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New homes Oklahoma City | Hear What is Popular

New homes Oklahoma City | Popular Options

Welcome to another segment here at shaw homes. This is Jordan more at seven oaks south and we are excited to talk to you about our expanding family, New homes Oklahoma City, into the Oklahoma City area with New homes Oklahoma City. And today we’re going to talk about a handful of different things. Some of them are the same topics as we’ve been covering, but I think that it’s vitally important to continue to talk about them because I mean who remembers anything that they hear the first time, right? And so what we’re going to be covering is the path and how important that is and then just how we handle a person as they come through the doors and how we want to talk to them. Our goal and that entire processes they as they pull up is to help them find the home that best suits them. Our goal is not to sell someone a home or to force anyone to buy a home.

It’s to a be a friend and a guide them through a process to help them make decisions into which floor plan fits the best for their family. And so here at Shaw homes, a New homes Oklahoma City, we have over 70 different floor plans are always adding more and sometimes we’ll get rid of a few. In fact, we got rid of two this year alone just because, you know, we find over time that those needs might not be needed as much later on. And so we got rid of the park wood and the Wyndham and you know, as, as time goes and we find that a plan becomes more popular, we start to adapt those, the monroe, you know, that one can be built 15 different ways. And so, you know, the Wyndham at one time was, was a very popular floor plan but that’s just not what’s a desired or in style right now.

So we decided to get rid of that one and find another one that we’re bringing in. In fact with New homes Oklahoma City, we are bringing a plan that a new one that is from the Oklahoma City area, which will be excited to unveil to you, uh, here in the near future. And so we’ll have a model home there and we should be having one of those in the Tulsa area as well. And so with that being said, we are always looking for ways to improve our plans. In fact, our customers, you know, from the thousands of them that come through our model homes every single year, we get their feedback and we find out what’s important to them and we make those adjustments to our plans. And on top of that we have over 30 years of architectural experience. So with that being said, it’s just those things that we take into consideration every time and that we want to tell people is that a lot of are built by our customers.

We hear, we hear what she wants, we hear the things that are popular, but here are the things that are in demand and we add those to our plans. We make those adjustments so they can better suit and fit your family. And that’s the awesome part is that it’s not just a bunch of plans that are exactly the same with small variations. What it is, it’s a, it’s, it’s a handful of very different plans with a slight modifications between those. That’s why I said the monroe can be built 15 different ways. The importance of that is if you were just wanting a one story, it can be built three different ways. New homes Oklahoma City If you’re a one saying and upstairs, then you have an option of 15 different ways. Not everyone wants a second story and so when someone comes in through those doors, our goal is to find out once again, what are your needs?

What are the things that you’re looking for? We’d like to compare those to what you already have a often what we’ll do is ask how many rooms are you interested in? And when we find out, you know, we want three bedrooms, how many do you currently have? They tell us five. There’s a reason why they want to less and so we want to find out what that is. How are they? Are you an empty Nester? Uh, do you have family moving out? Are you, or are you consolidating? Like you have three for now and you want five bedrooms. What’s the purpose of that? Why are you adding on another bedroom? New homes Oklahoma City what’s the use of it? And so we’ll find out that they’re consolidating with their family and mother-in-laws moving in or moving in together. Um, and that’s an important factor because what ends up happening is some people get excited about looking at it and then they kind of forget and then go back to the pain that, that process on what they’ve been putting up with and our goal.

New homes Oklahoma City that is just to help hold people accountable. Like, Hey, you remember when you came in and you were talking about how frustrating it was because you know, you didn’t have enough space to be able to consolidate with your family. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get them all in the same place and all together and have your own rooms and have your own privacy with enough space. So on and so forth. So we can find out those needs and then help anticipate them. Because when you tell us that we know that there are certain plans that fit perfect for your family and you know, we like to, um, you know, then just ask about bathrooms or how many garages, you know, you might just want to or you might want in three. We want to find out for the reason why you want three.

Is it more cars, is it storage, is storage important to you? And so we just want to always ask those questions just to make sure that we can find out what works best. And for, uh, for us and in New homes Oklahoma City, we strive to be inquisitive because we care. We wanted to ask those questions to best tailor suit that plan for you. Is Formal dining important to you? If it is, and we have plans centered around formal dining, if it isn’t, then we have plans, uh, that still have them, but they’re more subtle or if you’re like, no, I don’t, I don’t use it, I don’t want it. We actually have a handful of plans that do not have formal dining, but they do have an enlarged nook. So you’re utilizing that space everyday of the year instead of maybe just a couple of times a year for New homes Oklahoma City, you know, holidays.

But there are other kinds of people that you know, entertain all the time. For example, our Greenville floor plan, the dining room is right in the middle of the home and there are no walls, there’s no pillars than it is wide open. It’s our most open floor plan. And so that one’s the center of the or the focal points of that plan. So if people are entertaining, that’s a great one. [inaudible] you come straight into the entry and it’s got a massive tall entry and then a, a huge ceiling in the dining room and that goes straight into the living room straight into the kitchen. New homes Oklahoma City so it’s just wide open for entertaining. Has a much, you know, more grand entry than some of the other plans where some people want that space utilized in a different way. These people might want it to kind of show off that space a little bit more.

New homes Oklahoma City so some people, you know, they’ll see that Greenville with the tall ceilings and they’re like, wow, this is grant, this feels awesome, this is it. And there’s other ones that are like, I would much rather use that space upstairs. So we have another plan that does and they utilize that. For example, in this stone brick as you come in, it’s not really tall ceilings, it’s just nine feet as you go in. And we utilize all the spots on this one. So not that we don’t. And other ones it’s just we offer that option. The other new thing I’ve mentioned about the Greenville is, is named after Mr Shaw’s hometown of South Carolina. And so it’s just kind of a little bit more of a personal twist on that one, but that one can actually be be built six different ways, which is a great option. That’s two different ways is a one story.

And then each of those have two different, three different ways to build upstairs. And so with that being said, we like to ask those questions to help kind of narrowed down what just what fits for you, what works best for you, because there is a plan for everyone. They’re versatile plans that come one or two story empty nesters and multigenerational. And so our goal in doing that is to get people to go in the model home tour. It is literally the most helpful thing that people could do during their home shopping experience because just focus on the function. We just focus on the function behind the design of the floor plan. It’s there to show you what works and how that would work instead of just going in and looking at the decoration, which is great and we want you to do that because you’re eventually going to have to design your home when you go through the design studio and price at your home.

But that’s just an aspect of it. We want to point out those things of why we laid out their rooms the way that we did and point them out to things that you might not notice when you’re just walking through. For example, we have certain features like the snooze button, the future, and our plans. We have the late night laundry is quiet sweet where that one is on the other side where the laundry rooms on the other side of the home for New homes Oklahoma City. There are other things that we do offer as well that are in certain plans like the utilize space of the pantries. Some, some plans have a massive pantry, um, and then someone’s, some have smaller. So it’s just really anticipating in the IEP and as you come into your shop at home. Jordan Moore 1 11-2-18

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