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New homes Oklahoma City | Make A Friend

New homes Oklahoma City | Another Segment

Alright, here we are with a another segment. Thank you for joining us. Shaw homes in Tulsa and broken Arrow, Oklahoma and we are seven oaks south. This is Jordan, wore a top producing salesperson here and I am glad to talk to you guys again. And uh, one of the main things that we’ve really been focusing on is New homes Oklahoma City We are expanding our family out to Oklahoma City so we’re not just a building in Tulsa area but also in Oklahoma City. So that’s exciting news that we have and we want to make sure that we talk about that. So, New homes Oklahoma City, they, Oklahoma City people know that they can join in and all the fun too. Yeah, that’s right. Our easy path to owning a shaw hall is now available for people in Oklahoma City to have as well. So that’s New homes Oklahoma City is our focus that we’re talking about.

New homes Oklahoma City so with great pleasure. I’m going to talk about a little bit of some of the things that we’ve learned and in our training session and now, and that is really just talking about our process of how we talk to people when they come through the door and our goal that we’re wanting more than anything is just to connect with people. It’s not to, you know, sell them to help them find where they’re looking for, narrow down their search into building their dream home and to simplify the process for them. It’s not just to sell them at home. It’s not what I’m here to do. That’s not what the other salespeople at show homes are there to do, but it’s there to help you find what you’re looking for. And so our goal more than anything is to make that connections to, to basically make a friend and then help a friend find what they’re looking for, to have commission breath and breathe that banner throat and trying to shove something that are sound that we saw as our goal.

First and foremost, even with New homes Oklahoma City is to make a friend and when you come in, we’re just gonna look for a way to become more personal to you so we can find something that is in common, uh, whether that is, you know, maybe sports or maybe it’s a kind of car that they drive or the sticker that’s on their car because they might be a runner or a, those things are going to try to just kind of have a point of contact and connect with them. I think it’s funny because I do this in my church all the time and I have literally no problem doing it whatsoever. But swapping over here, I don’t know if it’s just because I got so stuck on some of the scripts and the lines and the process is supposed to be using overloading your idea of connecting people and sell will follow up.

New homes Oklahoma City, everything else would go after they feel a little bit more comfortable talking to me. So in New homes Oklahoma City, uh, our primary focus is just to connect with you. We want to be able to establish the relationship that we can kind of pass on to the rest of that process because you know, we are, we might be the face of Shaw homes and who you might meet while you’re at the, you know, the model, but you know, there’s the rest of the build, so there’s the rest of all the people that you have to talk to and so that can be kind of transferred along as well. And so with that being said, uh, that’s the first one. The next one is our guest registration card. This really helps us to narrow down what you are looking for in your home. This is important because there are obviously there’s a handful of things that go into trying to, you know, look what works best for you.

To narrow that down. We actually have over 70 different floor plans, over 28 different communities, over 500 different home sites. So as you can imagine, if we were just going to let you go out and check all that out, that will be pretty overwhelming and a pretty daunting task. But when we can ask you these few quick questions, we can save you a ton of time and narrow down those things for you. And so with that being said, on our card, we always want like to know how did you find out about us? You know, was that a sign it a realtor, did you find this online? So on, so forth later. That might be the next question. Would it be well for New homes Oklahoma City, that is when do you want to be in your home? Now this is an important question to ask because not everyone’s quite thinking through this one and the reason why is because they’re thinking, oh, you know, next year would be fine. That’s when we can move in. And yet they’re not quite in thinking that it’s probably, it’s going to take at least half a year to build their home map. Not Ninety days, three months, but actually a year to build it. And so with that being said, it’s important for us to find out what that is, what that’s for.

If you’re thinking of moving in June when it’s already approaching November, it takes us anywhere from six to seven months to build a hall. So of course we want to sell the property, but we also know that it’s going to take some time to do that. And uh, so of course, you know, we might go into other things like delay of build or contingencies at that point, but timeline is why that’s important. Some people are just looking for something that’s move in ready now. And we do have a moving writing now. Inventory. We actually anywhere from about 40 different homes and different stages of the building process. Sometimes, you know, some of them are straight and move in ready. Some of them under construction, some of them just started and we can sell those to you of course, at any given time. Um, so that’s, that kind of gives us an idea for that timeline.

The next question that we always like to ask is rent or um, I think it’s pretty obvious as to why we would ask if you would rent her own. But the main, uh, the main reason why we do is because if you’re renting a that least could be ending in two months, that you’re wanting to get out of it and you’re ready to move in quicker or your lead leads could be you just signed release and it’s going on for maybe another nine, nine, six, six to nine months. So that is important because we can either do a delay of build, find if something is moving ready, uh, or if you do own a home. Then the other important aspect to that is whether or not, you know, if it’s contingent based on the sell of your home, this is a pretty neat one because we allow you to have a 120 days to sell your home and this locks and the price.

This locks in your home site. Any incentives because you know, uh, all these things do change. Prices do have a tendency to go up depending on how the, you know, a market is going. And, uh, you know, our incentives change every single month. This is based on what they released at the beginning of each month. And then a home signs, prices change all the time as well. And so by doing this contingent contract, it basically locks in everything for 120 days up to 120 days. So that way you know, I mean your, your home could technically and five days after you put it in the market, uh, however, we also need to make sure that it does go to closing. And then once you do go to closing, we can do a release of contingency for New homes Oklahoma City. The process would work exactly the same way.

New homes Oklahoma City so with that being said, we would release the, the contingency and then move forward at that point and then you’d be able to move over to the purchase agreement. And so after the, uh, we kind of find out what that looks like for you. We want to ask you, how many bedrooms are you interested in having? Now that’s only one part of it. The other one is how many do you currently have in your house right now? And it’s important to ask you that because we want to find out, well, what do you have and why are you changing what’s important to you? Um, to want to be able to make that adjustment. Some people might go from having five bedrooms and, or like, you know, we only need three. Well, okay, so why, uh, the change in the amount. And then some people were like, well, you know, we’re, we’re downsizing. We just had the last kid just graduated from high school moving out to college and we don’t need that much space or it goes from three to five. Well, uh, if you have three bedrooms now, uh, why do you need to, you know, expand a five. And so it’s important to be able to kind of find out what that need is for you and New homes Oklahoma City. That process, like I said, is still the same. Jordan Moore 1 10-26-18

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