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New homes Oklahoma City | Cover The Whole Spectrum

New homes Oklahoma City | A Little Bit

Welcome to another segment here at shaw homes. This is Jordan more and seven oak south. I am in the Ventana. I’m sorry, I’m actually at stonebrook and V and a, I have the pleasure talking to you guys today and I’m just kinda talking about what we do a little bit every, every week and that is just our system and our process that we like to take our customers through to give them a better understanding what our, what it is like to purchase and to buy a beautiful home. And so my goal in this is just to continue to refine what I’m saying to you so I can become better at it, become a better communicator and to better help anticipate the needs that you have. And uh, also just to make sure that, uh, we are mentioning a, our newest, New homes Oklahoma City, announcement that we’ve kind of just talked about over the course of the last month or so.

And that is New homes Oklahoma City. That’s right. We are expanding our family over to Oklahoma City. Um, so we are Tulsa’s largest builder or the largest builder in eastern Oklahoma. Uh, however, uh, we are moving over there as well and soon hope to be the largest builder in Oklahoma because of the demand that people place on our homes. And the reason why they do is just because we have done this a few thousand times. We’ve simplified the process. We’ve made it as easy as possible to um, uh, Shaw home and that, uh, one of those things, uh, that we do includes the path to the shah home, New homes Oklahoma City, to owning your show home. And that’s a 10 step process that we have that just shows people what they’re going to expect a and the upcoming, you know, several appointments that we do have with them. We find that a lot of people coming in just have an idea and more or less just want to see what’s available out there.

And then when they come in and realize that that’s actually something that they can do and that it’s easy and our number one goal and getting them in there as of course, having the best experience possible. But that is the model home to were because that is where the first step is. That’s where we’re able to help them get an idea of what our, what our product is, what we do offer, and all the different ways that they can build because when it comes down to is very, as a plan for every single person, every family, and to meet those needs. And the awesome part is, um, we offer three different series at three different price ranges, really kind of covering the whole spectrum needed for a quality home, a that meets the needs of, of, of your family and for New homes Oklahoma City will continue to discuss what those are.

But here in Tulsa we have a Manchester Heritage and waterstone Manchester essentially just starts at one 70, goes about 2:30. A heritage, starts at about 2:40, goes up to 4:50 and waterstones pretty much for 50 plus. And we do that to kind of cover the spectrum. Uh, waterstone homes have usually at, at a base level have more square footage footage than the majority of our other plants. They can also become a very large plan and it will have a few things that more or less come included in those plans. Because of the price range that would normally come included and a heritage and that Kinda goes with heritage to Manchester as well. There are things that come included in that heritage series home that don’t necessarily come included in a Manchester. So each one has their benefits as to what comes with them. And so we like to take people on the tour that and find a, you know, basically which plan works best for them.

And the awesome part is, is when someone comes in through those doors, even in an New homes Oklahoma City door, uh, our goal is to really just connect with you as a, as our customer. We want to connect with you so that way you can feel comfortable about just telling us what your needs are. Kind of open you up and find out what are you in right now and why are you wanting to move out of that. And so we find that the majority of it is usually a life change. Someone may have a five bedroom house and are looking to downsize and do a three or a on the opposite end. They have a three bedroom house. And are looking for a five better. And so there’s a reason for each of those changes. That’s empty Nester or consolidating or multigenerational, whatever that might be.

And so when you come through the door, we’ll ask you a few questions to save you a bunch of time and will find it very helpful. Um, once we kind of go through those questions, we narrowed that, we narrowed down which plans we feel works for you. And then by taking on the tour where we narrowed down a few other things, the importance of a formal dining room, the study room, a first or second story, how many garage, you know, what price range are you looking at? Because for example, we can do a four to five bedroom at a very affordable plan, which is our addison p and now one can because it’s our most efficient four to five bedroom plan, it has a lot less square footage, I believe it’s just 24 slash 14. And so at that rate we can actually build a plan like that that would, you know, fit to the needs and that also the budget.

But then we can also do a four to five bedroom that has more square footage and then of course increasing that price range as well. And so we can kind of accommodate both of those. We have plans that have sort of formal dining as the focal point, the center of the plan. We have some that are a separate room from the plan. Then we also have other ones that don’t have a formal dining in at all and then we have other ones that are considered kind of like a flex room where you could use it as a dining room or as a study or as even sometimes even if the bedroom, depending on how you want to use them. So for New homes Oklahoma City, our goal in any of that is to to find out the plan that works best for you and your family.

And so the best way to do that, it’s just asking those questions as to connect with you and kind of just fill out this car. That kind of gives us an idea. And that first question is always, how did you find out about us? Did you see the signs? Did you google us? Did you hear about us from a realtor? Reason why we need to know a few of those things is just to know, have you already been in a show home before? Um, as did a realtor sends you in? Because if a realtor, did we want to make sure that we know that and we can keep them involved. Um, if you saw it from signs that lets us know, you know, are the signs working and then even from the website so we know that, uh, you know, have you been shopping online?

We’re looking at us from there. How familiar are you with Shaw home? So we’ll ask you that, kind of find out about that. Um, the next question usually is, what’s that timeline look for you? When do you want to be in your new home? And this helps us kind of figure out, do you have the luxury and the time to be able to build a, you know, do you, because you know, that takes about seven months. So when are you wanting to be in your New homes Oklahoma City? So if you say summertime, this is a perfect time to start that so we can line that up for you if you’re thinking three months that lets us know, well we do have move in ready homes if that’s something you would like to do. Uh, and why, why three months? Is it elise and I’m, or is that your timeline of wanting to put it on the market?

And so that kind of gives us an idea to answer that question. Usually the next one after asking him about that timeline is, um, then following up with a few other ones and then pull this out as a point of reference. So for New homes Oklahoma City this process would work the same way and then we ask them, do you rent or do you own? Sometimes it’s answered with the last question. So this one’s just important to make sure that we know that if we need to do a contingent contract on the base of a, based on the sell of your home, or if we need to do, I’m a delay of bill based on a lease of a home or apartment that you have. Next question that is just, uh, you know, find out bedrooms, the number of bedrooms that you do want, and also asking how many bedrooms do you have now?

And finding out what that means to you. Like I said, we’ll have people come in that have a three bedroom house that want five. What’s the reason for going to five, uh, for New homes Oklahoma City. The next question we would ask is the number of, of uh, bathrooms. Are you wanting? Sometimes that’s kind of a bit of a pressure point for people. We find that families that have a lot of, uh, girls want more bathrooms so they can get ready then using one and knowing that that’s a bit of a painful subject because of a matter of time. And so I’ll go ahead and continue on the next segment where we’re talking more about New homes Oklahoma City, Shaw homes in Oklahoma City. Jordan Moore 1 11-9-18

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