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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Resale Value

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Buying or purchasing a new homes in broken arrow does not have to be a difficult or stressful process. Actually at Shaw homes, we feel the process is actually quite simple and completely stress-free if you’re unsure of the process. Well, right now we’re going to get into, we’re going to speak about your path to your new Shaw home in broken arrow, Oklahoma. So maybe the person who told you that, uh, built with a certain company that didn’t have a proven process and it, and didn’t have an experienced team in place to do things the way that would relieve stress, but actually created stress. That’s not the case here at Shaw homes. What we like to tell our customers is we’ve done this a few thousand times, so it’s okay if you haven’t, your, you are out there on your own trying to figure things out well, trying to get a new home built in broken arrow, Oklahoma, you will have your Shaw Holmes team right there with you from beginning all the way to the end, to, uh, from financing, to finding your home site, to pricing out your home, purchasing the home to contract design, studio, drafting, construction, all the way to closing and warranty.

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We have, we have experienced experts in place to guide you through that process, answer all your questions even before you have them. And if you’re unsure of what this process is, well, I’m going to speak about that and take you through that process right now, your pathway to your new homes in broken arrow Oklahoma. So to begin with our process begins with a model home tour. Since we are the largest home builder in Tulsa, we have the, the most expansive collection of fully furnished and decorated model homes in the Tulsa area. I mean, who doesn’t love to go around looking at beautifully decorated model homes. Our customers have told us, even if they end up buying an, a used home or build a new home with someone else that our

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Model home tour was the single most helpful thing they did during their home shopping experience. And that’s because we really focus in on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan. You see, when we design a plan, there’s a great deal of thought that goes into why we laid out the rooms. The way we did these plans were built on 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of comments from customers who have walked through our homes over the past couple of years. And in many cases, they may even be standing in a home that is version 2.0 or version 3.0 of a particular floor plan because we have redesigned and rebuilt that home, according to popular trends in home building. So the model home tour is one in which we invite our clients to travel with us. And so the way the model home tour works is it’s approximately 90 minutes where we will travel through some of the different communities in the Tulsa area, whether you’re looking to build a new home in, in Bixby, a new home in Jenks, a new home in a WASO, a new home, and perhaps Verdigris I NOLA or even a new homes in broken arrow , we will show you six, 10, perhaps even 12 different new homes that are fully furnished, fully decorated, where you get to drive your own car.

Speaker 2: (04:53)
So that way you’re not held hostage. And in the event of an emergency, you’re free to attend to the emergency without any problems at all. But on these home tours, these model home tours, we speak about the, uh, the function of the homes. We, we focus on function. We focus on versatility. We show you how our homes can be built in such a way that there’s something for everyone, whether it’s a one-story home or a two-story home, or perhaps your new homes in broken arrow needs to be a certain size by way of square footage, or it needs a certain number of bedrooms or the layout has to be a certain way. Uh, we will focus on the versatility of all our plans and show you that, uh, we can build homes that, uh, are, are versatile enough for any stage of life and for any family situation.

Speaker 2: (06:06)
Next is, uh, our financing. This is step two. And in order to help our clients focus in on a, a, a plan that will best fit their budget, we suggest working with one of our preferred or what we like to call proven lenders that can help them with their new home mortgage in broken arrow. Our preferred lenders are exactly that they’re preferred because they understand our pathway to a new Shaw home. They understand our process. So what we’ll do is we’ll provide you with monthly payment quotes. Uh, we’ll give you an idea of what your monthly payment could look like, but then we’ll also refer you to one of our preferred lenders soon after your model home tour, so that you can begin to understand that this, uh, process is actually very simple through a five minute application process, a 24 hour approval process. Our preferred lenders will offer you interest rate and closing cost matching and carry the, the, the major products and loans for different situations, uh, such as conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, native American loans, uh, and, and provide you with the necessary information so that you can continue moving forward in your, and in your new, new home process new homes in broken arrow

Speaker 2: (08:03)
Step three, what we’re going to do now that you have selected your one of a kind home it’s time to find the one of a kind Homesite that piece of land to put that new home on the home site and not, not every home is going to fit on every home site. So once we know the plan, we’re now able to show you the home sites that your particular plan will fit on. Once you select your home site. Again, whether it’s in Bixby or Jake’s, whether it’s a home site in a lawsuit. Verdigris I know whether it’s a home site, a new homes in broken arrow , once you’ve selected your home site, it’s time to do pay Homesite reservation. And a Homesite reservation simply means that you are giving us a thousand dollars deposit that’s refundable for the next seven days. We’ll hit the pause button and we’ll go over any remaining questions that you may have before we move forward to a purchase agreement. Homesite reservations are important because we can, we can always duplicate the home a thousand times over, but we can never duplicate a home site. A home site is truly a one of a kind item. And so we want all your questions to be answered. We want you to be able to take your time during that seven days. Not only is your home site deposit for fundable, but it also allows you to switch homesites if necessary.

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