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Oklahoma City new home construction | An Easy Process

Oklahoma City new home construction | An Easy Process

Thank you for joining us for another shaw homes, podcasts. This is Jordan, more the community manager here at the village at southern trails. So I had the pleasure of a. being able to talk about our most exciting recent news and that is we are expanding our family to Edmond, Oklahoma. That’s right. Oklahoma City new home construction Shaw homes and Oklahoma. So we’re no longer just building in the Tulsa area. We’re expanding out there to help those folks that want an easy process to buying a new home into building a new home. We’ve done this a few thousand times so we know how to do this so that way you don’t have to think about it. And so what I want to be able to talk to you guys about today is just our model homes who were, Oklahoma City new home construction, last podcast we talked about are real to relation program and kind of went through our path.

And I know last week I went over our path. This time I really just want to focus on our floor plans and talking about the model home to or in the things that I would kind of mentioned there. While occasionally letting you know that we are building in Edmond, Oklahoma and then Oklahoma City new home construction so we actually start our model homes who were, and the press got this isn’t Ashbrook and broken Arrow, that’s our community, these home sites in Ashbrook or actually half acre home sites. So there, if you were wanting land and this is definitely a good place to do it because it is wagoner county taxes, so it is more affordable than we Tulsa county tax and it gives you a little more land and you have easy access from Ashbrook to highway 51. In fact, all you have to do is hop out of Ashbrook hitter, right?

And about a quarter mile down the road you have direct access to highway 51 and you would be close to a handful of schools there. So ashbrook, uh, has the Prescott model, which is the first model home that I sat and I was always surprised and pleasantly pleased by the press. Got a when I was doing photography for Shaw homes because it surprised me about how the way the home was laid out, it seemed like all the living was off in the hall, a little bit more private than the rest of the home and that’s also where a staircase was that that led upstairs. It’s almost like you didn’t know it was a two story home and so you went around to that other side of that home. I actually shot the kitchen and the great room and the master bedroom thinking that I was done and I went down to Hong Kong, two bedrooms, a bath and then the stairs that went upstairs and went to a game room.

I’ve been in a bath up there as well, so I was really surprised on how that floor plan laid out and how efficient it was. So with that being said, the Prescott, there are four things I would want to point out to you and as an Oklahoma City new home construction these would apply to you as well. And that is the press got, actually has the most windows and the living area than any of our end. Other plans. Now we have a lot of other plans that have a lot of windows in the living area, but this one actually has the most, uh, so if natural line is a big deal to you, this would definitely be a plan to look at. In fact, we intentionally placed the covered patio off to the right from the kitchen nook and not over the living room area. So that way that natural light was directly coming into the house and not being blocked by a covered patio or an awning.

Oklahoma City new home construction, the Prescott actually also has some most storage closets, uh, as you walked through down that hall that I was mentioning just a moment ago, there actually two closets right there already. There’s a, there’s a hall closet and a linen closet. And if this, if you chose to do as a one story instead of the staircase that actually be a closet door there and that would go all the way back. It’s just actually a deep walking closet, uh, that allow you to use as storage. The Prescott, uh, it also has a huge pantry and nice walk in one. I’m not the biggest one that we do offer, but it is definitely one of the larger ones that are there and off from there is something that we call late night laundry. Quiet, sweet. And that’s because that’s on the other side of the home where you can actually start a load of laundry and then close that door and all the living, uh, you know, the bedrooms are on the other side of the home so you don’t have to worry about having to hear the laundry late at night, uh, versus some other plans.

You might actually hear that if you ran into a little later. So it’s quiet on that side of the home. We actually think that it’s a great plan for, you know, a couples that work and get off a little later. You’re actually able to do the laundry on the same side of the house where the kitchen is that and the kids can sit at the kitchen counter and you can help them with their homework while you’re either preparing dinner or cleaning up from dinner. Oklahoma City new home construction has the same feature as the broken Arrow ones as well. And so, uh, the that is mostly the, all that I’ve mentioned about the press, the press guy can actually be built for different ways starting as a one story and all the other variations that were with whether or not you want to add a, just a game room, game room her the bed and bath and then a game room, bed bath and another bed as well.

