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Oklahoma City new home construction | A handful of features

Oklahoma City new home construction | Come Through The Door

Thank you for joining us for another segment here at Shaw homes. This is Jordan more and we are talking about Edmond new homes and expanding into the Oklahoma City area. And so, Oklahoma City new home construction, the last two segments I’ve really just talked about connecting with our customers that come through the door and saving you a ton of time by doing it. We just want to ask a few questions to give you the best use of your time. Find something that’s very useful for you. And then really at that point is just to set up a time to go to her homes. I’m telling you, people love to come in to see beautifully decorated homes already. And so why wouldn’t you want to? You’re already looking, so why not just go on the tour with us and we do them at the same times every week. That is Saturday morning at nine, Sunday at five and Monday at six.

You can, we can, Oklahoma City new home construction, you know, these, these slots fill up pretty fast and I can hold a slot for you if you would like to join the tour and I’m go ahead and put you down for one of those times and then we will two or six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. We actually have more decorated model homes than any other builder in Tulsa. Our goal in doing this is to show the function. It’s hard to imagine what a room would look like if you were to live in it. If it doesn’t have any beds in it. Sometimes you kind of walked into an empty room and you’re like, I don’t know if my bed would fit in this, but if there’s a bed in there that kind of gave you the judgment of, Hey, I’m my beds is the same size or will have a master with a king size bed in there.

And you have plenty of room with tons of oversized from therapies. You have a pretty good idea that you know, these plans will work for you as well. And then the other other awesome thing is it really shows you all the different options that you can have when you’re building or home, Oklahoma City new home construction, you know, of course our model homes will have a handful of what you would consider upgrades or optional features and them. So that way you know, which you can have. It’s what people aspire to have a. and we want people to know these are, these are the options that you can have because not everything is for everyone. We actually don’t even fully decked out our model homes the full way. We just do it for a handful of features and doing them differently in each one of them. For example, you might really want three centimeter granite when two centimeter comes included and sometimes it just means that you get to see it.

We, for example, the bathroom, the master bathroom, and this plan comes with the included a cultured marble countertops. But, and the plan next door at the Greenville, the master actually has three centimeter granted in there, which is an optional feature. You can choose to use that one. That way you can see what it would look like. And so we showed a few different options in different plans. Some of the things come included, some of them don’t. And that’s the fun part about going on the tour is you just kind of get to see all those things. But I will say up front a few rules is that we will not talk about pricing on this tour. Oklahoma City new home construction, I will reassure you that we’re actually going to end up building your home on paper. And what I mean by that is we’ll actually go through and do an itemized list, a room by room till, so you’ll know exactly what your home will cost.

And that’s the awesome part is we know exactly what it will cost to put those features in their son an estimate. That’s the real number. Since we build so many homes and, and, Oklahoma City new home construction, are your largest builder. We have itemized everything. We know exactly what it will work for our trades, we know exactly what it’ll work for our suppliers and what those numbers are. So that way there are no surprises to you. You get all your questions answered and you know exactly what it will price out, but however we don’t go over the pricing here. Our idea here is to look at the function behind the design of the homes floor plan. That way you can see what works best for you. The other thing is, is we’re also not going to go through and talk about what comes included and what doesn’t come included.

Is this an upgrade is not an upgrade. We will cover that in detail at that price out and I’ll let you know exactly what comes included and what is an upgrade. That’s the awesome part of this. There is a packet of information and it will give you and it has a list of everything that comes included in the home already. Um, and so you can definitely read that on your own, but we will cover that in step four if the price out. So that’s the cool thing Oklahoma City new home construction, is there’s no pricing. So there’s no pressure. The idea is just to walk through these plans, find out what works best for you and what’s your favorite one is. The other thing is we also want to know what you don’t like about the plans, but because by doing that it helps us narrow down what works better for you.

Not every plan is for everyone. Uh, for example, the plan I’m in right now, which is a stone, we’re a convener and this home can be built as an Edmund new home, Oklahoma City new home construction, can only be billed as a two story plan. We actually have two plans that do that. That’s the stone brook at been time. We used to have a couple other ones that did too, but now these are the only ones that we do offer that’s only a two story plan and we actually have a couple of plans that can only be built as a one story which is a plans like the Finley or the Glendale. And so these are kind of like a few of the options that we have. The vast majority of the other plants can be built a one story attitude story and that’s just the fun of the tours.

We get to go around and find out what works and even, even if the plan doesn’t work for you, you can have an idea of like, I really like this about the plan, and then we’re uh, we’ll know, kind of like what direction that points us. And then the other one is the, every fireplaces different or the floor selections are different. Paint colors are different, the hood vents are different, the cabinets are different. You can get an idea of what you want to do in your home and use these homes as a point of reference. In fact, most people that go through the tour go on at a, at least a couple more times before they move into their home. They’ll do it again to kind of give an idea of like which one is really their favorite. And then they’ll do another one usually during the design studio.

So that way they can walk through and get ideas of their selections. So for Oklahoma City new home construction, our goal is that model home to her. And so those are the rules that we want. We want to establish not talking about pricing and writing. I’m talking about upgrades, uh, on this appointment, but we will in the future, we’re just here to give you information focused on function. We, there’s something for everyone. Versatile. One or two story plans. I know I’ve said that a few times, but that’s just the importance of it. And then along the way we can usually knock out the next couple of steps that price out we usually like to do within a day or two and that tour, so that way it’s still fresh in your mind. You know exactly what it looks, what you were looking at, and what you would like to do with each of those will usually, you know, we can meet up at your favorite model.

We usually meet up at my own model first and then we can kind of work from there. Um, we talk about financing. Our goal here is just, we want to simplify this as much as possible, so we’ll ask a couple of questions, um, regarding, uh, you know, have you already talked to a lender, uh, where, uh, who have you talked to and what number did they end up giving you? We actually have three preferred lenders here at Shaw homes are the three largest banks in Tulsa, which is b. okay. First Oklahoma Bank and also spirit bank. And uh, the reason why we have those guys is they’re hand selected and hand picked by Mr Shaw himself because we’ve just seen too many deals blow up because of dishonest lender’s giving desantos members. And these guys actually, um, provide the best customer service because that’s the most important thing to Mr Shaw.

And then the honest, the honesty and the integrity of these lenders, which they’ve been through, um, you know, they’ve worked with us for several years and the phenomenal at what they do. So for Oklahoma City new home construction will end up kind of discussing what that looks like for a Oklahoma City. But that’s what we do have in Tulsa. And so with that being said, they do interest rate matching that you’re closing cost matching. And the awesome part about that is, is if you already talked to a lender and that’s not one of our preferred you, they’ll match it and it’s a win win for you. And in fact, you actually get an, an, an additional incentive to use us, use them as your lender. We just want to simplify the process as much as we can for you. We’d hate for you to get through everything to get to the closing, to find out that your lender gave you a wrong number or wasn’t being honest or transparent about something with you.

Ours will be, they’ll provide the most information and help, uh, that’s only takes five minutes to do most people think that it costs something or that it takes a long time. It’s only a five minute application and within a day they will let you know, um, or less. They’ll let you know what you’re approved for. Fear approved at all, what you are approved for those, you know, monthly payment books would look like. Um, they offer all the popular lungs up. Everyone is looking for right now. So for Oklahoma City new home construction, I will talk. I’ll continue to talk about the path on the next one. Jordan Moore 3 11-9-18

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