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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Looking to Upgrade Your Home

Speaker 1: (00:02)
Hey guys, Catherine here with another podcast from Shaw homes. And, um, we’re going to keep talking about homeowners associations this time. Um, we always talk about new homes in broken arrow. Last time we kind of talked about homeowners associations as well, but we’re just going to go ahead and kind of keep that going. Um, so we’ve been talking about the advantages to homeowners associations, just because all of our new homes in Burke narrow neighborhoods do have a homeowners association. So, um, let’s go ahead and just jump right into it. Um, nice thing about homeowner’s association is they kind of help to maintain the value of their home of your home, um, when you’re purchasing new homes in broken arrow in your neighborhood and the way that they do this is just by, um, the rules that they have. Um, they, uh, like to keep those rules in place because they keep property values from going down too far.

Speaker 1: (01:11)
Um, this has to do a lot of times with the appearance of your new homes in broken arrow. Um, and just, um, uh, you know, like I said, keeping the, the value of your property from declining, um, so that, you know, your home, the nicer, your home stays and the safer your community is the higher value it’s going to have because it’s going to be desirable for people to want to move into that community. Um, another thing is that they can actually increase the value of their home. Um, a lot of times some of the services that homeowners associations offer, um, kind of help increase the value of your home, um, because homeowner’s associations oftentimes will, um, provide, uh, amenities for your community, um, in your new homes and broken arrow communities, such as swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, things like that. So, um, and increase the value of your home because it increases the fact that more and more people are going to want to live in that area because of the amenities that are offered. Um, another let’s, I mean, that’s another thing, um, like I said, just now talking about the amenities. So in our new homes, in broken arrow communities, we have, um, most of them have a lot of amenities. Some of the things that we offer are, um, community swimming, pools, community playgrounds. Um, we have got a lot with walking trails, basketball courts, um, you know, retention areas that can double as a soccer field or, you know, a lot of things like that. So,

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Um, like I said, just, you know, it kind of increases the value of your home because people are going to want to live in a community that has a pool so that they don’t have the expense of putting one in. Um, so also, um, if you, like, you know, if you’re an outside person, if you’re, you know, if you like, um, outdoor recreation, then this is another great way. And you have all of those amenities that are just included, uh, from your homeowners association, um, and those communities. And, um, they are, you know, just really great and convenient, really convenience as the main thing. Um, another thing is that all of those things are going to be maintained for you in your new homes, in broken arrow communities. So anything like the swimming pool, the playground, the walking trails, um, your, um, your entrance to the neighborhood, it’s usually going to be landscaped.

Speaker 2: (04:05)
And, um, it’s just a really nice way to, um, you know, it’s, it’s all going to be maintained for you. You’re not going to have to worry about, you know, things getting overgrown or, you know, houses or the clubhouse or the basketball goals really being dilapidated because it is the, um, uh, it is the homeowners associations, um, job to kind of maintain those amenities and keep them going. Um, your amenities are also going to be, um, protected so that like a lot of times your homeowners association dues are going to be, um, they’re going to, they’re going to go towards insurance premiums in order to help maintain those things. So for example, if there’s some sort of natural disaster, like a tornado or an earthquake, and the pool gets cracked, or, you know, um, there’s any sort of damage to anything, then those things are all insured by the homeowners association and they will be fixed.

Speaker 2: (05:22)
And, um, nobody is going to be asking, you know, for donations or anything to get those neighborhood amenities, um, fixed. Um, I think I talked about before, like a lot of times, like some neighborhoods will actually, um, even, you know, assist in, uh, you know, your lawn maintenance, some communities have, um, total lawn maintenance, um, that you can pay a little bit extra for. So definitely, um, need to look, you know, into, in two communities that provide that. Um, another thing about the homeowners association is, um, you could just kind of like a lot of times at the homeowners association meetings, you get to know your neighbors, you kind of get to know, um, you know, your neighborhood a little bit better and who hangs out where, and who’s doing what, and who’s supposed to be there and who isn’t, um, just really great way to, and also it can be, um, kind of a social thing as well.

Speaker 2: (06:32)
Um, so it’s just, uh, you know, in those new homes, in broken arrow communities, um, it’s just, you know, go to a homeowner’s association meeting and you’ll meet some of your neighbors of, you know, who were in those new homes and broken arrow communities. Um, so another thing, um, is there, um, um, oh, another thing I wanted to say is, for example, um, sometimes like we were talking about lawn maintenance and stuff sometimes, and I’m not sure about new home commute, new homes and broken arrow communities, but, um, and some other, you know, communities, if you live, you know, for example, up north where it snows a lot, um, they might even provide, uh, you know, snowplowing or snow blowing services for the neighborhoods. So, um, that would be nice in that way. You know, it would give you an opportunity to not have to shovel snow and hurt your back or anything else.

Speaker 2: (07:37)
They just can hire somebody to do it with that money that you pay for your dues. Um, another thing, uh, to think about, um, is that, um, it increases security. A lot of new homes in broken arrow communities are going to have some sort of neighborhood watch program or, um, you know, something like that. Um, they even like will maintain like gated communities. Like I said, neighborhood watch some new homes in broken arrow communities even have like security service that drives through, or there is somebody who is in charge of contacting local law enforcement to make sure that they are driving through, um, at different times. Um, they, another, another thing, um, about, uh, homeowner’s associations, um, you know, that’s helpful is that, um, you know, you, you can be as involved or as much, or as little as you choose to, um, in your community.

Speaker 2: (08:56)
And if you are involved in your homeowners association and your new homes in broken arrow community, you are going to have control over some of the rules and some of their restrictions, and you can even help kind of make some of those rules and restrictions. Um, so anyways, it’s, uh, there’s a lot of really, really great, um, attributes to, you know, your new homes and broken arrow communities and, um, you know, what, um, what we are able to, or not what we are able to, but what those homeowners associations are able to provide for those new homes in broken arrow communities. So if you’re looking for a neighborhood that’s well-maintained and has great amenities that are maintained as well, and typically, um, a little bit of a safer neighborhood, then definitely check out Shaw homes. Because like I said, all of our new homes in broken arrow communities are going to have a homeowner’s association. I’ll see you guys next time with more information on new homes and broken arrow on the weekly podcast by.

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