A lot of options that you have to pick from, Oklahoma City new home construction, that one. Um, the next one that will actually head over to is not far down the road. You actually hop right back on that road again that you came on to get into Ashbrook and you headed towards the highway and you just take it across the street and you turn right on 101st and you take it all the way down and then it had been left on 225th or Evans road. This is communities called Highland Creek and we’re actually in the middle of the second phase now and uh, and proud to say that we’ll be opening up a manchester phase in there as well. So it’ll be a bit of a hybrid community. The, a model that is featured in the highland creek is the avocet now the addison can be built as Oklahoma City new home construction as well.

Oklahoma City new home construction, it is actually our most efficient four to five bedroom plan for the amount of square feet that we offer for this plan. It is very well utilized. I think a lot of people would be surprised if they too, are the home and all that’s in there. And we asked him how many square feet it is that we’re probably overshoot because we’ve made. It’s so efficient, it is a split plan, separation of bedrooms, so that means there are two bedrooms, a to the left as you enter in, and then the master bedroom is on the other side of the home as well as smaller bedroom, which is what we would feature as a great plan for a nursery, so if you have someone that has a child, this is a good one because it’s on the opposite side of where the other veterans are at yet is directly and closely accessible from the master bedroom because you can walk into the master bedroom, into the master bathroom, into the master closet, out through the laundry room.

You have direct access to that. A nursery. Oh, we’ve actually heard that some older people like that plan too because a, they might both want to watch their own shows before bed and that is directly accessible from there as well. Oklahoma City new home construction is something that we’re featuring a at this time because we’re expanding our family out there. A shell homes is now building in Oklahoma City and the Addison is one of those plans that can be built there. After a talking about the Prescott and the Addison, we would then move on to the stonebrook and to the Greenville, but first we’ll bump into the stone brick at seven oaks south, which if we hop back down and get $100 first, we can take that down and that’s between Lynn Lane and county line. I’m Oklahoma City new home construction should be able to feed your both of these houses as well.

Hopefully we’ll have a model on both of them. The stonebrook is something we call the little brother of the Redford. Redford is one of our popular plants, so they’re very similar in that sense, but just a little smaller. It has an oversized a nook and a turned island, which most of our plans, islands face the great room. This one actually faces the nook. I know a lot of people are starting to utilize a, their area instead of having a formal dining, they like to use that as an office or a bedroom instead and just use an oversized nook for a, you know, they’re are entertaining or for all of their meals. Oklahoma City new home construction, there is something we call the prepper pantry here. This one is actually a really large pantry and as you go in you can tell it’s large, but it keeps curving around to behind the wall and this is actually underneath where the stairs are at.

So as you can imagine, uh, there’s a lot of space in there now. These stonebrook can only be built as a two story is going to be built as a one story plan. I think that’s important to explain to people because all the bedrooms are upstairs and the only bedroom downstairs is the master. Which one thing that makes it unique is it has a half bath downstairs or a powder bath downstairs, which is just a toilet and a sink. The other thing I would mention about the stone brick it is it has a snooze button design master suite as well where you can head in there and go all the way through the master suite, out the other side of the laundry room and have access to the rest of the home without disturbing the other person while they’re sleeping. And last but not least, it has a unique l-shaped vanity master suite.

Not a lot of us are other plans have this. This is what makes it unique. And I also feel like it makes the master bathroom fill larger because the back to back mirrors and all the natural light that comes in. So it’s very well done. Plan. I know a lot of people do like it that might think the Redford is too big. This one is definitely an option for that family. I’m Oklahoma City new home construction will be offering the stone brook as well. We appreciate you joining us, uh, for covering these three homes. And I will continue going on the model home to path with you on the next podcast. Jordan Moore 3 9-28-18

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