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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes in Broken Arrow | What’s Next in the Process

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The Shaw Holmes path is the result of considerable time and effort. It serves as a guide for every buyer that works with Shaw homes to retrieve their new home goals and to purchase a new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma, we tell them what to expect for every step along the way. It’s actually quite simple. It takes the mystery out of the process and our customers know what to expect when to expect it. And they go into every step of the pathway with their eyes opened and their minds fully informed. Aaron ant, his director of sales says this. We want the people we serve to be comfortable as they move from one step on the path to the next. And we help them to be comfortable by making sure they understand what’s coming next. Purchasing a new homes in broken arrow. Oklahoma begins with step one on the path, and that is the model home tour because Shaw Holmes is the largest builder in the Tulsa area.

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We have the most furnished and decorated model homes of any new home builder in the Tulsa area. Shaw homes offers all of our guests, the ability to join them on a tour of our award winning model homes, always endeavoring to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. We have decided to create an environment of total transparency and the sharing of information rather than sales pressure. So after a new home buyer has seen six to 12 model homes. If our guests are interested in purchasing the home, we go to the next step of helping them get financially qualified. If they haven’t already done so themselves looking at the pathway to your new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma,

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Our system is perfect for the experienced home buyer and the first time home buyer as well, everything in its place, and there’s a place for everything. If you look at our, our pathway, it almost looks like a shoots and ladders game, except without the chutes and ladders, you can’t take any shortcuts. And having a new home built in broken arrow, Oklahoma, everyone is best served by sticking to the pathway and the reward at the end of the path is a beautiful new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma. So it’s worth it. It’s worth sticking to the process, keeping people on the pathway and helping people to understand the next step and the next step and the next step until the final step of owning a new home in broken arrow, Oklahoma, the introduction to the preferred lenders is quickly followed by a Homesite reservation and a price out Shaw homes operates with a full price disclosure policy. No one is ever, uh, surprised later in the process by pricing differences and unpleasant or, or unaware pricing because our process helps people to understand their new home costs in broken arrow, Oklahoma, right down to the dollar, we work with a purchase agreement that’s used by the national association of home builders, and it has a price listed in the purchase agreement.

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After our buyers sign a purchase agreement. The only way that the price on a new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma can ever change is if they request it to change. There’s absolutely no room for funny business with the numbers, and certainly no place for that in our relationship with our

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Customers. We’re seriously, we’re extremely serious about this step. Many builders utilize an open contract where the buyer never actually knows what the full cost to build a new home is until it’s actually completed. And we have committed to just not work that way. The purchase agreement means that we’re always working on giving our customers the best new home construction experience. We have created videos and materials for every step that our customers take on the pathway to a new home in broken arrow, Oklahoma, and the purchase agreement is no different. During this one hour meeting the buyer watches a video on the process that answers the most frequently asked questions. And then some at this point, the home site is locked in as well as the structural options to because of these two decisions are now made Shaw homes now has what it needs to obtain the permits necessary to begin building a new home in broken arrow. Oklahoma.

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Now the customer is ready to move on to picking out colors and finishes in their new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma, the ho the Shah homes design studio reaches out to every buyer after they’ve completed their purchase agreement. And a meeting is scheduled boasting, not one but two award winning designers. The Shaw homes design studio is the largest of any company building new homes in the Tulsa area. In the early days of Shaw homes, we did what most, every other builder still does. We would send our buyers out into the world of housing materials to make their selections. They needed to go to a flooring company to pick out their tile sizes and colors, carpet colors would color. If they chose to have wood flooring, they had to go to other companies for another meeting to choose their lighting fixtures and still another company to choose their plumbing fixtures. And the buyers would keep going until they’ve chosen everything that they want in their new home. Aaron’s been in the new home construction business for almost 20 years and has seen this process firsthand over a thousand times. Our first step towards the customer experience was to invest in the selection process and open our design studio. It was important to us to eliminate the immense amount of time that the old process took and replace it with a streamlined, informed, comfortable process of making intelligent choices.

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And so by this point in the relationship between SOC Shaw homes and their customers, it’s clear that this is more about, it’s much more than just about a house. We’ve had the pleasure of building a two and three homes for past customers. And that’s an honor, our, our buyers refer their friends and their family to us. And every time it happens, we, we take that as a compliment to heart. Glen Shaw has experienced thousands of customers to his company in search of their next home. And he takes on every project with, with the knowledge that what he does has a huge impact on customers’ lives, faith, family, and finances, all come together under the roofs of, of a new home that Shaw homes has built. Having had a hand in that is something special.

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