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New homes Oklahoma City | A Powder bath

New homes Oklahoma City | One of the plans

Here’s another segment, thank you for joining us. This is Shar Holmes and I am Jordan more and seven South Tama. No, I’m not. I am currently in this stone Brick v A. I should know that by now. I’ve done a couple of these with you and uh, this plan specifically, uh, you know, even with New homes Oklahoma City, I’ve can only be built as a two story, but let me tell you, we actually have over 70 different floor plans and uh, that, you know, most of them can be billed as a one or two stories. This is actually one of the only plans that we have that is only built those two store. And the reason why it is, is because, uh, there is the, uh, only bedroom downstairs is a master the rest of the upstairs. And so there’s this model itself, um, you know, like I said, it can be built as New homes Oklahoma City as well.

Features a few things and that is a powder bath, which is important to a lot of people. Uh, you know, just the half bath. It also features a turned island towards the nook. We consider this a little brother to the Redford, which is an extremely popular plan that we have right now, and New homes Oklahoma City, this also has an l shaped vanity which is really unique. I feel like it makes the uh, um, master suite fill a little bigger and honestly it is already a good size, but it feels even bigger because of the mirrors that are right next to each other and then it brings in a lot of natural light as well. And uh, which I know that that’s really important to a lot of people. Uh, this one also has something called the prepper pantry. And of course what’s so important about that is that is just a ton of pantry space.

And now we hear a lot of people say, man, I just, we just need more of pantry space. Will this plan has it? You will definitely, definitely not be lacking when it comes to pantry space in this plan. The reason why I call it the prepper pantries, it’s almost like you’re prepping for the Zombie apocalypse or something. Um, so with New homes Oklahoma City, this prepper Pantry, but also come included if you chose to build the stem, Brooke, really what it is is we just, uh, maximize the space, uh, underneath the stairs. It’s just we want to be most efficient, um, when we are putting together our floor plans for, you know, people to have, we want something that’s functional and practical for people to use and to, uh, to build. And so with New homes Oklahoma City, the stonebrook can be built different ways and that is a Stonebrook v which is this one, a which has three bedrooms, a bath and a game room upstairs, downstairs that would have the master, um, and then a half bath and then the master suite.

Uh, so you can also build it as the stone brook h, which is four rooms upstairs, which those rooms would be the game room, the bedroom, two bedrooms and a bath. So it’s just one less rooms. Some people don’t need all those rooms upstairs. Basically that just comes down to a three and a two and a half bath. And so, uh, next door I actually have the Greenville model. And the Greenville can also be built in New homes Oklahoma City and the Greenville can be built two different ways as a one story and then can be built several different ways as a two story. And so it’s easier for me to explain it as the Greenville one and the Greenville too, and whatever it can be done to the Greenville one on the second story can be done. Uh, on the Greenville too. The only difference is a really unique option, optional feature that you can do an ad, a private study and exercise room or however you want to use that to the master suite.

What makes the Greenville so knee is, it is actually a, the largest, most dedicated space to the master suite. The entire side of the home has all master. And why shouldn’t it be right there? You know, you’re the one paying the bills anyway. So you should be able to have the nicest area in the homeland. And so with New homes Oklahoma City, uh, what we feature in the Greenville is split design living. When you come in, you have two bedrooms and a bathroom right off to the side and our model, we’ll use one of those as a study, but you can use it of course as a bedroom, it has a closet, uh, and with that being said, on the other side is where the masters at, but what you’ll also find is when you pass through that, you walked straight through the, the, uh, the dining room, which makes this are most open plan that we offer.

You’re walking through the long entry, which has 13 foot ceilings and to a 19 foot a dining room right into the living room. And right in the living room is over there as the kitchen. So it’s just a, a very open floor plan with those tall ceilings that makes it feel even more open than that. And so, uh, that’s, you know, the exciting thing about the Greenville that also has a very large master vanity counterspace with a lot of storage in there, tall ceilings in there as well. New homes Oklahoma City is a one story that a pantry gets even bigger because it wraps around just like that stonebrook and goes behind a that area and utilizes that staircase space. Um, however, as a two story, it does come just a little smaller because when we want to use that space for a staircase, uh, and that’s just the way that that plan is laid out.

And so, um, of course that’s just a few of the exciting things that we offer in that plan. If you choose to do the stone, Bruh, sorry, the Greenville and New homes Oklahoma City, uh, if you choose to do the, the, uh, Greenville, he, you would add a game room, a bed and a bath. If you want to do this a Greenville Age, you would do a game room, two beds and a bath. And then we actually offer the Greenville l, which is the best way that I can remember that as ells for large. Right? And this one would be three bedrooms, two baths and a game room. And so obviously that is pretty big, uh, as a Greenville to l that would be 3,712 square feet, which makes it our largest plan that we can offer, um, and any of our heritage series and which is pretty remarkable in itself, or the only one that gets really close as to them in row one eye.

And that comes with the game room, a bonus room, two beds and a bath upstairs. And that is 3,671 square feet. The reason why the Greenville too is so big is because it adds on those, that private study and exercise room off that master suite. And uh, what, you know, kind of makes it unique is of course you can use that space or just about anything. I know personally I would like to have a library and the sitting area, I don’t think it would quite hold the equipment that I want because that’s for the pool house. That’s just my opinion. But I’ve talked to a lot of people that, uh, we talked to an older couple that talked about having a, uh, each of them having their own space to watch their TV shows, which I thought was unique. Uh, someone else mentioned, um, Christmas storage side by side study, which is important to a lot of people too, depending on if they work from home and what kind of work they do.

They want it to be close, not all the way across the area. And once again, it’s, it’s private, which makes it really cool because you can do all that behind the closed door in your master and not have to disturb anyone else. And uh, so I think that’s pretty unique, uh, as far as those plans go. And these two are right next to each other in sevenoaks south and for New homes Oklahoma City, these homes will be offered there as well, which will be excited to bring over to you and, uh, uh, have there because they’re just extremely efficient plans. And like I mentioned, the, uh, Greenville can be built as a one story if that’s something that you’re interested in or if you do want it as a two story, uh, like I said, if you do want it as a two story, we’ll have to add a game room bed and bath to it. And then from there you’re basically just adding more bedrooms and more bathrooms if that’s what you would like to do. And so with that being said, uh, that really kind of wraps us up for a, this segment and I’m glad that I could bring into New homes Oklahoma City and talk about the Greenville and all the different ways that you can build it and the stone brook and the different ways that you can build it has. Well, I’ll thank you again for joining us and we will talk to you again on the next one. Jordan Moore 2 10-26-18

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