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New homes Oklahoma City | Expanding Our Family

New homes Oklahoma City | We Are Here To Help

Here we are with another segment for shaw homes. This is Jordan, more joining you in broken Arrow, Oklahoma between Lynn Lane and county line off of 101st street and so we’re talking about people that will often come in looking to see if the model home is for sale or how much it would be to build it exactly the way that this is. What we always want to do is make sure that we tell people, number one, we’ve expanded our family over to Oklahoma City, so we’re actually a new home builder and New homes Oklahoma City. And so the thing that we always, always want to make sure that we’re talking to people about is, well I have this plant actually isn’t for sale. Do you know if you want a. do you know what your version of the plan that you would like to build? Because this, we actually have over 70 different floor plans and build in 28 different communities and have over 500 home sites to select from. So do you know if you would want the four or five bedroom version of this plan or. The one next door, we can build that one six different ways and then do you want to build in seven slash south?

Once we know the answer to those questions, we could get a little bit more of a definite number on their price for them and let them know kind of what the ballpark is and the price range. But for example, this, this stone Brick v is 2,619 square feet and so that might be too big for one family but too small for another. And so we do offer two versions of this plan. It’s a stone bring a v or a stone brook age that would be age would have one less bedroom upstairs. Therefore it would be a two bedrooms total upstairs with a veteran downstairs, making that a three bedroom and two and a half bath. Or you can add an additional bedroom upstairs, making it three bedroom and a two and a half bath. New homes Oklahoma City so that might work perfect for one family. Uh, put this plan can only be built as a two story. The vast majority of our homes can be built as a one or a two story. This one just happens to be the one that is not.

Um, so once we kind of find out a few of those, then we can help narrow down what works for them. That’s why we placed the value on the model home tour. It will save you a ton of time and a lot of heartache and then at the same time you get to look at beautifully decorated model homes, find out a plan that works well for you and then even then you to go through a lot of our communities and get an idea of all the different places that we do build. Of course we’re not going through all 28 where it’s going through a handful and we’ll pass someone along the way and let you know and all the other ones that we do offer in the area. And so on that model home tour, the main, main thing that we want to do is to create the value in it.

Because once people realize the importance and the value of the model home tour, they would join us every single time. And that’s why when people do go on the tour, they ended up going at least two to three times more because a two to three times total because they’ll want to go again just to look at all the homes again, because they all start to blur together. Could you see so many of them, they’re trying to take them all in. And then the other one is to come back for, during the time of the design studio. So you can look at all those selections again and people still love to go through a select those and go through those models again. So it’s an New homes Oklahoma City builder. Uh, our goal is to take people on his tours just to save you a lot of time and even a lot of money.

Uh, this will give you the ability to really narrowed down what plans work because some of them will work for you in, some of them won’t. And then if we find out a plan that you might see the fireplace in that plan that you like in that moment, that you might not like it. Another one. So you get the decorating ideas. A lot of our homes are award winning. We win more awards at the parade of homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area. In fact, in the last couple of years, no builder is one more than two awards. And we have, we won 17 last year, uh, because our homes are award winning. Uh, we have award winning decorators and designers that come in to them to send them up. And, uh, we have more fully furnished and decorated model homes and any other builder in the area.

And of course, that purpose of that is just so you can see the function behind the design of the homes flow plan, why we laid out the way that we did. Uh, it’s important that people see that because a lot of times they come in, you watch hdtv, they come in, they’re like, oh, I don’t really like the painkiller. Well, the awesome part about that is you get to, you get to select the paint color. Our, our goal is not just to look at the decorating, that’s one aspect of it, but our main goal is just to find out what works best for you. Do you want the laundry room on the opposite side of the living or do you want the snooze button feature where you get to walk all the way entirely seamlessly throughout the plan. Do you want an upstairs? Do you want to downstairs?

Do you want to powder bath or what? Some people consider a half bath. Do you want to, do you want the dining room to be the center focus of the plan or do you not want a formal dining room at all? Is a Home Office important to you? Uh, or would you rather have another bedroom? Um, do you want a game room? Do you want a game room and a bonus for her and you know, would you rather have an enlarge nook? Then the dining room, do you want the island turned sideways? Is that something that’s important or do you like it facing the great room? Do you want a large, great room? Do you want a small gray room? Do you want to a big patio or do you not spend a lot of time outside? So you’re okay with the smaller one? Are you looking for an efficient four to five bedroom plan?

Are you looking for something a little more grand when it comes to four to five bedrooms? And so, so these are some of the questions that we’re looking for when we take them on tour, let them walk through the homes and get a field. I know a lot of people really come out to look at a square footage and we find that once people lost their plans, that’s not really a question anymore. New homes Oklahoma City, learn. Some of them are more just curious about how many they are, but I always liked to find out what people think they are because if function is out there and they walked through it, that’s the most important part. And it doesn’t really matter about the square feet. If it works for them, then that’s exactly what it is. And so when people ask how much the price per square foot is, that’s just kind of an odd question when it comes to New homes Oklahoma City because it’s an entirely different beast.

It might work for maybe a used home, but in a New homes Oklahoma City that’s kind of like asking the price, uh, per pound on a new car and obviously the difference between like if you were to get like a Ford focus and a Lamborghini, those my roughly way the same way, but they’re two entirely different cars and he don’t weigh those out by the pound, just like we don’t price out ours out by the square foot. Um, it’s just a whole entire different beast than maybe they used home industry. And so for an New homes Oklahoma City builder, these are some of the things that we like to just point out to people. That is just important because we’re just getting information. We’re not talking about pricing, we’re not talking about a pressure in divine thing. It’s really just to take people through and see these beautifully decorated model homes.

Point out the features that they may not notice that will work well for their plan. Uh, you know, as well as I do, someone’s that empty nester during offices used to very different than someone that just has children, a bunch of children. And so each plan is designed for that. One example that I always like to give is for the, for example, the Greenville, which is next door, the Greenville one is 2,257 square feet and it’s built as a one store it. So that means that they’re split living, it’s open living and there’s two bedrooms and a bath on one side and there is the master suite on the other side. And that could be a great one for an empty nester because you can still use one as an office and you can use the other one is the guest bedroom. However, if you choose to use the Greenville to l, it’s 3,712 square feet, which is an entirely different number and size, which is something that maybe a multigenerational family could live in.

You could keep grandma downstairs, uh, you know, off off on that split living and then you can keep the kids upstairs and, and have multigenerational with the big game room and then entirely different living area upstairs. And that’s the same floor plan. Just as a two story. I’m adding on two bedrooms and two baths upstairs. And so that’s just a lot of options to be able to pick from. And uh, and even then the monroes of even better example. So as a New homes Oklahoma City builder, we offer a plan, call them and real, that’s built 15 different ways. It’s three different ways is a one story and each way has four different ways. Those are two story and that again, can either be a stand up into a game room, bonus room, two beds and a bathroom upstairs down to where you can just have a two beds, three beds, two baths downstairs. So it really just depends on the need of the customer and that’s the importance of taking them on tours to let them see that and also get the feel of what works best for you. As you go through it, you’re get to feel as well, and we’ll answer any questions you have. So as an New homes Oklahoma City builder will join you on the next segment. Jordan Moore 2 11-23-18

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