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New homes Oklahoma City | Add A Second Story

New homes Oklahoma City | Dedicated Master Suite

Here we are with another segment presented by Shaw homes and broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We have exciting news that we’re bringing to you and that is we are expanding shaw homes to the Oklahoma City area that is New homes Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City. And so, uh, that is going to be our feature focus that we are looking at over the next couple of weeks. So I’ll be occasionally mentioning that over to you. Um, when I was, uh, mentioning about the Greenville is that, um, a few things and that’s, that it’s our most open design concept. It actually has high ceilings and what I failed to mention on the last one is that these high ceilings come and both the one, two story versions. So that doesn’t mean that you don’t get those high ceilings. If you just get a one story, you actually get them either way, which is pretty awesome. If you just want a one story.

Um, the Greenville actually has a largest area dedicated to the master suite with those unique optional master suite expansions. Uh, one of the other things that I like is that it’s, I wouldn’t say it has a bay window, but it’s got like a half bay window in the master, which makes it look pretty unique, a little bit of a bump out there, maybe like a reading area, but it also has tall ceilings in the bathroom, which looks awesome. New homes Oklahoma City, and the model itself, we have the extremely tall, I want to say there are 13 feet, um, seasonal closet that’s in there. And so it just has, it just feels grand. I think it looks awesome. And um, so the Greenville can actually be built a handful of different ways as a Greenville one. It can be built as, it’ll be a three bedroom to bath and it comes with three, three car garage and that’s 2,257 square feet.

Um, and so, uh, at that point what you can do is then add a second story and you would have three other options and that’s a Greenville one, e one h and one l. and by doing that, it would basically be adding a game room bed and bath, Greenville a age would be game room, bed two beds and a bath. And then with the l you’d actually just end up adding an additional bedroom to them, which is just awesome. And then in Greenville to is actually almost exactly like the Greenville one, except that’s where those unique, optional master suite expansion would be and that’s where you add on that personal study and exercise room to that master and you can do that just as a one story. And then the second would be exactly the Greenville one second story and the fact that you can just do the two, e, two and two l so that are very similar. It’s just variations is the way that you can build it if you choose to use those unique,


master suite expansions. New homes Oklahoma City will be featuring the Greenville as well, most likely when we are, as we continue to expand out in that area.


as far as the Greenville one a

upstairs, as I mentioned, as the game room bed and bath, if it’s a one h, it’s a game room, two beds in a bath and an l is a Gamer, three beds and two baths. So as you can see, you can, you indefinitely expanded and if you decided to do the Greenville too, l, which is the one with the private suite that’s on there, that is deaf, that’s actually our largest floor plan that we have to offer. And that’s 3,712 square feet that ends up being a six bedroom, four bath and three car garage. New homes Oklahoma City, and that’s, you know, depending on how you want to use that additional master suite. So, uh, those were the model homes that we have to offer, uh, in seven oaks south as far as the stone brick goes. If you just did the stonebrook age, which is 2,467 square feet, it would just end up being a game room to bed and the bath upstairs.

And then downstairs of course you would have your master, which would have its own suite and a power, have a bath, and then the stonebrook a v has three beds upstairs as opposed to the two. And that’s really the only difference on that one. Uh, anytime you get a e, h, a or a V, there was a couple of other ones as well. New homes Oklahoma City, that’s where the game room actually faces out the back of the house. And so what I life that I’ve learned about this plan is I’ve actually just recently, as of, I guess it was last Sunday, had a customer come in and they were looking

for really, they wanted a, a lot of rooms for the amount of square footage that we had to offer. So naturally I thought it was something like, you know, the atmosphere of that little work well, but as I really kind of comparative, they can afford to spend just a little more. Uh, I also really like the stone brick. Now, of course, the pros and the cons between that is that the addison itself can be a four bedroom downstairs if you would like it to be. So you can, I have your bedrooms downstairs and that just upstairs, like the stonebrook is we just use the space a little differently

and because of that we’re actually able to fit this on a lot of home sites because it’s just a very square shaped house. It’s not as quite as rectangle or elongated in certain areas as they are and others.

New homes Oklahoma City, uh, would be our feature focus that we are looking at. I’m on today’s conversation as we’re continuing to talk about just different floor plans that we do have to offer. Anytime you see an, a next to any of our floor plans, it literally just means the game room and if I’m not mistaken, and we only have two plans that do that and that’s the Prescott a and the Redford and that’s where you can just add the game room and that’s it. Um, and uh, that. Yes, that is correct, that those were the only two that we have to offer that do that. Um,

some people want everything downstairs except they do just want a game room upstairs for separate entertainment. They don’t want any bedrooms there really just depends on the needs and that’s why it’s just so important for us to take our customers on model home tours. Um, I’m seeing that more and more with each of the customers that I bring in because they’ll come into the model along, they get the idea that they might not like it just because of the way that it’s decorated or the colors and they don’t want the upstairs. And the quickest thing I’m learning to find out is, hey, this can actually be built in several different ways. Now. It’s not as versatile as the monroe that can be built 15 ways. Stone Brooks, two different ways in each plant has got a couple variations in the ways that it can be built for the most part.

And so once we can kind of find out what those needs are for that customer, even in New homes Oklahoma City uh, we can really start to narrow it down with those things are. I know another thing that people always want to do is just talk about how much is this home. And I think once they finally start getting through the, the, uh, process on, um, you know, uh, how much, uh, uh, homeside is and the selections that they have, depending on which community that, even the floor plans and the base price of what each, the material cost of each of those homes are. They really start to find out that, uh, those little things determine what that price is. Now we can get people a ballpark as into where a community starts and usually where a it goes up to in the base price of the home.

So that way, you know, we’re not completely just giving people something that’s way out of their budget, but rather something that’s much closer to their budget. And so by asking people questions, we can find out the answers to those things. And the best way to do that is using that customer registration form that Aaron, uh, Ansys has been going over with us and just making sure that we know what those needs are and finding out what that motive is because there’s a reason why you’re looking for a New homes Oklahoma City, whether that is you, you’re downsizing. Another one of my customers that I was just talking to, it’s because they’re actually taking in their mother in law. And so we actually have a house that has a mother-in-law sway, that’s the Monterey. It’s a true mother in law suite off to the side and it’s private just as, and uh, the Monitor, the masters actually very private as well because you have to go down the hall to get to it.

It’s not directly accessible, straight out from the kitchen like some of our other plans are. So it’s a very private plan. So that’s where we start to find out that there are plans that meet the meet, meet, meet the needs of all of our customers. We feel, uh, that they’re designed for all those things. So if it’s empty nesters or multigenerational or you just have a large family or you entertain or you want privacy, whatever it is that you’re looking for, we feel like we have a plan that offers that, uh, that’s why we have over 70 different plans. We build in 28 different, over 28 different communities and we have over 500 home sites for people to pick from. So we have a large selection on all of those, all of those things. So those are things that we feature at New homes Oklahoma City. Jordan Moore 2 10-12-18

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