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    New homes Oklahoma City | Find the right community

    New homes Oklahoma City | Expand on the building

    Thank you for joining us for another segment. This is Jordan, more over at Shaw homes and seven south and uh, of course naturally the few things that we always want to cover with you every single week. Uh, as of right now is New homes Oklahoma City. We are actually expanding our family into the Oklahoma City area. So, uh, the Piedmont Edmond area, we’ll all benefit from these gorgeous, beautiful shaw homes that we have in the Tulsa area as well. And so a few things that we’re always going to cover in these is always going to be the, the path and really the importance of the path is just becoming better and better and just more confident and knowing where you’re going to be led through that path. Now, I would say when people come through the doors, they always have a lot of information jumbled in their head. Whether it’s a experience from past buyers.

    New homes Oklahoma City, what I mean is past builders that have maybe, you know, they’ve gone, gone in and talked to them in the model home and they get the information that they’re told from them either about their building company or what they think about our building company. Now, you know, not everyone that you talked to is absolutely credible or ethical. And so there’s going to be a lot of people that are going to lie so that way they can get the business. Now, this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard people say certain things that way they can, New homes Oklahoma City, you know, basically try to steal our clients from us. But the main thing I would want to say is that when we take you through the path, it should tell you right off the bat that we are the better choice for you. And the main reason why is because there’s a reason why we’re the largest builder in Tulsa.

    It’s not because we don’t have a good system. New homes Oklahoma City if we didn’t have a good system, I don’t think we would be building as many homes or that we would have been around for 30 years or that we consecutively win more awards at the parade of homes than any other builder in the area. Now we will never do any sort of defamation to any other builder, but we are confident in our product that there is a home and a plan for everyone that comes through our doors. Now, unfortunately, when people come in, they have a tendency to have a little bit more of a jumbled brain, so they’re not even clear what they have. In fact, I was talking to a client today that contradicted himself about four or five times about what kind of home he wanted. I couldn’t even really get down to the base or the, the root of the problem because I don’t think he even really knew what it was.

    And so I would have had to continue to peel and which I will continue to do to find out really what the issue is. You know, New homes Oklahoma City, when you have someone coming in with unrealistic, unrealistic expectations, we always want to set those proper. We don’t want you to come to the doors and then have what I believe some other builders and some other people would do is just say, yeah, we can do that. And then when they finally get down to the pricing and they’re stuck in on a contract, that’s when they find out that they can’t. And so we want to make sure that we provide as much information that we can to help you make a good decision. That’s our goal is to give you as much information and to be as helpful as possible. You’re not going to find that in any other builder when they go in.

    They’re not going to be trained enough to help you. They’re basically are there to sit in the model and try to sell the model. New homes Oklahoma City, and they’re not really even being paid to, um, you know, a builder won’t even pay to pay for their training to get those things done that basically say, here’s the floor plans and um, here’s how much the home is. I just want you to sit in here and if someone comes in and just try to sell it and that’s what you’re going to get now for us, we have move in ready homes, New homes Oklahoma City, a list of them that will be glad to show you, but what we do is we sit in a model home in our model. Home is not for sale. It’s literally there as a model to show people. Now eventually this home does sell when the community closes, but it’s not out there for people just to purchase.

    And our purpose on that is just to show you the plan. We want to be able to walk you through it so that way you can see why we’ve laid out the rooms of the way that we did. And there’s an New homes Oklahoma City builder. This is going to be crucially important to you. So that way when you go into the building process, you know exactly what the floor plan’s going to look like and feel like. When we take you on those tours. Our goal in that is to have you walk through the plan rather than just looking at a two dimensional piece of paper. Uh, it’s really hard for people to even imagine what that’s like. I think another thing that people often get mixed up in their head is square footage. I think when people often talk to realtors or they’re looking at, you know, maybe price per square foot, uh, they really get a misconception about the size.

    New homes Oklahoma City so we, I always like to have fun when we go on the tours is have them walk around the house and realized how big it looks and how big it feels. Ask them how many square feet it is and then always see how surprised they are. How many square feet do you think this is? And so they, you know, that’s always a fun feeling to, you know, to take them through, to make them realize that because most people don’t realize that they’re just more or less subconsciously trained to think that that’s the main thing that they’re looking for. Now I understand if you’re looking for a 1500 square foot home and all we have is a 3000 square foot home that’s literally double the size that’s going to be obviously an issue there. So it’s important to understand what that would end up looking like with. That’s the point of the tour, the homes that we start at and then we go through are all the different ranges of what you’re looking for.

    New homes Oklahoma City the neat part about that is when you’re doing that, you find uh, the things that you like and dislike about the plan, that helps me just as much by going on the tour and walking through and letting me know what your objections are and the things that maybe you don’t like about the plan. It lets me know which plan suits you even better. New homes Oklahoma City, I know I usually give this example, but like for example, the Prescott, when you go in there, the way that one’s set up is all the living is on one side and the laundry room and the kitchen is on the other side that are literally on opposite ends. So this one’s really well setup for someone that maybe is a, you know, a working mom or dad, New homes Oklahoma City, for, you know, a family and that when they get home from picking up the kids from school and from work, they can hang out in the kitchen and cook the food or clean up after the meal and hang out with the kids while they’re sitting there at the island doing homework or whether or not they’re playing and the great room or even I’m playing in the backyard the way that that whole kitchen setup is that’s over there, while you can still do laundry and I have to run away across the home to do it.

    It’s all located in one area and you could do a late load of laundry without having to hear it at trump tumbling and drawing when it’s going through its cycle. So that’s the way that’s set up. And so some people like that and some people don’t. And when you have another plan, like for example, the Monroe, New homes Oklahoma City, specifically the monroe, two or three, it has the walkthrough feature where the laundry suites off of the master. And it gives you two access points into the master instead of just one, so that way you can, you know, uh, if you have different sleep schedules are different work schedules that allows that person to get up, get ready, and then never have to go back into the bedroom again to bug the person sleeping in his works really well for someone that might be in nursing or in doctor or just have a different schedule that you don’t want to have to wait the other person up allows you to get out and go into the rest of the home without ever having to disturb that person again.

    New homes Oklahoma City so, um, that’s really the two spectrums. So once we find out that you, maybe you really liked that, but you liked them in row, hey, we have them in row one which doesn’t have the walkthrough feature and this one has the laundry room off of the garage, which is over there off of the kitchen. And so by you letting us know that you don’t like a certain thing, we might already have a plan for that. And you won’t know that unless you ask us or unless we appeal in and find out what that is. So as an New homes Oklahoma City builder is important to go through that to or find out what you like, find out what you don’t like and then narrow those things down for you because once we do that, it’s a lot easier to find out that one of a kind of home sites and then move forward in the purchase of your home so that way we can get started on that construction.

    So like I said, when people come in, it’s our goal to basically sorts your mind. There’s so many things that are going on. You’re looking at selling your home, you’re looking at putting it on the market, you’re looking at all the issues that you have with your home now and what you don’t want to have to deal with in your New homes Oklahoma City. And so it’s our goal to sort those things out, find what your need is anticipated and then made it. And so as an New homes Oklahoma City buyer, we want to encourage you to go on one of our weekly model home tours that we do, uh, that way you can find which plan works best for you. Thank you for joining us and we’ll catch you on the next segment. Jordan Moore 1 1-4-19

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