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Oklahoma City new home construction | A Popular Area

Oklahoma City new home construction | Building In The Right Place

Thank you for joining us for another segment at Shaw homes. This is Jordan more and seven oak south, a right off of 101st street between Lynn Lane and county line. Um, this is one of the many communities that we build in. We actually build an over 28 different communities in the Greater Tulsa area and this one is just one of the many broken Arrow communities that we build out. This is a very popular area to live in and we often have a lot of traffic come through here before I continue to talk about how this community is and all of us great amenities. I wanted to mention that we are an Oklahoma City new home construction builder. We are expanding our family over to Oklahoma City. Um, anyway, with that being said, a seven oak south is the model home that I have the privilege of sitting in. And as I’ve mentioned in the last couple podcasts this or segments this community is, I’m selling quickly.

There’s a lot of people that find this area to be in demand and this one is just right down the road from the broken Arrow Highschool and also the freshmen academy right around the corner. Like I said, we’re off of 101st and Lynn Lane, so you’re just right down the road from plenty of shopping. You’ve got a walmart, the creek turnpikes right around the corner, uh, pretty much straight access over to hillside drive as well, which is right down the road. There’s just a lot that’s going on in this area and a lot more that will continue to be filling in, which is why so many people are building here. It’s a nice quiet community and the back part really banks up to a really nice looking green belt with a lot of trees. And uh, they are, Oklahoma City new home construction, we’ve currently have our second phase open that opened up not too long ago and at the rate that this thing is going, uh, we’ll be opening up the third, um, probably within a year or so.

Um, with that being said though, it’s. I have people come in just about every single day looking for a home site here, uh, that are curious because they want to build on the broken area, broken Arrow area, and so they like highland creek and uh, they really liked to build in this seven slash south and I believe that we’ll be finishing up all of the home sites in the village at southern trails soon as well. And so as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, I just want to communicate that to you because we are in high demand and I am in high demand. We have a lot of people that are coming up pretty much just lined out the door waiting for me to show up at the model so that way I can reserve home site for him because we know we only have a one of a kind home site.

Um, we can build the same floor plan for you a thousand times over, but we can’t produce more land. So once this land is gone it’s gone. And so people are wanting to reserve and it’s actually really easy to review, reserve a home site. That’s why they’re doing it. These people are basically wanting to say, hey, I’m, I do want to go on the tour. I want to find those things out, but right now I want to make sure that no one else can get this home site. And so what we do with that is we, of course we’ll reserve it for them and then take them on the tour. But to reserve a home, it only takes a thousand dollars. This homesite, um, deposit for a thousand dollars is fully refundable for a week. The reason why we do this is it just slows things down and it helps you make a, a good calm, collected decision.

That way you’re not feeling rushed to doing it. So if you decide that the end of the week that you ultimately don’t want the home, Oklahoma City new home construction, or the, sorry, the home site reservation, your clear to release that and you’d still get your refund, the refundable deposit back. If it’s past a week, this goes towards the earnest money of your home, which is just the down payment. So that’s the awesome part about going through that is once you find those home sites that you’re wanting to build on, we can reserve those and hold those on a for you. Now if we go onto a contingent or delay of build, of course, that continues to hold onto it for an additional 120 days based on either the seller of the home or the actual start of the build. And so, uh, like I was mentioning, this community is just blowing up so quick and uh, I am just so thankful for all the traffic that we do get here and that we have the ability to build in this community and I’ve been able to help so many people here.

So as an Oklahoma City new home construction a builder, the other things that we always want to mention is that there are a handful of other communities that we build in, um, that we actually don’t even go on the tour. A few of those, just let you know, is one of them that we’d go on his Ash Ashbrook, which is an broken arrow, but it’s actually wagoner county. That’s one of the other broken Arrow communities that we live in. This community features a half acre home sites and we will eventually end up opening up, opening up a second phase in there as well. This one’s great because there’s just a lot less amenities and sometimes when people are dealing with land like a half acre or more that are looking to get out of a lot of the amenities and community. So there’s just a, it’s a lot less there. And um, and it’s still conveniently located right off of highway 51. So you have direct access over there. It’s just about a mile and a half right down the road as a straight shot. So that’s pretty awesome. Uh, also as far as broken Arrow goes, I’m Brighton village is still a community that we are building in. This is off a 121st in the county line and a few other ones for broken Arrow would be highland creek.


naturally this one’s probably one of the most affordable places to build right now and we’re only, only have a limited number of availabilities there. And as Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we want to notify you that have that because we’re also opening up to a Manchester series on there, so you might want to get those rather quickly before they disappear. We also have the highlands up forest ridge, which is also why her county as well if highland creek is. And that’s another great community for you to be able to build in because it’s right off forest ridge. And there are all a lot of amenities out there. I’m rush. Brooke north is a premier community between 90 and 101st off of olive. And so that’s another broken Arrow community. But this one would be most likely a difference school district. I’m in fact it should tell me here, um, actually this one is. And a broken Arrow

school districts. Next one I would mention would be remington trails. And this was in wagoner county. This is between 111th and 121st and Evans, which is 225th street. And this one’s a little further out. This community is actually all full except for that. A home in the front, which we have as a Ventana and it is a moving ready home and this one actually features a full acre home site that’s pretty awesome. So that one does come included with the purchase of the home. So if you’re looking for a lot of land and the great thing about this is this awesome view with the Ventana, a cue, which is what this floor plan is. When you go to the game room, it shows up the side of the yard, which is this phenomenal pasture that you’ll be able to see just a lot of land and that’s also out the backyard too.

And so there is a tower and the corner of the home site, but you can almost barely see that a other point and the, uh, home unless you’re outside. A couple other ones would be spring creek. This one sold up upwork. We do have a move in ready one that is available in their, um, other than that, we’ve pretty much built out in that community is that Spring Hill’s a forest ridge is another community that we do build in. It’s another forest ridge community. We also build on Spring Hill farms, but that one is in big speed. Those are half acre home sites and bixby. Um, as far as broken Arrow goes, a couple of the ones would be the, at southern trails. That’s another popular community to build in. It’s actually a premiere community, so this one will have full guttering sprinklers and tile included in the shower.

And so as a Oklahoma City new home construction builder, uh, we also build, um, and uh, well stone at Forest Ridge, which is still a wagoner county and this ones where you can also build waterstone homes. So those are the pretty much all of the homes that you can build and the broken Arrow area alone. And so I’ll kind of cover a few of those other ones here in a moment of as far as and bixby goes. But we believe that each of those meets a need for our customers as they come in. Really just depends on what they’re looking for. We, we have the ones that the land isn’t quite as important. They’re looking more for the amenities we have. The other ones that the land is more important than they want less amenities, someone to be closest pounds, some want to be outside of town, some of them doesn’t even matter because it’s ultimately price. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we will catch you on the next segment. Jordan Moore 3 11-30-18

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