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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Seasonal Incentives

Speaker 1: (00:01)
So continuing the process or the pathway to your new Shaw home in broken arrow, we’ll want, we’ll want to, uh, take the next step, which is step number four. And that is, that is a price out of your, of your new home. Now that your home side is reserved, we’re going to meet back at your favorite model home, and we’re going to review the home and begin to create a price quote for you. And what we’re going to do over these next 45 minutes to an hour is we’re going to give you itemized pricing to create the home the way you want it to be created. At Shaw homes, we have over 440,000 line items that can be added to, or updated inside your new homes in broken arrow. And so during the price out, we will show you these items, uh, and offer you different, uh, looks to the exterior different materials for the exterior different, uh, views of the exterior, as well as we’ll have you making decisions for what you want your interior to look like, look like as well.

Speaker 1: (01:33)
Uh, the home is going to be priced the way you want it, and it will be priced right down to the dollar. When it’s all said and done, we’ll actually tow. We will give you a total price and print out right on the spot. You’re going to have tons of options to choose from. And this is all of this is done in an effort to get you the information that you need about pricing. So you can continue moving forward on your pathway to a new homes in broken arrow. making informed decisions. Step number five, we move on to the purchase agreement. And so at the time of purchase, what we’ll do is work on a, take the, uh, deposit for your home site reservation. And we’re going to apply those funds to, uh, or as a deposit towards, towards your purchase. And at the time of the purchase agreement, all of your decisions for the structure of your home are going to need to be

Speaker 2: (02:58)
Finalized such as the number of garages. One story, two story bedroom count, and anything that would affect the footprint of your home. And that’s, that’s very simply done by choosing one of our almost 80 different floor plans. Once you choose a floor plan in essence, that gives us all the structural information we need with maybe a few different variables that need to be decided upon. But for the most part, we can, we can move forward. Knowing what floor plan you desire to have for your new homes in broken arrow. So once the structural options are final, then we need to finalize the actual home site as well. Having done the home site reservation, we just need to know that that is the actual home site you want to move forward with. And once we have these two decisions made at the time of purchase agreement, that now allows us to obtain a building permit.

Speaker 2: (04:11)
And, uh, for all intents and purposes begin digging in the ground and starting the building process of your new home. Now during the purchase agreement, there are some other decisions, obviously that need to be made as well, but they’re, they don’t have to be finalized. In other words, uh, the colors of your home, the finishes in your home, these kinds of things can wait, uh, at the purchase agreement, there is going to be an additional deposit that is due. So you’ve already made your thousand dollars deposit on your Homesite reservation. We have taken that thousand dollars and applied it towards the deposit of your new home, but depending upon the price of your new home now determines how much additional deposit needs to be made. For instance, for a home to be built, uh, with a price less than $250,000, there is a deposit of $5,000 that’s necessary.

Speaker 2: (05:14)
Now, having already given us $1,000 for your Homesite reservation, we will take that 1000 and apply it towards the necessary 5,000. Leaving you with a balance of $4,000 needed to be paid at the time of purchase agreement. If your home is between $250,000 and $300,000, the, the, the deposit amount is now $10,000. If your home is, uh, greater than $300,000, but less than $350,000, your deposit is $15,000. And if the home is actually greater than 350,000 the home, or excuse me, the additional deposit is now 5%. We will always add in the thousand dollar Homesite reservation deposit and put it towards the actual deposit money, depending upon the price of the home will depend upon how much additional deposit is due at that time, at the time of purchase agreement, as we’re going through the process of purchasing your new homes in broken arrow. the mortgage approval is due at that time.

Speaker 2: (06:27)
And then we just need to make some decisions at that time regarding is there going to be any type of contingency? In other words, he is there going to be a, do we have to wait upon the sale of your home? So if you’re, if you’re currently living in a big SPI Oklahoma looking to sell your home to purchase your new homes in broken arrow., Oklahoma we’ll need to draw up a contingency based upon the sale of your home in Bixby. Uh, perhaps there’s a need for a hay delay of build for your home. A delay of, of, of build is different than a, a contingency, but perhaps that may be necessary as well. We’ll make these decisions. And at that time we will secure that and make that part of the purchase agreement and, and congratulations at that time. Now we’re well on our way to purchasing our new homes in broken arrow.

Speaker 2: (07:33)
That is step number five. Step number six through 10 are quite, quite simple, quite easy, not as involved, but nonetheless, a very much a part of our process. Step number six, involves, uh, working with our design studio, where we schedule you for three, three meetings, Kat Tulsa’s largest design studio for you to make decisions on what you want your interior to look like, what you want your exterior look like. And then finally signing off on all the decisions that you have made during this process. No, uh, no structural changes can be made. Uh, you’ll be working with award-winning designers here in Tulsa, and you’ll have tons of options to choose from very simple process, but it’s a very fun, very exciting process because of the nature of, of, of the decisions that need to be made. It’s also a process where we do not allow children in the design studio at that time, so that we can continue to get the decisions made that need to be made without any interruptions.

Speaker 2: (08:52)
We’re going to go on to step number seven, where we actually review your plan. Now that all your selections and decisions are final. The plan review is where you meet your construction manager, who will actually be working to elect directly with you through the completion of your home. The plan review is kind of our system of checks and balances to make sure that the person responsible for building the home has had all the details of your home correctly, relayed to them, to ensure a smooth building process. We’ll go over the, uh, the full sized blueprints, all the specifications and finishes with you as well as the site plan in the home placement during this time. And at this, at this meeting, once this meeting is completed, it’s time to schedule the excavation and start digging in the ground for your new homes in broken arrow..

Speaker 2: (09:49)
Oklahoma. Step number eight is our building process where during this process, we will have to schedule meetings with you. The first is the pre dry wall meeting. This is the point in which construction, where during the construction process, where we have yet to put dry wall on the wall. And so all the guts of the home are still exposed, allowing you to go over the, the guts of the building process with your construction construction manager, you’ll review everything. You’ll get, you’ll have questions, he’ll have answers, and you’ll have a room by room walkthrough of your home with your construction manager to help you understand how everything in your new home works. Step number nine will be the closing where we will actually notify you of your closing date. Approximately 30 days prior to your closing, we’ll email you a closing letter with helpful information, hand instructions in this letter will have contact information for the different utility companies that you’ll need to contact in order to get service turned on.

Speaker 2: (11:04)
And in your name, uh, you’ll have your closing at the title company office and all your paperwork from Shaw homes will already be there. When you arrive at your closing, an agent of the title company will walk you through the paperwork and finally give you your keys to your new home in broken arrow. Once all the signatures have been completed. And then lastly, step number 10 is our warranty. Once your closing as concern, uh, ha has occurred, you will begin your warranty period and have direct access via phone or email to our in-house warranty department in your home owner’s manual. There are emergency phone numbers. If you need answers to help during non-business hours, if you don’t

Speaker 3: (11:53)
Contact us for any needs, then you will be contacted by our warranty coordinator twice during the first year of home ownership at the 60 day mark, and also at the 11 month mark, after closing to check in with you to see if you have any needs. At that time, we have Oklahoma’s best warranty. We have a 10 year structural warranty, two year mechanical warranty, and a one-year limited warranty that are all there for you for your new homes in broken arrow., Oklahoma.

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