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new housing additions in tulsa ok | Extremely Custom

new housing additions in tulsa ok | Extremely Custom

Nigel arnold here with shaw homes, custom homes, broken, arrow builders. new housing additions in tulsa ok We are the most custom builder in all of the greater tulsa metropolitan area. To fact, because I’ve seen the experience of others heard, their testimonials and I’ve been doing this for 5 years and I know practically and pretty much excuse me how every other builder, what the process is. So for that reason alone, I know quite well that we are extremely custom, comparatively speaking across the board versus other custom, home broken arrow builders. There’s very there’s a lot of reasons. Why do we have 476,000 options in our system alone that you can do to water? My home? We also have 77 floor plans, 12 fully furnished and decorated models to walk through and a full design studio building that has full-length kitchens, hundreds of tiles and granite several carpet and all the other things use me. Custom homes, broken, arrow, builders other things that custom homes broken arrow builders do not offer so when you’re talking about custom ability, not only that, but we will also have some buyers to move different walls of ronson new housing additions in tulsa ok load-bearing and can be done. Rather simply, we also allow that so as far as custom homes broken arrow builders are concerned, it’s easily easily able you’re easily able to see that we are the most custom. So with all that being said again, my name is nigel arnold shaw, home custom, homes broken, arrow builders. My number is 918-518-1266.

My email is in arnold at shaw, homes.Com and I would be super excited to host you on one of our famous model home tours and i. Do a price that with you just so you get an exact price on what I bring home your dream home. What day in the community of your choice on the home side? That’s one of a kind and also is your choice. So we have a good time. I’ll process is really good here at shaw homes, as far as a custom, homes, broken arrow builders in the area. It cannot be matched been working new housing additions in tulsa ok here, 5 years and we are easily the most custom builder in the area. So last time you get more into the context of my subject. I left last time we’ve been discussing just shores new book buying experience by home, and we were still in chapter one because it’s it’s interesting, because when i, when I start to do that, I do this i. What do a little review in junior only sometimes in the rearview i, get off on the rabbit hole and don’t get to my main topic, but they’re good rabbit hole sunday. So this is good information for all the custom homes broken arrow builders, in any of the sales managers or agents, would be great information to learn. Research study. I know, I’ve grown quite a bit new housing additions in tulsa ok substantially since I started. Reading this book and I haven’t even gotten through the majority of it. I’ve been chapter 3 actually of reading ahead, but still reviewing with you guys and all custom homes. Broken arrow builders, chapter 1 and we’ve been stuck kind of in this really good rabbit hole, titled the for painfully common pitfalls that comes from a lot of experience by amy o’connor ryan’s have to her key contributors to this book and their experiences going through thousands of homes and new home communities and open homes over the past 30 years.

So they give their experiences and they say these are the four painfully common pitfalls that they’ve experienced and then are they right now they are talking about the art of walking somebody to at home. So the context is that, but none the less it remains the same that these are pretty common pitfalls and as an agent on the newer side in albany or 5 at first year, I can’t new housing additions in tulsa ok say that I didn’t have some of these aren’t going on in my technique. But four of you, let’s do that. First, one first pitfall was featured dumping, which is the nervous stage of just selling, is telling showing his knowing showing is spewing, show up and thought that technique kind of where you just throw everything at the bar and hope something stinks and that they fall in love with something you said and many times it’s because people have this misconception if that, if you’re not talking, then you’re not building value and that’s really the main misconception of feature dumping. The second pitfall is awkward silence, i, really struggle from a professional viewpoint of this pitfall i, don’t struggle new housing additions in tulsa ok with the pitfall but looking at other custom, home broken, arrow agents or custom home broken, arrow builders. If you are doing this pitfalls and you are not selling homes, I can almost guarantee it. Awkward silence is extremely uncomfortable. It is the method of walking behind the buyers. They will leave themselves to the home and not saying a word, how creepy hope you’re not doing that and I won’t say anything more about that. But it’s not it’s just a bad technique. So third, one which we were talking about last time, is blatant neglect. That is more about not awkward silence, but you know you don’t know what to say you know, so you generally just don’t even say anything and then in this new housing additions in tulsa ok instance you just kind of remove yourself from the sales process. So you basically say the doors open, go ahead and I’ll wait out here, which is extremely it’s a stream horman negligence from a sales perspective. So if you’re not going to provide value for the experience-and why are you there and why would the the owner o you a commission on it? So that’s basically what they going to there and we text him a lot of that last time. Blake neglect but I’m super excited to get to the fourth topic, which I think this was the most help.

Weary for me not, but I was thinking that I was really struggling in this part, cuz I really honestly jumped into real estate, for the very fact that we work hand-in-hand face-to-face with people which I’m fond of I love all jobs that consist of people, interaction, conversation strategy, teamwork, those new housing additions in tulsa ok kinds of things are things that are extremely exciting. For me is a professional and what I get my digs in so you know, I do love people I love that, but there are times that you can get into over talking about yourself or your personal experiences or those kinds of things without investing in the time of the buyer. That’s walking to the door, because when you invest in the time of the buyer, walking through the door you’re more able to get them more excited, because you can actually show that you care and what buyers want from all custom home, broken arrow builders is to have somebody working for them, not just with them, but working for them because they care not because you get a paycheck new housing additions in tulsa ok or not because you get something from the close of a deal but because you actually care I was talking with who I consider to be an outstanding agent in the area, if not the best one I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with a bunch, and he was talking to me.

We were talking about the integrity of the real estate industry because unfortunately, there’s been several agents:that of jeopardize their integrity. In many deals that not many but some deals at that works with where they have acting somewhat in weird ways, because I believe that money can be a problem in our industry and i. Believe some people get in this industry new housing additions in tulsa ok for money alone, and we were talking about what integrity means in the real estate industry and what buyers generally one is they don’t want to know or hear about what you’re going to get paid for a deal? That would be murder suicide on the client by a relation or the agent by a relationship, but even if it is about that there still an issue it well and you’re, just in it for the money, there’s still a problem. What I wish we have is more agents that cared solely for the buyer and cared for them, making good choices and was new housing additions in tulsa ok able to back up their position with experience and professionalism in a way that corresponds with their integrity. And so we were talking about that position and he was telling me of a story where he had met with the client that his brother had referred, and she had already said and mentioned that they had already had an agent, and so he told her that he doesn’t want a commission or even for them to sign with him. He just wants to work for them that she could use him as an agent of information, because he’s been doing new housing additions in tulsa ok in a long time and they will wow by that statement and I will continue in a minute

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