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New homes Oklahoma City | Our Affordable Options

New homes Oklahoma City | Pretty Good Access

Thank you for joining us for another segment. This is Jordan more with shaw homes over at seven oaks south. We’re located off of 101st between Linden Lane and county line. This is a phenomenal neighborhood to live in because of the location, but it is, it’s your, you’re right down the road from the creek turnpike and as you continue further down, um, west towards broken Arrow, then you bump into a lot of the popular restaurants and shopping centers that are in this area. And even then if you had north towards a hillside drive, you’re only just a few minutes away from there. And that’s also where the broken Arabic expressway is a which gives you pretty good access to the rest of the city. So, uh, as I mentioned on every single one of these segments that we are expanding our family to, New homes Oklahoma City, we are moving our way over to Oklahoma City and starting to build there as well.

And so with seven slash south, it’s just a wonderful community to live in. It’s actually very affordable. Uh, it gives you a good selection of home sites that are here. We’ve recently opened up the second phase in the last couple of years and we plan on doing a third phase as well, and so it’s a thriving and growing community that is out here, but it does have some land that is available for people to move into however, this won’t last very long. So we, uh, encourage people to get out here and check out those home sites as soon as you can. Uh, this community does have a community pool and clubhouse that, uh, it shares and the dues are not that expensive to live out here by any means. So it was a good one, uh, to live in, like I said, just write down the road from the Creek Turnpike, which is at a 121st on county line a or a 193rd street.

And so this is one of the many communities that we build at in the broken area at broken Arrow area. One of the other ones that are close by in highland creek. Now this one is off of 225th street, which is Evans road between a 101st and 111th street. This is a good community to live in. Probably our most affordable heritage series community to build in a, I would say it is partially due to the fact that it is a little further out, but it’s still conveniently located next to a highway 51, so you can hop right on there and get anywhere within, you know, 20 minutes. So a highland creek is a good one. Uh, the other advantage about being over there is that you can build a, and it’s wagoner county, so it is lower than Tulsa county taxes. So that would save on your monthly payment.

That would cut down on that a little bit, which is what we call our, our piti payment, which is principle insurance, taxes and interest. Uh, and so that’s the, uh, one of the important parts of that one. And the other one is right now, since it’s zoned where it is, we can actually treat it as an rd or rural development loan. And so that’s usually zero percent down, which is sometimes what people, that’s the government’s way of getting incentivizing people to build and a community like that once because it’s a little bit further out zero now and brings in a lot more buyers and so that’s good. But we do still require an earnest money which we would refund at contract or a, at the closing of the home. But at that time we will do want to make sure to let you know. And so the, another community that’s rather close to that is called Ashbrook and that is off of 241st street. And that is called the road between 91st and $100 right off of the highway. This is a great place to build because you actually, well there are half acre home sites. A lot of people like some land. That’s a good place to build for that reason. A lot of land, a lot of opportunity for people to have that one and another one that are, uh, that we build in the broken area as an New homes Oklahoma City builder might not be quite as relevant to you, but it’s important to know some of the communities that we do building. And that is um, the Forest Ridge area we build in highlands at Forest Ridge. We also build and well stone and a spring

farms at broken arrow. So as you can see, we do have a handful of different communities that we can build that in the broken Arrow area. And as an New homes Oklahoma City builder, our goal is always to anticipate the need of the customers they come in. We know that there’s usually about three things that they’re looking at or all three if they have an unlimited budget. And that is price, location and amenities. Now these three are very important, but I believe usually in most scenarios one of them is more, or at least two of them are more important than any of the other ones. They can usually compromise on one of those settings and if they have an unlimited budget, then they can usually have all three that they’re looking for. But in most cases, like most Americans, we have a budget that we’re living by and most people want to stay in the realm of that budget.

So they come in and they’re wanting like a 3000 foot, 3,500 square foot home and Jinx Oklahoma on a half acre of land with all the amenities and central banks that, New homes Oklahoma City, they’re not, we’re not really going to be able to build something like that because a while, number one in a place like that, all that land has already been taken. However, if there are certain areas that are like that, that they can have all three, it’s just going to require much more of a higher budget or an unlimited amount of cash to do because it would be a very expensive. Um, so usually what we do is we find out what’s more important. Are the amenities more important, is the location the more important or is the price more important? And, you know, of course some people are like, well, we can stay around a certain number, we’d prefer to any way and uh, but more than anything, we want to make sure that we can keep our kids in jinx schools.

Well, you know, there are other locations in gene set will be much more affordable than something that has a half acre or a full acre or whatever the price of the land is the variable in that one or say that they’re like, I don’t really care where we’re at as long as I can be in, New homes Oklahoma City, somewhat of a closest affinity to a certain area. And New homes Oklahoma City, you know, once we know that and then they just want to make sure that more than anything that they’re under a certain price, then that can be that. Or they’re okay with being in a location and not. And they’re okay with not having quite as many amenities as some of our other communities. And they’ll go that route. Sometimes what we’ll do is just let people know how far other communities are away from other ones. Sometimes people will get out to highland creek in broken Arrow and they feel like, oh, I don’t really want to be out that far, but we asked them, what’s your normal commute right now?

And they can tell us, oh, you know, it’s 17 minutes and then we plug that into their commute where highland creek is that and you find out that it’s only a 20 minute drive and then I go, wouldn’t you rather get the home that you want and have maybe three more minutes tacked onto your drive time and keeping it around the budget that you want. Or You can end up moving further away west and tacking on 10 to $20,000 more just to save your commute a little time. Which one is more important to you? And if one of those is more than we’ll be glad to work with that. But we always want to find out which one is the most important to do. And so as an New homes Oklahoma City buyer, when you come in, these are really a lot of other things that we’re trying to find out and a lot of the ways we do that, it’s just asking the right questions.

New homes Oklahoma City so we’re trying to find the best way to ask, well, which where did you want to be? Why is that? Why do you want to be there? What is so important about that? Why is it that you’re wanting to move from one location to other? What is it so important that you want to stay in the big ski area? Why couldn’t you be in broken Arrow, Virgina? Why is a price such a big issue? Is it just because you want to make sure that you keep it under a certain map, uh, as a resale values and a temporary home. And actually was helping a realtor this week that was looking for just a temporary home while they built the one that they wanted. So that’s what they want to do. That’s fine. But that just comes from asking people the right questions and if you know, if they’re looking for a certain amenities, why is it that they want certain things? Why is it so important that they get the mud bench? Why is it so important that they want hardwood floors? Why is it so important to be on a half acre? What is it behind it that makes them want to be in that location or versus one versus the other? You know, so those were the questions that we like to ask. And as an New homes Oklahoma City builder, we always want to make sure that we anticipate the need of that customer when they come through the door. Jordan Moore 1 12-14-18

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