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New homes Oklahoma City | Working With Shaw Homes

New homes Oklahoma City | Look For What You Need

Here’s another segment here at shaw homes. This is Jordan more and seven oak south. Uh, always glad to talk to you guys about the ever exciting news that we have expanded our family over to Oklahoma City. We’ve become an New homes Oklahoma City builder. That’s the exciting news that we’ve been talking about over the last couple of weeks. In fact, today we had our company Christmas party and we got to meet a couple of the salespeople. They’re the, uh, of the other people that work out there as well. It’s just a pleasure to be able to meet them and work together in a different state and expand. Mr. Shaw’s heart is so big. He, he is. He had no reason to go to Oklahoma City, but he said, I know that if we had over there that we can essentially make more money to give it away. His heart is in ministry, his heart as for people and he wants to give to ministries that are doing a phenomenal job of doing an outreach and making an impact in the life of people, which is one of the main reasons why I have joined a port, this organization and this company is because of the character and integrity that have been provided and shown from the top down.

And so from our, uh, from the owner to the vice president to the sales director of sales, it’s, they’re all phenomenal. People have great character and integrity. They want to do the best thing, best job possible, and the best thing that they can for each one of our customers as they come through the door. And with that being said, that bleeds into the sales staff as well. We have a lot of salespeople that are just full of character and integrity as well and just want to be able to provide the easiest process that they can have to owning a beautiful Sha home. And so just in case you were wondering as an New homes Oklahoma City builder, we hear, uh, here in Tulsa we built an over 28 different communities. What I should say from now on is actually we built an over 30 different communities and we have over 400 different home sites, but people can move in and build on at this moment, but we can actually, we actually have over $500 to select from.

New homes Oklahoma City we also build over 70 different floor plans. As of right now, we actually are more the 80 mark and these really just hit the nail on the head for the plans that people are looking for. Whether they’re looking for a multigenerational home or they’re empty nesters, they’re looking, they’re downsizing, they want a smaller home, or if they’re looking for a home to entertain or if they’re looking for a home that has more private living. We have all those. If they’re looking for entry level halls as a first home buyer, we have this series of poems that we offer for those. If you’re looking for something that’s more upper end and has a little bit more of the amenities and a larger floor plans and a few more of the acute Vermont’s this, we also have a series for that as well. But either way we have a plan that says his suits.

Everyone is suitable for everyone. And uh, we always start with something called a model home to or. So as an New homes Oklahoma City buyer, it’s important for people to know that we started the model home tour and to set the expectation for the model home to her. Number one, the rule would be, you know, let me know what you do and you don’t like. It’s not going to hurt our feelings to find out what you don’t like about the plan and fact and lets us know more what you do want and what you don’t want. It helps a lot just for us to know as much as what you don’t like is what you do like. So we want to hear those things from you when we want to hear any of those objections that you have with the floor plans. Because then it kinda helps us cater those things down to what suits you best, so what do you like and what do you, what do you not like about the plans?

So we always ask that at the end of each of the model homes. New homes Oklahoma City then the other ones is we won’t talk about pricing during this appointment, but before the of the day we’re going to set a time for our next appointment where we’ll talk about a home sites and a price out and during that price out appointment, I will give you every single price that you’ll ever want. We actually have over $400,000 a line item in our software programs that are priced out and ready to go. This isn’t something that’s cryptic that we’re trying to hide from me, that you have to wait until you get to contract to find out the price. We get to build your home on paper and and you’ll know exactly how much your home will be before you even get to the purchase agreement. We want to make sure that you get a line item, dollar by dollar item, by item list of what it would cost to build your home, and the awesome part about that is it gives you the opportunity to look it over and decide, well, you know, if budget is what’s really important, which for most Americans it is and you have a budget and you want to keep it within that, then you can look it over and decide what you do and what you don’t want in your home.

I know sometimes we’ll hear from from people that have shopped our competition that we don’t offer as many custom items and that’s absolutely correct. Like I said, we offer over 400,000, but we’re also very flexible on a certain structural options that people want to do to the homes. The only thing that we really don’t do is just when you bring in a plan and make it up for you, it would have. We could modify our own plans to Mitch meets your needs and so we have a lot of options for people to pick from and we, you get to find that on the price out. Sometimes it’s just, do you want a mud bench or do you want a mud bench with him? With a cubbies on top. Do you want a framed. Do you want your mirror framed in your master bathroom or do you not?

Do you want granite and the master bath? What would you. Are you okay with the included culture marble, which looks great too. That’s actually in this model right now. We don’t deck everything out to the top. We’ll just show you a little bit of everything to give you an idea of what you can and can’t, what you can get in your home. So as an New homes Oklahoma City builder, we really like to take you through the model, give you an idea of what we have to offer, what you can do, because that’s what the model homes about. It’s what people aspire to have. And, and uh, so you know, not everything that’s in the model might be relevant to you, which is why that’s the important part of life. You build, you get to select what you do and don’t want in the home. And so when we go through sometimes it’s a big deal for someone to have the six inch trim along the baseboards and most people are okay with what comes included.

They’re like, wow, I mean what comes included is completely fine or you can go get in there and what comes included as 36 inch upper cabinets. And some people are like, oh yeah, that’s more than enough. We have a, we have less than that now, so that’ll be perfect. We’ll just take what comes included. Or they can go to the 42 inch or a 52 inch and then add those on if they would like. New homes Oklahoma City sometimes that’s a big deal. Other than that they want fully functional or if it’s just a cosmetic upgrade, we’re just looks really nice. Some people will like to spend the money in that area so we give them the option to do that. We give them the price and then they don’t have to decide all of that right now. They get to go home, go to the each separate corner, decide this is what we do and this is what we don’t need and you get to weigh it out, decide and then you can present them to me and just say, hey, let’s go ahead and take these things off, but let’s go ahead and add this back in.

We’ve done that a thousand times for customers and it’s no problem at all. And the cool thing is you can even do that after the contract. The only thing that you can’t change after the contract is the plan that you build and any structural options to that plan and then also the home site that you pick. So if you decide to do the Greenville one eat in sevenoaks sounds, that is completely fine and, but you just can’t change it after the day of the purchase agreement. We can’t change it to a different floor plan and we also cannot change it to a different home site. But if you’re still having a hard time whether or not you wanted to do the hardwood floors or carpet or tile, then you actually have time to do that. Even in the design studio. So as an New homes Oklahoma City buyer, it’s always just important for us to be able to educate you through the process.

We do this all the time. We’ve done this a thousand times. So our goal is just to make it as easy and as simple as possible for you, the buyer. And so we’ve, we’ve tried to think of everything, try to provide every single option and part of that is just going through that model home to her. So when we talk about pricing, we will do that on a separate appointment, but we won’t do that on this one. I’ll make sure that I give you every number that you’ll want to line item your home. I would say if you’re really curious about something, go ahead and jot it down and try to remember it. Put it in your phone or, New homes Oklahoma City or write it on a piece of paper. And then when we get to that price that you can say, oh, how much was it to add that in there and then I’ll be able to tell you exactly what that is.

And so, uh, for that model home to you guys will actually just follow us in your own vehicle. That way if anything happens, you’re free to go at anytime and we go through and see about six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model home. Sometimes we’ll even take you inside of a, a move in ready home if it’s not one of the ones that we have on our tour, just so you can have an idea of what it’s like. The goal of all that is to get the function of the plan more than anything to walk you through it and get a feel of the plan of works well for you. And so as an New homes Oklahoma City builder, these are the things that we like to cover with our customers. Jordan Moore 2 12-14-18

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