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New homes Oklahoma City | A Big Difference

New homes Oklahoma City | What In The World?

Hey, this is Jordan from Shaw homes joining you in sevenoaks south, being able to, uh, talk to you during the week of thanksgiving. Want to make sure that it gets you the information that’s needed since you join us every single week. And the main thing that we’re focusing on right now is that we are building in Oklahoma City and that is New homes Oklahoma City. Uh, that’s the pleasure that we have to be able to bring that over to you. But right now we’re going to talk about a couple of local things and just occasionally mentioned, uh, the good news so that way you’re aware of it. But right now what I want to be able to tell people is kind of what a, overcoming the objection of what this home costs when people come in. And so I have continued to get better about doing this one. And the reason why I want to make sure that I get the right answer for people is that way they know that they’re not just qualifying us because of me.

And the idea of that is we have over 70 different floor plans, we build in over 30 different communities and we own over 500 different home sites and we believe that there is literally a plan for everyone. We believe that there are plans that fit the needs of all of our customers. So in order for someone to disqualify us, it would be more of a lack of information that we would be given to them or you. And so I want to make sure that I’m clear and when people come in, no matter whether or not they, uh, I want to jump straight to the point or whether or not they need to be pushed to the point, to the point,

I want to make sure that we do a address each of those properly. So when someone asks if this homeless for sell, the first thing I’m always going

let them know is, well, New homes Oklahoma City, this hall itself is actually not for sale. I know a lot of builders will build their model home and then sell it. We actually don’t where they build these out. We put a lot of different options inside of them so people can see how they do want to build the home and then when the community’s will usually sell the model itself. Uh, however, uh, this plan itself can be built two different ways. Uh, did you know if you wanted four or five bedroom plan and do you want to build in this community because really that is, uh, the biggest difference between all of them. The house itself is the same price in a,

we know exactly what it costs to build a home, but it varies between the land. And so for example, here in sevenoaks south, we can actually build one of our plans as low as two slash 25 and then at the same time we can have one of our other plans at three 73 one. And so obviously a pretty big difference in price. And so we just want to make sure that people are aware there are a lot of different options, a lot of different price ranges in itself. Uh, we can actually build this model at least this floor plan of this model as low as two 80, two eight, but in Highland Creek, um, oh, well I need to make sure I’m doing the math here. And so for an New homes Oklahoma City builder, it’s important for us to be able to address all the different variables here. And so for the stone brick it would be a two 91 to build in sevenoaks south, but if we put it on one of our, a credited home sites, we could build it as low as two 82 now, but we can actually go right down the road at Highland Creek and build it for two 78, uh, with.

They’re a largest credit. There are, in fact, we can even do more than that, but the difference is about 13 years now. Some dollars just by building it a little further east. And so the range and the prices are, are very different. For example, the home next door is what we call the Greenville. That one can be built a handful of different ways. In fact, it can, I believe it’s six different ways and New homes Oklahoma City it can be built as a one story or a two story going from, you know, two, 2000, 257 square feet all the way up to 3,712 square feet. So there’s a really big,

big difference there of what people will be looking for. So if someone was wanting to build the stonebrook and seven south, they could build it as low as two 82 eight or even as high as three. New homes Oklahoma City, one eight. And we’re talking about the same exact floor plan, a base price number. Really the biggest factor between that is once again, just the land. Where are you wanting to build and which homesite. So when people ask if this homeless for sale, uh, that’s why are, how much is this home? We have to tell people like, well, what are you, what are you looking for in a home? Because this one actually itself is not for sale, but a can start as low as two eight zoo and it’s highest in this community just depending on which homesite you build it on. So once we know what plan fits best for that person and where they want to build it, then we can give them an accurate number.

But until we know that, uh, we need to find that out. And so that being said, we asked questions like, well, do you want a one or two story plan? How many bedrooms, how many baths? What do you have now? What is it that you’re looking for in song that, you know, are you wanting to live on the green belts? Does it matter which homesite that you picked? Which school district did you want to be in a how far away from work is this community? Or how close do you want to be? Are there any other objections that you will be looking for? So these are the things that we want to ask. And as an New homes Oklahoma City builder, um, it’s our pleasure to be able to kind of find out what those things are, what are those objections, what are those things that you’re looking for in the community?

New homes Oklahoma City so that’s why we ask those questions because we find that a lot of people coming in don’t really know what they’re looking for. They might have an idea of like, well, here’s what I do. I do know that I want and here’s what I know that I don’t want. As long as we know those things, we can figure out the rest. And that is why we emphasize the importance of the model home tour. Because by going on that tour were able to answer those questions. We kind of get you sorted out. You get to see all the beautifully decorated model homes and get an idea of what plan works well for you. Um, I mean, who doesn’t love to see a decorated model homes? That’s why the majority of people will come in and the first place is because they just want to look at the homes, uh, and get an idea.

New homes Oklahoma City so that’s why we always want to make sure, hey, this price of this home, I don’t, I don’t know it, it’s not for sale, so if not listed so I couldn’t give you that number, but if you can tell me which floor plan out of the 70 different floor plans that you like out of the 28 different communities that we build in and out of the 500 different home sites that we do on, I can give you an exact number down to the dollar. That’s actually what we’ll do during the price out. So until then to save you a bunch of time, uh, and to keep you from having to go around to all these different floor plans and all these different homes. We take people on a model home tour and the purpose of that once again is to go and focus on the function behind the design of the floor plan.

And we actually have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in Tulsa. And we do these tours the same time every week. People have actually told us that even if they end up buying a New homes Oklahoma City or, or building from someone else, they actually found our model home tour to be the single most helpful thing that they did during their home shopping experience. And the reason why is because we focus on the function behind the design floor plan, uh, you know, any, any plan that we have has been a basically a from 30 years of architectural experience or a thousands of comments from our customers that have been in our homes over the last years. And I’m actually at any given time. You’re looking at version one point. Oh, two point. Oh, or three point, New homes Oklahoma City, of a plan because we redesigned and rebuilt it based on popular trends.

And so the way that that tour would work as we, um, for an New homes Oklahoma City buyer, uh, we have the tours at the same time. It’s every week and that’s Saturday morning at nine Sunday night at five or Monday night at six. And you actually follow us out in your own vehicle. That way if anything comes up, you’re free to go to. Any time. We’re not holding you hostage or you just follow us out and we go to six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes and there’s actually only a limited number of people that we can take out the two or so we want to make sure that if you’re interested in joining that we hold a spot for you before they do fill up. Um, and right now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this already, but we’ve actually partnered up with Jay David jewelry where we’re giving away a free pearl necklace for people to go on the tour.

And I’ll tell you this right now. Most people that joined the tour are always glad that they did because, uh, at first they’re not. They don’t see quite see the value in it. But once you realize that there are over centimeter and know exactly what you’re looking for, we can take you through a narrow that down and save you a bunch of time and even save you money. Because this floor plan might be too expensive and too much for you. And we can find one that works better in a community that’s more affordable or if you’re looking for something bigger, we have those as well. And, and you want to be in the jinx school district, we can do that. And so those are those things that we kind of mentioned with everyone. So it’s an New homes Oklahoma City builder will join you on the next segment. Jordan Moore 1 11-23-18

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