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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Spacious Bedrooms

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey everybody, Katherine here with your weekly podcast, from Shaw homes. And I thought today, um, we would talk about some things that you can add to your home, um, and your yard, whenever you are building a home, um, this can be, this can pertain to new homes in broken arrow, or it can pertain to any new homes anywhere else. Um, but we’re just going to, like I said, talk about some things that you can add to your, um, home that you’re building and your yard. And like I said, most of them are just going to be convenience items. Um, but when building new homes in broken arrow, uh, we do add a lot of these things. Um, we have certain communities where things like gutters and sprinklers are included. And I just want to give you guys some of the benefits to those so that when building your new homes in broken arrow, um, you’ll remember to add these.

Speaker 1: (01:06)
So the first thing that we’re going to talk about is putting a sprinkler system in new homes on broken arrow, and the idea behind this as obviously, um, to help you maintain your lawn. A lot of people are very, um, particular about their lawns, me included. Um, I’m very careful about mowing and edging and, um, making sure all the glow, the grass is blown away. Um, and of course I like to have my lawn green and, um, it’s just a really, it just makes your house look nicer, especially in new homes, in broken arrow. Uh, whenever you have a nice lawn, it just really shows that you take pride in your home. Um, your neighbors appreciate it when they take care of their lawns too. Um, it just looks nicer if you have children or animals that like to play in the yard and it gives them a really great, um, place to be able to do that.

Speaker 1: (02:10)
So when building new homes and broken arrow, definitely think about putting in a sprinkler system, um, some of the other, uh, things, some of the other benefits of having a sprinkler system installed in new homes and broken arrow is that it’s super convenient. I don’t know if, um, you’ve ever done this before I have, but, um, hand watering your lawn. So one of my favorite things to do, um, in, and you can do this in new homes and broken arrow or any home, um, is to just do my yard work and Mo, and then just kind of hand water. I like to walk around with the hose and put an attachment on it and just kind of, um, spray down the spots that, you know, don’t always get a lot of water that may be like my sprinkler didn’t hit. Um, but it’s definitely, uh, a nice, a nice way to end a day outdoors if you’ve been mellowing.

Speaker 1: (03:14)
However, um, if you don’t have time for that, um, it’s just definitely convenient to go ahead and install a, um, sprinkler system because they are automatic. Um, you can set them on a timer and, um, you know, that your lawn is going to get consistently sprayed, um, and watered, and it’ll just help you maintain those new homes in broken arrow a little bit more. Um, as far as, I mean, it just looks nicer having a, um, sprinkler system put in, so you can run your hose all the way across your lawn and hook it up to a sprinkler, which I’ve also done before. Um, but most new homes are in broken arrow are going to have a sprinkler system installed just because it’s more aesthetically pleasing. So, um, the sprinkler heads actually like go down into the lawn and then they pop up when it’s time to water.

Speaker 1: (04:19)
So you don’t have any sort of hose or anything laying across your yard. You don’t have to worry about unrolling the hose and rolling it back up and making sure you move the sprinkler in order to hit, um, at, you know, at the right time and place. Um, another thing about installing sprinkler systems in new homes and broken arrow is that you can water, um, at the time that is best for your lawn. So in this case, um, that’s normally going to be, I mean, not in this case in all cases, but when watering your lawn in your new homes and broken arrow, they say that right before the sun comes up is the best time. Um, so it also, um, it also minimizes evaporation. So when you are, especially in the summer, because most of us don’t, um, always water during the winter time, cause everything’s brown anyways, because of the cold.

Speaker 1: (05:30)
But, um, as far as new homes and broken arrow go, when you install that sprinkler system, you are able to set it to water very, very early in the morning. Um, and then that way the sun is still down and evaporation is, um, it’s the water’s not going to evaporate. And then, um, there’s also, um, a lot of diseases and stuff that can spread through bugs. Um, if you have a lawn wet all night long, the mosquitoes like to come and, um, try to get that water. They’re always looking for water. And so we all know mosquitoes carry all kinds of, not so fun, um, messes and diseases. So, um, think about that and new homes and broken arrow, just installing that sprinkler system so that you can water at the best time. Um, and that it just looks a lot nicer. Um, another benefit to installing sprinkler systems in new homes in broken arrow is that the sprinkler system is going to put out just the right amount of water and it’s going to be an even spray all around.

Speaker 1: (06:46)
And, um, actually there are some, um, sprinkler systems that are even so that are, that are so high end and advanced that they actually can read, um, the soil and figure out, uh, when it needs water and then when it’s had enough water. So, um, it’s pretty neat. Um, so, um, a lot of times, like when you install one of these high-end systems and new homes in broken arrow, it’ll like for, for example, um, if you’re, if it has just rained and your lawn is already saturated, then it won’t, um, the sprinklers won’t turn on. Um, and that not only saves you money, but I mean, it helps you from over-watering your lawn. Um, another great thing about installing a sprinkler system is that, um, if you go out of town, it can be set on an automatic timer. And then, you know, you go on vacation, you come back and you have this, um, beautiful green lawn, um, that you had when you left.

Speaker 1: (08:01)
You don’t have to worry about getting anybody to water it while you’re out of town. Um, you just set that timer and keep it moving, go out of town, get your lawn, water, the correct amount, um, come back and everything is just the way it was. So this is just something, um, sprinkler system is just something that you can add. Like I said to new homes in broken arrow or to, um, any other home really, regardless of where you live, um, just, you know, getting that sprinkler system put in and, um, uh, making your life a little bit more convenient and your lawn a little bit more pretty, like I said, you’ll appreciate the convenience and the beauty of it and your neighbors will too. Um, and, uh, it’s

Speaker 2: (08:55)
Just a really, really great option if you are looking to have more time with your family or more time in your actual new homes in broken arrow, um, rather than spending most of your time out in the lawn. Um, the only thing is that this sprinkler systems get, can get kind of expensive. Um, however, you could show up a row, I’m sorry, and find a quote, um, that fits your budget. Um, there are all types of different sprinkler systems. There’s your high end advanced systems. And then, um, just kind of like your regular, um, your regular, uh, systems as well. So there’s definitely something for everybody just like our new homes in broken arrow. We have something for everybody. Um, so we can, we can build you any kind of home and we can put your sprinkler system in it for you. So, um, just something to think about adding to your new homes in broken arrow or wherever you decide to build. Um, and we’ll talk more about probably gutters or something next time. And I will see you guys for another podcast about new homes in broken arrow from Shaw homes by.

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