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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes in Broken Arrow | the Pathway to Your New Home

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So it’s been said that purchasing a new home is hard, difficult time consuming, filled with anxiety, a stressful time. However, it char homes. The process has actually been very much simplified and created as a stress free experience. Maybe the person who told you this, uh, built, excuse me, with a company that doesn’t have a pathway or a proven process, uh, perhaps they don’t necessarily have an experienced team in place to do things the way that Shaw Holmes does these things. We like to tell our customers, we’ve done this a few thousand times, so it’s okay if you haven’t, you aren’t out there trying to work this through and figure it out all on your own at Shaw homes. Uh, we have a team in place that have right here with you from the moment you walk through the door until the time that we go to contract to the design studio, where we, uh, when we draft up your plans, we build the, the, the home itself and all the way through to the closing of the home.

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We like to offer our clients total transparency, full disclosure, the utmost level of communication, guidance, help, and encouragement all the way through the process on your pathway to purchasing a new homes in broken arrow. And so, uh, we have experienced experts that are all in place to accomplish this, to guide you to answer the questions as they arise. Honestly, we already know the questions you’re going to be asking for the most part. In fact, we can probably already tell you what questions you’re going to have before you even asked them. Uh, and if you’re unsure of the process, we are happy to explain and walk you through our process. The pathway to your new Shaw home new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma begins with a model home tour model. Home tour is, is the

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Starting point, uh that’s that begins the, the pathway to the, the ending place of owning a brand new homes in broken arrow And so our model home tour is approximately 90 minutes where we will show you 6, 10, 12 different model homes, because that Shaw homes, we have the largest selection of fully furnished and decorated model homes in the Tulsa area. So we take people on these model, home tours, everyone, everyone loves going around to see beautifully decorated model homes. They like to see if their furniture is actually going to fit. If the sectional couch is going to fit in the great room, if the king bed is going to fit in the master, if the children’s beds and dressers are going to fit in their bedrooms, if the kitchen’s going to be large enough. And so in a fully furnished and decorated model home, you can have a great visual as to has to, uh, see if your furniture is actually going to fit within the home.

Speaker 2: (04:28)
Now, our customers have told us something very interesting. They’ve told us that even if they end up buying a used home from another builder, or if they, uh, ended up building a new home with another builder, they have found that our model home tour is the single most helpful thing that they did during their home shopping experience. And, and there’s a reason for that. And the reason is simply that it’s not just because our houses are gorgeous and because they’re, they’re beautiful to look at and, and the colors and the designs and the textures and, and, and these things are wonderful. However, what we really like to do is focus in on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan. There’s a reason why we designed the home the way we did you see when we design a plan. There’s a great deal of thought that went into why we laid out the rooms that we did.

Speaker 2: (05:38)
These plans come from over 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of comments from customers who have walked through our new homes in broken arrow homes over the past few years. Uh, in many instances, when you go into a new model home, you’re looking at version 2.0, or maybe even version 3.0 of a floor plan, because we have a redesigned and rebuilt a model just based on the comments and the popular trends that, uh, we have discovered with our customers. So the way that the tour works is we take, we take several families at the same time. And, uh, it’s it’s, as I said earlier, it’s about a 90 minute tour. Uh, and you drive your own vehicle. We don’t hold anybody captive. And what we do is we focus on again, in information, we focus on function, we focus on versatility. All of our homes are built in such a way that they can, uh, they can be built small, medium, large, extra large, uh, there can be one story homes in two story homes, and there’s, there’s virtually something for everyone with 83 different floor plans.

Speaker 2: (07:11)
We know we have something for, for everyone. And so we do these home tours, uh, three different times per week, twice on the weekends, nine o’clock on Saturday morning, five o’clock on Sunday afternoon, and then Monday evening at six o’clock, we take a limited number of people at the same time. And to be honest, we have a whole lot of fun. It’s a wonderful time to actually begin to see possibilities and potential begin to form or formulate, or even perhaps, uh, create a new vision in people as to what could be, uh, come to fruition as their new homes in broken arrowOklahoma. The next step of our process is our financing step. And what we’ll do is we’ll actually give you monthly payment quotes. Uh, we have, we have incentives that change from month to month, and these incentives are for the benefit of, of our customers to be used towards closing costs, to be used towards the price of the home, or perhaps even to be used towards, uh, additional features or custom features, uh, within their new homes in broken arrow, the incentives are, are, are extended towards our clients. However, if our clients, uh, choose to use our proven lenders, then the incentives are actually even greater. So there’s a benefit to using our preferred lenders. Uh, our preferred lenders will match interest costs, interest rates, and closing costs. Of course, all of our preferred and proven lenders will offer the, the different loan products for the different needs and desires of our clients. Uh, it’s a five minute application process. That’s free. There’s no charge to it. And it usually takes about 24 hours to be approved for building your new home in broken arrow, Oklahoma.

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