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New Homes in Broken Arrow | on to the Purchase Agreement

Speaker 1: (00:01)
So now that you have chosen your one of a kind floor plan that fits the needs of you and your family, and have decided where exactly you’re going to build this new homes in broken arrow, you’ve chosen the community. You know, the exact home site, your floor plan is perfect for your, your present needs. Now it is time to head over to the purchase agreement. After you have reserved your home sites back in step number four, uh, you have the option to begin to move forward to purchasing your new home in broken arrow. And at this time of the purchase agreement, we will, we will receive the funds from your home site reservation and apply it towards the deposit of your new homes in broken arrow. A number of things take place at purchase agreement. One of which is the deposit money is due. Uh, the deposit money is based on the actual sale price of the home that you’ve chosen, which includes the Homesite reservation.

Speaker 1: (01:22)
Uh, so your new homes in broken arrow will be priced out accordingly. And based on the amenities that you’ve chosen in your price out, uh, the, the deposit due is as follows a $5,000 deposit is due at the time of purchase agreement for any home, less than $250,000. So if you, if you gave a Homesite reservation of a thousand dollars and your home is less than $250,000 than the total deposit due that day would be 5,000 less. The 1000 equaling $4,000 additional deposit due on your new home in broken arrow. If you’re home, a home price is $250,000 and above up to $300,000, the additional deposit do, uh, the total is $10,000. Again, subtracting out the $1,000 Homesite reservation leaves you with a $9,000 deposit due on the day of purchase agreement. If your home, if your new homes in broken arrow is a total of 300,000 to $350,000, your total deposit due is 15,000.

Speaker 1: (03:00)
Again, subtracting your $1,000. Homesite reservation would leave you with a total of $14,000 due, additionally, as deposit money. If your new home in broken arrow is $350,000 and above the total deposit dues, 5% of the total, again, subtracting out the thousand dollar Homesite reservation will leave you with the, the amount of additional deposit due on the day of purchase agreement. Your mortgage approval is due on the day of purchase agreement. We will also be making two decisions that day, uh, that, uh, are required. And that is number one. We need to know the structural options that you have decided. In other words, uh, we need to know what floor plan you’ve chosen, which allows us to understand the, uh, the exterior of the home. And then secondarily, we also need to know the exact home site that you want to build the home on. So your new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma is going to be understood as the floor plan that you’ve chosen, and also the home site that you’ve chosen in the community that you want to be in.

Speaker 1: (04:36)
And with those two decisions being made that allows us to obtain the building permit that we will need to begin moving forward with the build-out of your new home in broken arrow. And of course on that day of purchase agreement, there’s a, a number of, uh, of papers that will need to be signed and things that need to be that we’ll need your signature on that day. And as well, if there is a contingency that’s necessary on that day, we will also draw up any contingencies that are required for the continued progression of moving forward with your new homes in broken arrow. That step number five, the purchase agreement now on to step number six, you’re going to enjoy beginning to work with your own personal design consultant here at step six, in the process of your new home build in broken arrow, the design studio is going to be the place where you will walk through the process of picking out styles, colors, and finishes in your new homes in broken arrow. You are going to

Speaker 2: (05:57)
Be cared for with kid gloves as you work with our award-winning design staff, as you, as, as you will be intimately involved in the selection of all the colors that you want, all the finishes you want, the styles and the look that you are desiring for your new home in broken arrow, uh, SHA homes has the most well-appointed largest design studio in the Tulsa area, filled with everything. You need tons of different options to be your one-stop shop so that you can actually visualize. And while visualizing, you can select the actual colors and textures sizes and selections, uh, instead of traveling throughout the area, trying to find all of these, you’ll have them available to you right under one roof, in one location, right there at our design studio. And then when you’re finished choosing your colors, your finishes, your styles, you will also finalize the selections with your signature as approval stating that you understand the choices that you’ve made for your new home in broken arrow and approve of everything that you have selected. And then we can begin to launch into the building phase of your new homes in broken arrow. Step number seven is the plan review.

Speaker 2: (07:57)
Now that all of the selections have been finalized it’s time for the plan review, where you actually get to meet your construction manager, who work directly with you through the process of completing your home. The plan review is our system of checks and balances to assure that the person responsible for building the home has had all the details of your home correctly, communicated to them to ensure a smooth building process. They will go over with you, all of the full-sized blueprints specifications and finishes with you, as well as the site plan and home placement at this meeting. Once this meeting is completed, then it’s time to begin to schedule the excavation of your land and get started onto step number eight during the building process of the home. We’ve, we’re going to have two scheduled meetings with you. The first is called the pre dry wall meeting.

Speaker 2: (09:10)
And during the pre dry wall meeting, this is where, uh, the point in construction where we’re ready to put the dry wall up, but we haven’t put the dry wall up. You’re allowed to see the guts of the home as they are still exposed for you to go over with your construction manager, you’ll see the plumbing, you’ll see the H V a C duct work. You’ll see the gas lines, the electrical lines, and, and all of the venting will be exposed for your approval for your review, because it’s a whole lot easier to make any adjustments and changes with the dry wall down than it is before the dry wall goes up. The second meeting is a meeting that we will schedule with you. It’s our homeowner, uh, orientation meeting. And this is where you get a room by room walkthrough of your home with your construction manager, where we will help you to understand how everything in your new home works.

Speaker 2: (10:09)
You’ll learn how to ignite the pilot lights. Use the appliances, the mechanicals, as well as, and do a quality assurance walkthrough. Step number nine is our closing. We’re going to notify you 30 days prior to your closing, by emailing you a closing letter with all kinds of helpful instructions and information, you’ll ha you will have your closing at the title company office. All the paperwork from Shaw homes will already be there before you arrive. An agent of the title company will walk you through the paperwork, give you the keys. Once all the signatures are completed. And then finally the home warranty we have. Oklahoma’s best home warranty as we will. We will begin your 10 year structural, two year mechanical, and one year limited. Everything else, warranty, everything will be made known in your homeowners manual. You’ll be given the emergency phone numbers. If you need answers to help during non-business hours. Uh, if for whatever reason you do ha have any reason to contact us, you will be contacted by us, our warranty coordinator at two different points in time at the 60 day time and at the 11 month time to follow up and make sure that after closing that all of your needs are being met, you will be serviced with excellent service. Congratulations on your new homes in broken arrow.

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