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Oklahoma City new home construction | Ball Is In Your Court

Oklahoma City new home construction | Ball Is In Your Court

Here we are with another segment. This is Jordan more at Shaw homes continuing, continuing on talking about the things that we point out in our model homes on the tour. Uh, obviously this is an entirely different story when you go look at it for yourself that I want to make sure that, you know, a few of those things and as I continue to rehearse that, I get better at it myself. Uh, I’m, when I mentioned that we are out to Oklahoma City, Edmond new home builders there as well. Oklahoma City new home construction so I mentioned that a few times throughout this segment, but uh, the next one on the tours to go through them and row two p, it’s just a little bit further down the street and 101st just passed 101st and the Aspen. And so here we are always on point out. The Monroe itself can be billed 15 different ways.

So this is our most versatile floor plan that we offer. So, Oklahoma City new home construction, it, it can range from something as an empty Nester to multigenerational and any of those floor plans. That’s why I probably say it’s one of her most popular floor plans because they can just be built to so many different ways and so with that being said, we always want to mention that the monroe has the largest great room of any of our plans and so since the great room is that large, it has a large game room if you choose to build the version that has the game room above the grade room and also has the largest covered patio of any of our plans because of the size of that. And so the other thing that I always want to mention with them in row two is that it does have that snooze button feature that we talked about in the last couple of plans that has it in this plan.

Oklahoma City new home construction the reason why I want to point that out as because it does not have that feature in the Monroe one. Like I said, not everyone wants that feature. So we do offer that plan without it. And this with the way that this one is a. It has a hidden hall bath and the floor plan that I have are a lot of our floor plans to do this kind of almost like a, a true private suite that isn’t right off of the great room and you’re not seeing it down the hall. It’s actually a tucked away kind of more hidden than any of our other floor plans. One of the other unique things about is it has a, it has split vanities. He’s got his and hers, which has a ton of counterspace, not only there but also in the kitchen island, but it also has a corner, a tub in this plan that none of our other plans do, which makes us really unique in itself.

So something you’ll definitely have to see for yourself when you go on that tour. The next place that will end up going is over in big speed, which is the in Somerset, which is our Redford model home. Uh, this one is the Redford one a age. And, Oklahoma City new home construction, as I mentioned about the Stonebrook, the unique thing about this one as, especially for an Edmund new home builder, is that the island is turned sideways and you can see why we call the stone brook, the Redford’s little brother because this plan is a larger than, uh, the stonebrook. It has a larger, a nook area to fit a bigger table if necessary or needed. And um, this one also has the most kitchen cabinets of any of our plans and some people’s stress that that’s one of the most important things is we want to have a ton of cabinet space in our kitchen and will, this plan will do that.

It also has a lot of neat counterspace that you can use. It’s a little bit more divided and also a nice big. I went with it as well. It has a unique hearth room design, so you can actually have this feature of auditing a fireplace into that. A nook area, which is one of a really neat feature that we don’t offer any of the other plants. And this one also has a marriage saver suite which has his. And her vanities and also his and hers closets. It’s got a split, a lot of which is pretty neat. Oklahoma City new home construction, if that’s something that’s important to you so you’re not all sharing the same closet in itself. It’s the same closet area, but it’s divided so you’re not dealing with two different messages that are dealing with one mass. You’ve got two different messages. Redford is probably one of the next most popular plans that people really do like and this one can be built, um, a handful of different ways as well, including as a one story after we go to the Redford, we had right down the road to estates at the river where the men ro one eye is.

And so we actually ended up hitting them in a row twice on our tour. Like I said, the mineral can be built 15 different ways. So it’s important for us to be able to a two or two of those. So you can get an idea of just how different it is when we go in. You’ll see that you can tell that parts of it are the same floor plan and then you realize that some of the parts are entirely different with them in row one, as you come in, there is a game, I’m sorry, a study off to one side and a dining room dedicated dining room off the other side. Oklahoma City new home construction, as a versus the monroe too is you come in, you have the dining room on one side and a closet on the other. So this space is utilized a little differently. It’s still has a two bedrooms off the side, but the bathrooms and in different location where normally that laundry room would have been aware that walkthrough future would have been.

So this plan does not have that one. Um, again, this one has a largest great room and have any of our plans. And as an Admin, new home builder, it also has the largest master vanity space of any of our plans. So the most versatile one and it’s got the largest outdoor living. So there’s a lot of things to offer for them in a row. Like I said, that’s why it’s easily one of the most popular plans that we do offer right after that, we actually head over to the Ventana and Yorktown. This is in jinx and uh, the Ventana is Spanish for window, which means there’s a ton of light in this plan. There’s a lot of natural light coming in, just like the press got Oklahoma City new home construction. it’s designed to have that light come in without a covered patio. So it just comes straight in.

This one has a nursery convenient from the master suite, kind of similar to the Addison. It’s got a bedroom downstairs right off from it and it’s got a nice size pantry as well. A ventanas and other plan that can only be built as a two story. I’m just like the stonebrook, the only other one that can be built like that as a notting hill. Oklahoma City new home construction those were the only plans that we have that can only be built as a two story and not as a one upstairs. We joke that the kids should fight less because there’s a game room and divided by the game room is a bedroom on each side. So they’re being separated when you send them to the room. So we just joke about that one, but this one I always say is similar to the stone brick or the Ventana is similar to stonebrook and vice versa.

Oklahoma City new home construction, but as an Admin, new home builder, we always want to make sure that we point out those things as the island’s not turned on, this one a and it doesn’t have an l shaped vanity like the other plan does as well. So there’s a few things and then last but not least, the one of the fully furnished and decorated model homes that we hit on this tour is heading over to timber creek and jinx and going to the Monterrey. This one is a really neat plan because it can be built as a. One story actually has a. One story can be the largest version of a one story plan that we do have. And it actually, and this one has a true second suite on the main level, which is perfect for people that are consolidating a possibly having, um, you know, parents move back in with them or if they just have guests come over, this has a true suite where it’s off on the opposite side of the home and tucked down the hallway is a bedroom and its own bathroom and its own walk in closet, which is really neat.

A feature that we do have for it. This all one also does have a half bath because of that reason. Um, the other new thing about the Monterey is that it’s the most private bedrooms have any plan. All the bedrooms on opposite sides of the home and down hallways are not directly accessible right off the game room or the great room or the even really the game room or the kitchen. And this one has that, like I mentioned, has that powder bath layout and has the most private upstairs bedrooms. Once again, once you head out there, you’ll go buy the game room. And as you go further down the hall, Oklahoma City new home construction that is where a bathroom is at. And then further down at the end of the hall is veterans depending on how you choose to build it. So this one is definitely one of our most private plans, can easily be the most square footage as well.

So as an Admin, new home builder, these are the things that we always want to make sure that we point out usually about four things in every home that makes them different or set something apart from each of the other plans. Once we go through those, we get a pretty good idea of what will work for you because you’ll, you’ll, Oklahoma City new home construction, when you have, will have come through with a model home, you’ll let us know, you know, by asking some of those questions, what is important to you, what are, what are the things that you’re looking for in the hall. Once we know those, we have a pretty good idea on the tour, but we also want to make sure that you see all the other options that you can have too. Because you don’t know what we don’t show. So for, uh, as an Oklahoma City new home construction, we will continue to talk about this on the next segment. Jordan Moore 5 11-23-18

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