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New homes Oklahoma City | The Last Couple Of Weeks

New homes Oklahoma City | Another podcast

Thank you for joining us for another podcast with Shaw homes. I’m Jordan more in the village at southern trails bringing you the latest news and the homebuilding industry and Eastern Oklahoma. So as you know, uh, because I’ve been reporting over the last couple of weeks, our big news is that we’re expanding over to Oklahoma City. That’s right. New homes Oklahoma City is our focus and what we’re doing in the Oklahoma City area. And so here at Shaw homes there’s a few things that we always like to talk about to make sure that people know and one of those things is our monthly incentive and the one that just rolled out today on October, first of 2018 is $15,000. How you want to spend it. And that is in free upgrades that isn’t in closing cost or just the reduced price of the home. So the awesome part is all incentives are subject to one of our preferred lenders and our three preferred lenders are actually the three largest banks in the Tulsa area and we are always doing business with them so they understand the process that we have.

Um, I’m sure we’ll have a very similar process for New homes Oklahoma City, uh, with this incentive if you use one of our preferred lenders, you are able to get $10,000 a, I mean $15,000 off of a free upgrades or off the closing costs are reduced price of the home. Uh, if you choose to use a lender that’s outside of the three that we offer, then you would actually hold on, get 10 grand so you actually save five grand by using one of our preferred lenders. They actually do a closing costs, a matching and interest rate matching and a, or they’ll even beat the competition. Um, and they also offer all the loans that everyone wants to use, such as conventional fha section one, 94 va R, d loans. They all are available through our three preferred lenders. And so that’s a pretty awesome way, uh, to use that incentive.

I know that some people are concerned about closing costs. Well, you know, 15 grand will knock a good chunk of those out if not all of them depending on, um, the amount of the home and what goes on there, but that one’s always a good one. Uh, and then the people are sometimes concerned about upgrades. Well, uh, one thing I would say is that our homes are built with the things that most people want and then for the things that you want to change outside of what comes included, a would be considered an at an additional cost and then that rate, you can use that 15 grand tours that cost. Now in our process, as I’ve mentioned, we do have a price out and in that price out we’ll be able to take off that 15 grand so you’ll know exactly what that price is, if you want to use it towards upgrades or just the reduced price of the home.

Um, with that being said, um, you know, using them towards upgrades, this is a great way to do it. And on, some people want to do tile and non-included areas or they want to do hardwood floors. This flip, take a big chunk of that and make it much more affordable and even towards the reduced price of the home, as you know, when you select a home site, and this would work the same for New homes Oklahoma City and that is a, when you select a home site, each site has a premium or credit or has a $0 credit or is there a premium and when you select your home site, um, that effects the amount that the home will be built, um, as well as depending on which community is and then 15 grand off of that can really put someone in the line of where their budget needs to be and they’re able to get more home for their dollar this way.

And this incentive lasts until October 31st. Our incentives change every month. That’s why we call them a monthly incentive. And the fun thing is, is we don’t know what it is until they roll out with it that, that first day. So this one has been similar for the last couple months, but it’s mostly because it’s just been really pocket. Um, the other things that we always want to talk about is our weekly model home tours. We do these every single week at the same times. A New homes Oklahoma City will be the same, which is Saturday morning at nine Sunday evening at five and Monday at six. We can also schedule them during the week as well. I’m by appointment if that’s what will work most conveniently for our customer, uh, and which is of course objected to that salesperson as well. And so if you’re wanting to schedule one of the weekly model home tours that we hold where you get to see six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes was rehabbed the most in the Tulsa area, um, or takes about 90 minutes and we take several families at the same time and you just follow that in your own vehicle and you can see all these beautifully decorated model homes.

And the goal behind that is to focus on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan. That is the main thing that we want to do is get you out there. We’re not talking about pricing, so there’s no pressure. The idea is just to find out which plan works best for you and your family. And we have over 70 different plans. We build in 28 different communities and we have over 500 home sites to pick from. And so we believe that there is something for everyone. Uh, we, there are different ways to build a, each plan, some of them liked the monroe can be built 15 different ways and starting from 2,112 square foot home, uh, up to 3,671 square feet. And so obviously that is a difference of 1500 square feet, which is the size of some people’s home already. And so that ranges and keeping in mind that you can, do you know that that floor plan alone can work for an empty nester all the way up to multigenerational it.

It really fits and works for everyone. New homes Oklahoma City as I said, the monroes one of our most popular plans. Because of that, it’s the most versatile one. We can add a, a study and a dining room to it, or you, if you just want one of those to be a study or daunting you can use. The other one is a room, uh, we can build it to where the game room is directly off of the stairs into the side of the home or we can build it where it’s in the back and there was a hallway leaving a little bit more private and open towards the entry to a, we can add a couple bedrooms upstairs and even had a bonus room. So those are things that you’re interested in. We can do all of those. That’s why I was mentioning it can be, it’s the most versatile and can be built so many different ways.

So on this too, where you have the chance to, uh, start on one end of, uh, the city and kind of work across the other and get an idea of which community that she wanted to live in. If you don’t already know which one you want to live in a. and then you can also, we can narrow down which plan works for you. Now, of course, when we talk to people initially when we scheduled the model home to where we do get some information from them, that gives us a pretty good idea of what they would end up liking even just coming into the model home that they meet us. And of course if they scheduled us online, uh, we have to figure out a few other things in order to point them in the right direction. And, New homes Oklahoma City, I will be covering that in the next podcast.

But our goal in all of those is that model home to her and we’ve actually heard from customers that have of course build with us. But we’ve also heard from other people, uh, that either built up from another company or bought a used home. They actually told us that this model home to her, it was the single most helpful thing that they did during their home shopping experience. And as I mentioned, that’s because we focus on that function behind the design. It would be easy just to let you in and let you look at all the pretty colors. But what ends up happening is it’s like an episode of hgtv where people come in and they sum up that they don’t like the home because of the color of the paint or the way that the models and decorated now we liked to decorate the models as to what the popular trends are of course, but our whole purpose and taking you through those just to show you why we laid out the rooms the way that we did.

New homes Oklahoma City that comes from thousands of comments from customers that have been through our homes. And that also comes from, uh, over 30 years of architectural experience. And so with the culmination and the combination between the two of those, uh, that’s how we come up with our plans and we, we put each room and a specific place and we’d like to utilize that. Um, uh, square footage is much as we can for our customers. So I want to say thank you for joining us for another podcast. And on our next podcast, we’ll kind of talk about how we figure out what works best for people, or at least when we scheduled that model home sewer, uh, so on our New homes Oklahoma City focus, we will pick up with that again next week. Jordan Moore 1 10-5-18

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