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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Houses That Last a Lifetime

Speaker 1: (00:01)
So part two of the pathway to your new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma, we’ve spoken about the model home tour and, and the purpose and the why of having a model home tour, uh, we’ve spoken about financing and, and the benefit to using our proven and preferred lenders and the incentivization that goes, that goes along with that after financing, what we want to do is, is take people to our home sites. We have almost 500 home sites in the Tulsa area. Uh, home sites are a, are one of a kind, we, we like to tell our clients that we can, we can build a floor plan, whatever one you choose to go with, we can build that floor plan a thousand times a week, every week for 10 years. Uh, it’s, it’s very simple. Our process is it allows us to be able to replicate, uh, every one of our floor plans.

Speaker 1: (01:15)
Uh, every day of the week. What we can’t replicate is a home site. A home site is exactly, as I said before, they’re they are always one of a kind. And what we encourage our clients to do is go as we travel through the different neighborhoods, whether somebody wants to build, uh, a new home in, in south Tulsa or in north Tulsa, or, uh, perhaps, uh, on the other side of, of the river, or perhaps they want to build a new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma, uh, they will need to find their home site within one of our 39 different communities. And once they found their home site, at this point, we ask our customers to, to put down a thousand dollars deposit. That’s fully refundable for seven days. This allows them to slow the process down just a bit and not rush their decisions.

Speaker 1: (02:34)
They get to take their time, get their questions answered. As a matter of fact, we don’t even cash the check that they give us. We simply tuck it in a drawer at, uh, uh, in our desk at one of the model home locations. And we hold onto it until they’re sure about their home site. What this does is when they, when they place a deposit upon one of our home sites, this pulls the home site out of inventory and allows the customer to make sure that this is the home site. They desire. It’s not enough for us just to build our clients the ideal home. We want to build them the ideal home in the ideal location. And because there are 15 to 20 other new home consultants that are working with maybe 10 to 15 clients at a time, this ensures that there are no competing customers for that particular home site.

Speaker 1: (03:46)
And so they’re actually blocked from being able to reserve that home site because someone else has already placed a deposit on that home site from the Homesite reservation. Now we go to the price out and the price out is extremely exciting because it’s now at the price out where you get to actually price out the home or the floor plan the way you want it and what it would, what it would cost in the neighborhood or at the home site that you’ve reserved. And so for about 45 minutes to an hour, we, we go through the, the different optional features that can be included in your, your new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma. And so, uh, fully itemized pricing ensures that there’s not going to be any surprises. You’re going to be able to get all your questions answered. It’s going to be priced out the exact way that you want it.

Speaker 1: (05:03)
And it’ll be priced out right down to the dollar. You’ll receive a total price printout on the spot. You’ll have tons of options to choose from because our knowledgeable staff will help you to price out your new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma. After the price out, we now go to purchase agreement. Purchase agreement is about a 60 minute meeting, actually a little bit longer than 60 minutes, where you as a client will watch a one hour video discussing how things will begin to begin to play out from this moment forward. It’s almost as if we’ve already, uh, thought through what questions you’re going to be having at this time, after all, we’ve gone through this process, thousands of times, and helped many, many people purchase a new home in broken arrow, Oklahoma, we are going to require two decisions to be made at this purchase agreement.

Speaker 1: (06:16)
Number one, we’re going to need to know what floor plan or what structural options you’re going to choose. And then number two, we’re going to, we’re going to need to know the home site that you have selected. And once we have those decisions from you, that allows us to go ahead and obtain a building permit to begin building your new homes in broken arrow Oklahoma. Now you do not need to tell us what colors you want, what flooring you want, what finishes you desire that can wait for another day. It’s just, we need the structural options and the Homesite decisions to be made at that time. The additional deposit will be due at that time, as well as the mortgage approval letter. And we’ll decide and come to terms with any contingencies that need to be made regarding, uh, perhaps the sale of your current home, or if there is a need to delay the build for different reasons, different purposes, uh, to allow for certain circumstances to take place before we go ahead and begin building your home.

Speaker 1: (07:47)
Now that’s the first five steps of our pathway. There are five other steps that occur once we’ve gone to purchase agreement. And I’ll just briefly speak about them here. The, the, the next step is our design studio. We have the largest design studio in all of Tulsa, Oklahoma. So as you’re going through the process and purchasing your new homes in broken arrow, you’ll get to sit in our, our award-winning design studio with our award-winning designers, all the pretty model homes that you saw and the way they were decorated were decorated by award-winning designers. We’re going to set up three meetings with you over the next three to four weeks. Uh, we want to ensure that, uh, we have a meeting as it relates to all of the interior decisions that need to be made a second meeting that has to do with all the exterior decisions that need to be made. And then a final meeting where we sign off on all the tests, all the decisions that you’ve made at that time, uh, at this point in time, there can be no structural changes made to your plans. It’s a very simple process to a lot of fun, to see the different options that we have, some 440,000 different options to choose from.

Speaker 1: (09:22)
Sounds quite overwhelming, but actually there’s only 12 decisions that you need to make regarding the interior and the exterior of your home. Uh, the next step is a, a plan review where we review all of your selections. We discuss your timeline. We discuss your weekly updates, your homeowner orientation. Uh, you get to meet your builder, review all your blueprint, your site plan, and even discuss the grading of your land. The next step is actually where we meet at the building. Uh, we, we have a home orientation that’s done right on site. You meet at the home that you’re, you’re building your new homes in broken arrow. You get to enjoy and see the progress as, as your new home is being built right there in broken arrow, you’ll be receiving weekly updates. And of course, as in any of our times together, all throughout this process, questions are always welcome.

Speaker 1: (10:25)
Our next step is the closing. We’re going to give you the keys to your new home in broken arrow. It’s now time to move in. We’re going to meet at the title company. Your down payment is going to be fulfilled at that time. If you have decided you’re going to be placing more money as, as down payment on your new home, in broken arrow, you’re going to pay your closing costs. The mortgage is going to be signed and the title’s going to be transferred. And then lastly, we’re going to speak with you about Oklahoma’s best warranty. We have a 10 to one warranty, a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty. And then of course our one year everything else warranty, uh, we actually have a 24 hour emergency line. We have a full time warranty coordinator on staff who handles all of the warranty items to be addressed. We’re going to speak with you at two times during the first year. Of course, we’ll speak with you at any time, uh, regarding any of the warranty items, but at, at the 60 day mark. And then at the 11 month mark, you’re going to be receiving followup phone calls to ensure that everything is operating correctly. Your, your new home

Speaker 2: (11:53)
Broken arrow is functioning the way it should. And we want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your new home in broken arrow, Oklahoma. Congratulations on your new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma.

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