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New homes Oklahoma City | Covering Your Home

New homes Oklahoma City | Communicating Your Needs

This is Jordan at Shaw homes bringing you another segment and informing you about what’s going on in the Industry today, uh, here in the Tulsa area as well as the Oklahoma City area. We are actually excited to be a informing everyone that we have expanded our family over into Oklahoma City and more specifically admin. So for New homes Oklahoma City buyers, we are now offering our beautiful to you as well. So, you know, they’re not just out here in Tulsa anymore, but they’re all around the area. Now we’re starting to expand out. So for New homes Oklahoma City buyers, you are in luck because now you have a chance to have a beautiful, beautifully built shaw home as well as, uh, our wonderful process that we love taking our customers through A. I always emphasize that we’ve done this a few thousand times, so you don’t have to, it’s just there to make things a lot easier for you.

And so with these segments, we want to take the time to just educate you as we continue just to educate ourselves and making this just the easiest process as we possibly can, uh, into helping you find your next home. And so what I really kind of wanted to cover this week is I’ve, I’ve had a few appointments with some customers that, a few model home tours it, a few price sounds and there was just a lot to learn and I kind of want to process that and kind of go over with you, um, a few things and that is just to become better and better at, uh, at communicating it to you and becoming better and better at communicating it to myself as well. And so for, for you and for New homes Oklahoma City buyers, uh, we will be covering the heritage and signature series included features.

That way we can just kind of talk about this is what comes included in the home. We’ll get a handful of customers that’ll come in and just are a parading sos questions, which is what we’re here for. We’re there to answer them, but sometimes in order for the, for us to get them the right answer, we have to ask you the right questions and so some people will come in and just start asking, well, if I build a home, well, this come included, will that come included when they go on the tour with us? That’s kind of what ends up happening is or well, or does this come included? Does, New homes Oklahoma City that come included? And we can spend a lot of time doing that. And honestly more more than anything, it just wastes your time because we will cover that information with you in will end up giving you a packet of everything that comes included in our homes.

Um, I think one thing that I find interesting is sometimes when customers come into our homes, they’ve almost kind of been trained by other builders or at least the salespeople in a, for those builders that we don’t include very much in our homes. And on the contrary, we have a legal size sheet, front and back sheet of everything that does come include included. But we also don’t like to make all the selections for you. I think that’s the mistake a lot of other builders do is they load out there home with everything and then of course it will be a higher priced home for possibly more than likely, um, features that you don’t want or need in our model homes. We, we like to put things in there because that’s what people aspire to have and that’s what they want. But not everything in there is important to that person or important to you.

And the vast majority of the time I bring that up to a customer, they agree with that. It’s, you know, for someone that’s coming in that has had a certain features in their home, they might not want that in their next home. But we show it as an option. New homes Oklahoma City so that’s not really important to them. For example, I was doing two different price out, some two very different families and types of people and I was talking about the trim and they had the Oji trend that comes included, which is three inches and two and a quarter around the doors. And for one family it was like, yeah, that’s really not that important to us, so let’s just do what comes included there. And then the other ones, like how much is it for me to be able to do the five inch trim along the baseboards? And when they found that the price and they were like, yeah, let’s do that.

I love the look of the tall tramp. I think people really don’t care. So for us to be able to put that in that home for something that, um, you know, would possibly be what you’d call an upgrade or a charge wouldn’t be that fair to you because then you’re paying for something that you don’t necessarily want when you could select what you want and pay for what you do what. And so what that comes down to is we put it all back to you. What do you want to put it in your home, wouldn’t you feel like is worth paying for versus us making the selections for you. So for, at New homes Oklahoma City Buyer, uh, we will take you through that same process. And so we’ll give you the list. We’re not trying to hold back anything of what does and does not come included. We actually give you the list pretty much the first time we meet you and that way you can see like, oh well you put in a lot that does come included.

That’s really nice and that’s what I would say is what most people would want. For example, we put in granite countertops in the kitchen because that’s what most people want. No one wants a, any other kind of option besides maybe of course courts, which we do have a handful that come included with that one too. But then we allow you to have the option to have other things. You might not want free seat, a centimeter or a six centimeter granted when what comes included as two centimeter and that might just work just fine for you. So that’s what we offer in that one. Uh, we offer 36 inch cabinets and that works for a lot of people. And there’s other people that say, well, let’s get the, let’s get the taller ones and they’re willing to pay more for the 42 inch. And then some people want the 42 inch but don’t want the 52 because that top part is more of a cosmetic feature and not something that would be, New homes Oklahoma City, a practical.

And so some people don’t like that. It’s kind of interesting going back and forth between the two plans who come in here and the stone and a very practically laid out plan, uh, utilizing every square foot of the area. And then you go to the Greenville, which has a lot more of a wow factor to it. But then you have really tall ceilings and some people would think, well that’s for some people that’s wasted space. Other people think that that’s a grant. So that’s the funny part is you just really have two different opinions. And for an New homes Oklahoma City builder, these are the things we like to point out and us asking those questions helps a little bit more established what you are looking for in your home. And when we go in that too, or that we’re not just spending a bunch of time talking about what does and does not come included.

Because the thing is we’re actually going to go into detail on the fourth step on your path to owning a home and we will go through every single room and every single item and I will show you what comes included and what your options are. New homes Oklahoma City you can either, uh, you can upgrade it to those optional features or you can, you can select the, what comes included. That’s the fun part about the price out is you’ll know exactly what that costs to do it. We itemize it, we print it out and you can look at it, you don’t know the total price. You’ll know what that payment would look like. That way there are no surprises when you’re going through that process. So that’s the whole purpose of that is just to lay it all out for you to make you, to give you one more thing to give you more information to make the best decision.

But that’s what we always say. The best way to make a good decision is to have all the information and we want to make sure we give you all the information and that price. That’s just one way to do that soon, so we will cover all of that and the price out and you also have that legal sized document that we’ll be covering probably here in the next segment about what comes included in each of our homes. New homes Oklahoma City so as we walked through, we might answer a few things here and there, um, but we’re not going to spend a bunch of doing that because our goal at model home to or when you come in, it’s just a talk about the function behind the design. It’s really talking about why we put the rooms the way that we did while we laid it out and point out things that people might not notice when they come in because they might just be looking at paint colors of decoration.

They’re not thinking about, oh well that’s actually a great way to lay out the rooms because of this or because of that. And each of the plans are laid out like that. That’s the fun part of starting the model home tours. We actually start here in broken arrow. I’m at the press guy in Ashbrook and that one has the laundry room on the opposite side of the living space and right off from the laundry, uh, right off from the garage door versus something like the monroe were. You can come in and go through the laundry room into the master suite, basically the master closet, master bathroom and the master bedroom. Some people like that and some people don’t. So I would show both ends of the spectrum on that one. So for an New homes Oklahoma City buyer, joining us on the next segment where we continued to talk about the list of included features in our beautiful homes. Jordan Moore 1 11-16-18

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