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Oklahoma City new home construction | A Big Area

Oklahoma City new home construction | A Big Area

Thank you for joining us with another segment brought to you by shaw homes. This is Jordan more, uh, at the village at southern trails. We have exciting news and that is we are expanding our company to another city. That’s right. We’re not just in Tulsa and broken arrow anymore. And Jameson big spirit. We’re actually expanding over to Oklahoma City. That’s exciting news because because Oklahoma City’s is the largest city that’s in Oklahoma. And so we get to head over there and start bringing people the easy process that it is to owning a shaw home and, uh, just relieving people from their everyday search of trying to look for, for the perfect home for their family because we have it, we’re able to offer it. So Edmond new homes has been our focus and we’re excited to say that we’re, we’re heading over there to start building. And so over the last couple weeks I’ve kind of focused on, Oklahoma City new home construction, our path because this is the same path that it’s going to take for Admin, new homes for Shaw homes and Edmond and Oklahoma City for people to acquire their beautiful dream home.

And that path is going to be the most important thing as we take them through that. Oklahoma City new home construction then using, uh, our customer registration card so that way we can find out what works best for, um, those for our customers by asking those questions and those good questions and setting them up for that model home to where we can find out what home works best for them. Now we offer over 70 different floor pelvic floor plans and then a handful of those, of course, it can be built several different ways. For example, I’m the model home that I’m sitting in the village at southern trails is the Monroe to pee and it can be built 14 other ways as write them in row can be built a total of 15 ways. And so we believe that there is a floor plan for everyone. Whether you’re downsizing, you’re an empty Nester, um, whether you are multigenerational or you just entertain or host a lot.

Oklahoma City new home construction you want to make sure that you have rooms for family members that come and visit for the holidays or visit often. We want to make sure that we can offer that for you. And so with that being said, the Monroe, I’m can start at 2000, 112 square feet and go up to 3,671. That’s a difference of over 1500 square feet added to a home and the variations that you can build it as. And so would that mean said our monroe is the most versatile floor plan and probably one of our most popular because of that reason. Edmond new homes will be excited to have a floor plan like this in Oklahoma City because we’ll be building new homes in Edmond. And so, uh, that is just one of the many things about the monroe that makes it unique. The Monroe itself actually has the largest great room that we offer and our plans.

Oklahoma City new home construction, so if entertaining, uh, is something that is important, this is a good one to have done because it backs up to the kitchen and of course it just looks great as you come in through the entry past either the study or the study in dining room into their system. A nice big area so people always look at it and that’s why we’ve, we furnished them and decorate them is because they want to know what it looks like with their couch. It gives them a good idea. We have different plans, model homes that have sectionals in there so people can see them with sectionals or couches or love seats or whatever that might be. And so, um, you know, people like the same like that. So the monroe actually has the largest grade room and because it’s larger, naturally the patio is as well. And the Monroe because of that has the largest covered patio of any of our plans.

It’s pretty big and we have other plans that have large ones as well. But this one is definitely the largest one. It’s kind of neat because you had out and you could just get away with that front patio section, but it keeps continuing to go around and kind of pulls back in where the windows are at in the living room. So it gives you a lot of space for entertaining with tables and a grill and a, you could set up a tv out there. Um, so there’s a lot of different options that you have with that, the monroe itself, because it can be built several different ways depending on which way you build it, uh, has the snooze button design, which is where you can come in from the master bedroom. And then, Oklahoma City new home construction, you know, for example, if to, you know, a spouse has two different schedules.

Oklahoma City new home construction, I know my wife usually gets up about an hour later than I do and so I can get up and head straight into the bathroom and get ready shower, and then go into the closet and get dressed and then go into the rest of the home without ever having to go back into the bedroom and disturb her while she was sleeping. And so that allows me to either leave and go through the garage or go to the rest of the home without going back into the bedroom. Again. That’s why we call it the snooze button. So that way we’re not disturbing the sleeper. Enter and so that’s one of those neat things that you can access the bedroom, the master bedroom from two different areas. People also like this for the sake of just a laundry, the idea that you can do your laundry and then walk straight over into the master closet without having to bring it all the way across from the home.

Got a lot of plans. It’ll have the laundry room through the garage. This one is straight off from there and so you can take it right in, right in there and not have to worry about lugging it all the way across the house. The mineral one does not have this option because some people don’t want that option. Some people like having the laundry room on the other side where they don’t have to hear it. For example there. Maybe they don’t want to hear though the washer run or the dryer run and they liked that closed off instead of having direct access and they just want one room, one door to the bedroom instead of a two. And so that’s uh, one of the other new things. The mineral actually has. One of the largest counter spaces for the island, once again, just because it’s such a large living area and Oklahoma City new home construction would offer this same feature as well. Oklahoma City new home construction then heading back into the master suite again. Uh, there are split vanities, which, uh, there’s one that’s much larger than the other one. Uh, usually a his and hers and I’m actually has the most square footage of master counterspace than any of our other plants. Uh, it has a unique corner tub next to a window, which I feel like it kind of gives it more space and walking kind of straight through. You kind of take a curve and a, like an l term. I feel like it makes the master bathroom larger.


a few other things is the monroe too also has a hidden hall bath, which is important to some people. In fact, I just had a customer that really emphasized to me that they didn’t want a bathroom off of the entry and I can sleep well. Hi. You know, Oklahoma City new home construction, this one is actually coming in from the garage. It’s hidden around the corner. You can’t even see it from any part of the home and the living areas except a few come around to one of the bedrooms and even then it’s tucked back in the corner so it’s pretty private and you don’t have to look at a toilet when you’re in the great room, you know, looking right down the hallway. Uh, so edmond new homes will have the same features that the floor plans that we offer here.


trying, trying to think here. The main road is actually located at the village of southern trails in broken Arrow off of 101st street and ask them, I encourage you to come in anytime that you want to book a model home to work. That’s our most popular feature that we offer through our path because people get to see six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. When we’re taking people through it. I would also take them to any of our move in ready homes that we have to offer if they would like to see them. For example, we have a, a Monroe to pee into the village of southern trails as well. That is for cell just right down the road. Some people are like, Hey, I love this home and that can let them know, Oklahoma City new home construction, we have one just like it down the road that’s move in ready if you’d like.

And so we let people see those. They have different color selections depending on what’s popular at the time. We also have another move in ready one, which is the Redford one story, um, which a lot of people like as well. So. And we also have other ones have plans that we don’t have in the models. For example, there is a crescent, uh, in Highland Creek, we don’t have a crescent model homes, so we often have a crescent built that’s ready to move in so people can check that out before, you know, deciding to move forward on so they can get a feel for it and walk through it. So we appreciate you joining us or we get to talk about admin new homes again. Oklahoma City new home construction I look forward to talking to you again about other exciting news and our industry other than just admin new homes. But we’ll all talk about all the other new things that are coming up in shaw homes next week. Jordan Moore 6 10-5-18

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