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New homes Oklahoma City | 28 Different Communities

New homes Oklahoma City | The Next Step

Thank you for joining us with the next segment. This is Jordan, more here at Shaw homes and we’re talking about kind of just basically the information that we go through with you as you come into one of our homes. We just like to ask a few questions. Um, you know, to save you a bunch of time and heartache. New homes Oklahoma City, we have over 70 different floor plans. We build it over 28 different communities and we have over 500 home sites that you can build on. And so to save you a bunch of time we like to ask just a few questions so that way you’re not having to go to over 70 different floor plans and different 28 different communities to find out the one that works for you. And so to do that, we asked a couple of questions and I asked a few in the last one, kind of pick up from there and knowing the number of garages.

So for Edmond New Hose, which is what we’re focusing on here is how many garages do you want in your home. Now sometimes this is usually a, a point in the conversation we can kind of shift over and talk to the husband because this is usually a preference that he has. The vast majority of people really do want a third three car garage, uh, whether that is for their car or whether it’s for storage or a work area. That’s the question that we asked them is what would you utilize that for and what do you currently have right now? New homes Oklahoma City, so that, that would be that question. The next one we always ask is do you want to study? Now we’re finding that a lot of people are staying home and working from home usually have a home office area can work on their computer from there and do it remotely.

And so this is something that’s increasing, uh, and more popular now than it was a while back. And, and I’m contrasts, we ask, do you want a dining room? And this was, this is kind of the ones that are, are going out. So a little bit more now. This used to be a little bit, a little bit more prevalent back in the day when people used a formal dining area and it’s not being utilized quite as much, especially in this region of the US. New homes Oklahoma City, I know for example, my wife is from the south and Alabama and the Ga, Georgia area and so that’s important for her to have a formal dining place to entertain and even if it is only for November or Christmas, you know, for Thanksgiving or just a few times that you do entertain a bunch of people and have them sit at the table, uh, that something that’s important.

But sometimes people are okay with not having that one and possibly just having an enlarged notes. So we do have a couple floor plans that don’t have formal dining areas. We do have a couple that that’s the center focus of those. And so for New homes Oklahoma City, the next question that we would ask a beyond the study and the dining room is do you want and upstairs, and this one is always important because some people are either completely against it, there are open to it. If it’s in their budget, uh, and some people are like, yeah, we must have an upstairs. In fact we don’t, we want our kids upstairs and we want to be the only bedroom downstairs and we actually have plans like that. We have um, plans that have several bedrooms downstairs and you can just add a game room upstairs if that’s what you want.

And so that’s the fun part of taking people in the model home to her and asking these questions is like we’ll take them through. It will take you through a handful of them just so you can see the different plans that we offer and what they would look like. But after asking these questions, we have a pretty good idea of what plan will work for you from there. And so I always get excited because I’ll give you an example, someone I’m helping doing a price out some night. They came in a two saturdays ago and fell in love with the Greenville, which is next door to the model. I’m and right now. New homes Oklahoma City they were. So they loved it so much that they wanted to know the price of it in this community. And so, uh, the funny thing is, is we see this all the time because they haven’t seen all the other plans.

Sometimes they’ll, they’ll shop on the website, they’ll look at the floor plan, but we both know that it’s an entirely different thing to walk through a floor plan than it is just to look at it on a website. And that’s the purpose of that tour is to walk through them, see the function behind the design. We design them a and purpose and we lay out the rooms the way that we do for a reason. New homes Oklahoma City so walking through them as an entirely different thing. They fell in love with the Greenville, but on the tour, which I took them on next Saturday, uh, I knew that she was going to fall in love with it, read for because of the things that she was telling her. And so with that being said, the uh, without the combination of the things that she mentioned, I knew that that plan will be the one that she would want.

And sure enough, that’s the one that walked away with and that’s what we’ll end up pricing out tonight. I’m so people, a lot of the times coming in, uh, you know, especially even with New homes Oklahoma City think they have a pretty good idea of what they want. But sometimes it’s usually even the opposite of what it is because there’s something about the plan that appeals to them more than what they thought that they wanted. And like I said, we see this all the time and if we did, I wouldn’t even mention it. But that’s just it. People come in thinking they like, one, they finished the two are, they completely changed their mind or sometimes I know exactly what it is to go through. I took someone on a tour just a couple of days ago on Sunday night and they went through it and they knew that they loved the Redford three to start with.

And by the end they stuck with it. And uh, you know, they did like other plans and if they had to fall back on them, they probably would still do them and enjoy them, but they just stopped at the red for three was perfect for what their needs were. And that’s kind of what I’m saying is there is a plan for everyone, but for every New homes Oklahoma City. The next question we usually ask is, what is your desired square footage? What, how many square feet are you looking for in a home? This one can be funny because I don’t think a lot of people know exactly what that is. They have an idea or a number in their head. They’re like, oh yeah, it has to be 2,400 square feet. But if the plan works for them sometime that usually that’s enough for them and square feet kind of go out the window.

But it helps give us an idea of what they’re looking for and setting the right expectation. And then the last question is just the budget, what is your desired price range and what is a comfortable monthly payment that true that you’re looking at? What it comes down to as a whole, um, unless you are a cash buyer, which we do have them, uh, the vast majority of people that come through the doors of our financing or getting a mortgage on their home and at that point it’s more important really just talk about me, uh, what is, what are you comfortable paying a what are you comfortable going up to? New homes Oklahoma City if I had absolutely everything that you wanted not to go over, that gives us a really good idea of what we can because sometimes that that flex and people’s budget which can be 100 to $200 is the difference between a basically 10 to $20,000 and the mortgage and I can be the difference between the hard wood floors or the beans and they’re wanting, you know, whatever that might be.

That’s just the difference in those. So that gives us a little bit more room and it’s almost like putting money back in your pocket when you know those things. So we can ask those to give to help us get a better idea of what that is. The other thing is when we ask for that price, it gives us a good idea of which series of home that they’re probably ultimately looking for, whether that is Manchester heritage or, or waterstone. We’ll get a handful of people that come in are like, yeah, New homes Oklahoma City, one of my budget, it’s about $200,000. New homes Oklahoma City so of course we want to do a little bit of investigating. How did you arrive at that number? What’s a comfortable monthly payment? When we do find out what that number is for him, then of course what we’ll do is we’ll send them over to a Manchester person and kind of let them handle that from there.

Um, if they, you know, are looking for something like, oh, well, you know, $500,000 is Kinda like what we’re looking at. We’ll then we’ll probably want to talk about waterstone possibly or just really being able to deck out one of the heritage series homes. So for New homes Oklahoma City, our focus is just really connecting with the person and asking those questions to find what works best for you. Um, will save you a ton of time so that way you’re not having to go through it all by yourself. Like I said, we’ve done this a few thousand times so you don’t have to. These questions are to help narrow things down because we know at that point which plan will work best for you and as long as you give us those answers, we can narrow it down and take you on that tour and find the plan that works best. So with that being said, I’ll kind of just talk about a little bit more about the path on the next segment. Jordan Moore 2 11-9-18

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