trails, which is sold out, um, rush Brook north, which is located on all of between a hundred and first and 91st, it’s kind of like right behind all of her middle school. This is a great location for building new homes in broken arrow. Um, it’s a great neighborhood. It kind of, um, dips down a little bit still has like a lot of, um, reserve areas in it.

Speaker 1: (05:23)
Um, some wooded areas and then a reserve that kind of runs through it. Um, like I said, a really great neighborhood, really nice neighborhood, um, and we can build our heritage series homes in there as well. We also have seven Oaks south, which is going to be back over on a hundred and first between one lane and county line. Um, so it’s kind of right down the street from the broken arrow freshmen academy and then the, um, boy Scouts reserve training center. And so, um, we, uh, we do build in there. Um, however we no longer build our heritage series of homes in there. Um, if you are looking for new homes in broken arrow, that’s going to be our Manchester premier series. And those are some really great homes, um, that I’ve talked about before that kind of offer some bonus features that you wouldn’t normally find at that price point.

Speaker 1: (06:25)
So definitely a good option. Um, as far as looking for new homes in broken arrow, um, those are gonna be the same new homes in broken arrow that we offer, uh, out at the Pines at the preserve. The only difference is that these are going to be, um, done in full brick. So, um, that will be, um, it’ll be nice to see those in a, that kind of look a little bit different, um, than what we’re normally used to seeing. Um, next we have silver leaf and that’s a neighborhood that’s, um, our Manchester series and that’s out on 51st past county line. And those are sorry, those homes are great starter homes or entry-level homes. Um, if you’re just looking for new homes in broken arrow and you want new construction, but you’re just kind of getting started. This is a great location. They’re priced really well.

Speaker 1: (07:31)
It’s a nice neighborhood and we have tons of floor plans to choose from. And, um, it’s just a really great starting community. We also have spring hill at forest Ridge, which is part of, um, obviously the forest bridge master plan community. Um, it’s right down the street from Wells stone, which is another neighborhood in broken arrow that we can build in. That’s also, um, a community in forestry edge. So we have Springfield spring hill at forest Ridge, the Highlands at forest Ridge, and then, well stone at forest Ridge that we can all build in. Um, and those are all of the forest Ridge communities that we can build in, in broken arrow. Um, we also have, uh, stone wood crossing, um, well, nevermind, those are sold out. So we don’t have stone wood crossing. Um, we also have the Pines at the preserve out in broken arrow, which I told you about, um, which is kind of, um, that’s our Manchester premiere series. Um, and so

Speaker 2: (08:55)
Those are, um, going to be out on 51st, across from SilverLeaf as well there. And then we also have, um, the reserve at spring Creek, um, which is over on 120 first and Aspen that community is also sold out. Tucson village is at 120 first and Lynn lane in broken arrow. It’s another great entry level Manchester community. And then we have village at Southern trails, which is over at a hundred and first and Aspen, um, kind of right around the corner from rush park north that I was telling you about. And we can also build our heritage series of homes in here. So that’s definitely, um, we definitely have some options, um, for, uh, building in for building new homes in broken arrow. Um, we have lots of options for lots of neighborhoods. We can also do off-sites in broken arrow, but for now that’s where we can build new homes in broken arrow. And I will see you guys next time with more information on new homes and broken arrow from Shaw homes.

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