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Oklahoma City new home construction | Back By Popular Demand

Oklahoma City new home construction | Constructing Our Homes

And so the next important step is an admin and Oklahoma City new home construction is really, like I said, that model home sewers where we always want to start. So we always want to set the expectation that look at the ground rules are, we’re not going to talk about price here, we’re not even really going to pressure anything. Of course you’re not going to feel pressured at all during the process, but there’s no pricing, no pressure here. We’re, we’re literally just talking about the function of the plan and why we laid out the rooms the way that we did were very intentional with the way that we did that. Oklahoma City new home construction that actually just comes from 30 years of architectural experience. We’ve been doing this since 1985. And um, this also comes from just thousands of comments from customers that have been through our homes. So we’ve constructed our homes and you’re standing in version two point Oh, or three point Oh, plan.

Because we changed it based on popular demand and popular trends and design. Oklahoma City new home construction so that’s the idea behind all those. I mean, we’ll even see it on this tour. We’ll we’ll start in one plan and we’ll go to another one which is a great floor plan with the. It’s already, it already seems dated and it’s not even that old at home, so you kind of get an idea of the different selections that you can get, but we really just talk about function behind the design of the plan and then you also will get decorating ideas and selection ideas because you’re going to see, you know, six to 10 different ways to that. You can do a fireplace, whether that’s brick, whether that’s a stone stone to the ceiling, whether it’s tile with a mantle, a full mantle with legs, you know, you have several different options.

You’ll see different hardwood floors, see different countertops, different styles of paint or stain. So it really just gives you a good idea of what selections that you’ll be able to have when you one go to the price out for all the different features and to when you go to the design studio and you ended up making a lot of those selections through there. Oklahoma City new home construction so this tour usually takes about an hour and a half. Sometimes a little bit more and uh, like I said, it’s just information. We have versatile plans that are one, most of them are one or two stories. A lot of our, uh, all of our models that we’ll go through will be two story, just to show you what it’s like to have a second story, but it’s easy for us just to be able to say, you know, let’s put up a wall here with these stairs are at and this is, this is what it would be like as a one story versus a two story.

And so for an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, these are always important because as you walk through the plans, you really start to get a feel. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had a, we’ve had customers that, um, we’ll do a lot of studying online for what plan that they like. And then when they go on the tour they entirely changed their mind because it’s just different going through a plan and walking in and getting a visual. Because most people are visual. If you’re anything like, I am, I’m visual, I want to see that plan than rather than looking at a two dimensional piece of paper and fax, I just had a customer that I took ’em to her last week that was just like that. They’re like, if you look at this plan as a two dimensional piece of paper, you really don’t get the idea of the grande size of this, this nook that is in this plan and the, and the, and the height of the ceilings.

So when you walk and you really get the feel of that plan and how that function of that plan works for that person. So we always start with a model home tour. The next important thing about this, uh, us in our path is financing. And I know a lot of people don’t necessarily like to talk about financing, but it’s important for us to know that. Oklahoma City new home construction I think most people coming in are prepared to talk about financing. Um, in this case, we always want to ask our, have you talked to a lender yet? And they have either talked to someone or they have not a or it’s been awhile, whatever that might be, and so at that, at that point where we want to tell them is we can get to monthly payment quotes and we actually have three preferred lenders that we do a lot of business with and the primary reason behind having them is they’ve been hand selected and hand picked by Mr Shaw himself because he wants to provide the best customer service and consistency from beginning to end on that process.

And and before we had our preferred lenders will allow people to pick their own and which you are still able to. But he said he’s just had seen too many deals blow up and people are unhappy and unsatisfied because lenders have given them wrong information and they find that out at closing. And we. He just didn’t want that to happen anymore. The biggest thing that he wants to do is provide the best customer experience from beginning to end. And that also includes when we, when we take people to the lenders and so there are the three largest banks in Tulsa. They offer every loan that’s popular and that people would even want to ask for. The awesome part is even if you’ve already talked to a lender and you think that you have a good price, our lenders will actually match them or sometimes even beat them on price.

Oklahoma City new home construction so that’s, that’s for local lenders. And so if you’ve already talked to someone, they’ll match or beat it. And the whole idea of this is it’s supposed to be a win win for you. It’s like, well, you already get everything else. They match it. And on top of that we have an incentive that we, um, that have an extra incentive. So right now we have a $15,000 incentive for the month of December. That’s if you use our preferred lender. If you do not use our preferred, you actually only get $10,000. So you still get a good, good incentive, but you get an additional extra incentive if you use our preferred lender. Once again, the idea behind that is just so that way you are getting the best customer experience that, that, uh, any of the banks can provide. And that’s bok first Oklahoma mortgage, or for first Oklahoma Bank and spirit bank or all the three banks set.

Oklahoma City new home construction, we’re, uh, are that are our preferred lenders. And as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder will let you know what those will end up being for you as well. So, uh, the awesome part about it, and I know people seem to be intimidated by it, but it only takes five minutes. It’s free, it doesn’t cost you anything and you’ll hear something back within a day about 24 hours, usually less and they’ll let you know exactly what your prequalified for and exactly what you can afford and even give you monthly payments if that’s what you would like to do. So that way we can, uh, when we get to that price out, we know exactly where to keep you in your budget and even location and even your floor plan because you might. Obviously people usually like the grand big plans, but when they find out that their budget can afford it, then they’re like, oh, well I liked the other plan too.

I just didn’t know if I could afford it or not. Talking to that finance, Oklahoma City new home construction, our lenders will give you that idea and gets you prequalified so that way we can get you moving forward in that process. And that way there is no question marks as to what your budget is. You’ll know exactly what it is. I think a lot of people will try to go through the process, price out the home, get excited about everything, and then talk to a lender to find out that they can’t afford it or even get prequalified so the lender can usually let people know this is what you’ve got to do to get on the right track. If you have a 500 credit score and they can help you get to a 600 credit score and a year or so if you follow what they’re doing or if you have a $600, they can help you get to a seven or what you’ll have to do in order to get yourself in order to purchase the home.

And it’s like I said, it’s a free service that’s there to help you get into your new home. And so as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, the next step is always just the home set reservation. This one is really cool because it takes your, one of a kind of home site off of the market, you know, I work with 11 to 12 other associates that are helping about 15 to 20 customers at any given time. And any of those customers could be contemplating, Hey, today’s a day that I’m going to go put a deposit down on that home site and that could be your home site. And the thing is is we can build a floor plan of a thousand times over a thousand times, times a thousand times, but we cannot produce more land so that one of a kind of home site is gone and someone takes it.

That’s it. So once you find that one of the kind of home site, we allow you to put a thousand dollars down and it is fully refundable for up to seven days. This allows you to slow things down so you can make an educated decision. We always say the best way to make a good decision is to have all the information. Wouldn’t you agree to that and because of that reason, we want to make sure that we had slow it down. You can actually even swap home size. We have a live system that takes it off of the market, so if you’re having a hard time between two different neighborhoods are two different home sites. We can hold onto those for years. That way no one else can take it and during that time our goals to do the price out to give you that number and then before that week is up is to try to do the purchase agreements and lock everything in for you. Now at the home site reservation, if you decided to do it at the end of the month, we’ll be able to hold in that month’s incentive for a week and the pricing because here in January we’ll have a price increase and as an Oklahoma City new home construction builders are important for us to be able to point all of these things out and I’ll get into a little bit more about that home site reservation here in a second. Jordan Moore 3 12-14-18

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