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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Stress Free Process

Speaker 1: (00:01)
It’s interesting here at Shaw homes. When people come to us desiring to build a new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma, and their present level of thinking is that this is going to be a difficult, overwhelming, drawn out stressful anxiety filled process. When in actuality, the process is simple and the process is stress-free. It’s interesting how these thoughts find their way in the minds of people, perhaps from those who they associate with, whether it work, perhaps it’s a family neighbors, uh, acquaintances times during conversations where the thought that building a new homes in broken arrow has to be that way. And it may be that way for some people due to the fact that they chose to build with a company that does not have a proven process with an experienced knowledgeable team in place to do things the way that we at Shaw homes do them.

Speaker 1: (01:43)
You see what we like to tell our customers is we’ve done this a thousand times before, so it’s okay if you haven’t, if you’ve never been down this pathway before it’s okay. Because we have building a new homes in broken arrow. Oklahoma is not a hard stress field, difficult, overwhelming, uh, time filled with anxiety and, and, and so on. Uh, it just isn’t, uh, because you’re not going to be going at this on your own and trying to figure everything out. There’s no need for you to try to figure things out when we’ve already figured it out. And this is what I desire to do today is to outline exactly what we figured out, how to move or how to progress and navigate from beginning to end, while building a new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma, we already know the questions that you’re going to be asking before you actually ask them, because we’ve done this so many times. And if you’re unsure of what the process is, that’s okay. We know what the process is. And so beginning with step number one, everyone goes on a model home tour. Since we are the largest builder in Tulsa, we have also have the largest collection of fully furnished and decorated model homes in the Tulsa area. And so we take our clients on model home tours. I mean, who doesn’t love going around, looking at fully furnished, brand new, fully decorated model homes.

Speaker 1: (04:01)
And so we invite our clients to join us on a 90 minute tour of six to 10 to 12 different model homes that they will begin to see where there’s no pricing. There’s no pressure. People can drive their own cars and just get informed about the function of our floor plans. To understand the design behind the homes floor plan is what we endeavor to do during this model home tour. There is in fact something for everyone, we have versatile plans that are fully functional, that are one and two story that can be built, small, medium, large, and extra large in terms of both room sized and a room number or numbers of rooms as well. And so the model home tour is actually one of the most helpful experiences that our customers have told us during their home shopping experience. The tour actually allows you to see what would take a couple of weeks on your own to do so in 90 minutes or two hours, because time is something that not too many people have too much of these days.

Speaker 1: (05:45)
And so that’s step number one, step number two is, is financing. And again, the best way to make the best decisions is to have the best information. And in order to help you focus in on the plans that will best fit your budget. We suggest applying for a mortgage pre-approval with one of our preferred lenders, we’re able to give you monthly payment quotes. We’re able to help you through a five minute application. That’s free with a 24 hour approval process. It’s very rare that we’re unable to approve most anybody. Our preferred lenders will match interest rates and closing costs and provide you with the latest information regarding the, uh, interest rates with the different products that are available to get you the loan that you need to be to keep moving forward with your new homes in broken arrow Oklahoma, step three is a Homesite reservation.

Speaker 1: (07:00)
Homesite reservation is, is necessary because now that you’ve selected your one of a kind floor plan, it’s time to find the one of a kind piece of land to build your new homes in broken arrow upon the home site. Now, every home fits on every home site. And so now that we know the plan, we’ll be able to show you the home site that your home will fit on. Once you’ve selected your home site, our clients, uh, give a seven day refundable thousand dollars deposit called a Homesite reservation deposit where the home site that they’ve chosen now becomes unavailable. It is removed from inventory. Uh, it is removed from the view of other customers who may be working with other salespeople. And that home site now becomes the theirs for a period of seven days. During this time, you have plenty of time to get your questions answered regarding your new homes in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (08:19)
And it allows you to slow the decision-making process down just a bit so that you can feel confident that not only do you have the floor plan that you’ve desired, but also the home site to build it upon. Uh, we’re not even going to cash the check. As a matter of fact, if you come back to us after seven days and say, Hey, this isn’t the home site that we want, and we’d like to stop right here. We’ll be more than happy to hand your check back to you. But if you desire to move forward, then we’re going to move to step number five, uh, excuse me. Step number four, which is the home, the home price out the price out involves a 45 minute to an hour long meeting where we will meet at your favorite model home review. And we’ll, we’ll go through an itemized price out of building out your home the way you want it.

Speaker 1: (09:25)
In other words, everything that you want in your home will be given a, uh, the option for you to choose. Number one, number two, it’ll also have a price associated with it so that you get to have a down to the dollar priced the way you want it price out right on the spot. We actually will print it out and give it over to you for your review to make decisions, to make updates, to decide what you want, perhaps what you don’t want after you’ve given it. Some thought you’ll have tons of options to choose from, and you’ll be guided and helped along the way by a knowledgeable and good looking staff member.

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