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Oklahoma City new home construction | Bumping into people

Oklahoma City new home construction | Bumping into people

Here we are with another segment here at Shaw homes and broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and the main thing that we’re featuring that we’re talking about right now is Oklahoma City new home construction. We’re expanding our family over to Oklahoma City and we’re becoming a, a builder over there as well. And that’s exciting news for the Oklahoma City area because now you get to have a beautifully built shaw home as well as uh, the easy process that we do have and that we do offer here. And also we are Tulsa’s largest builder and we’re the largest builder in eastern Oklahoma. And uh, we build an over 28 different communities. We have over 70 different floor plans and we have over 500 percent, 500 different home sites that you can build on. And we’ve been doing it since 1985 for over 30 years and we’ve done this a few thousand times. So our goal in doing all that is just to make it as easy as as possible.

We’ve created a path. So you know what it’s like to own a shaw home and broken Arrow, Oklahoma as well as Oklahoma City new home construction. And Edmond Oklahoma, and so the exciting part about all of that is something that we’d call the model home. You were and on that model home tour where tour, it takes about an hour and a half when we start and a broken arrow and we’ll work our way all the way over to genes. The purpose and the value of this to our customers is that since we have 70 different floor plans and we have 28 different communities that we build in, this allows us to save our customers autonomy of time. Instead of going through each of them, they were able to go through with them individually about six to 12 for a fully furnished and decorated model homes. And that way we can cater to them and find out exactly what their needs are so we can meet them as best we know we’re.

We are the experts. We know our plans like the back of our hand. So once you start to find out what works best for someone and the things that they’re looking for, whether they’re objections, are there things that they do lie? Then we can set them up and price them out for that and let them know exactly what it would cost a. so. So we’ve built all these plans multiple times. We can tell you exactly what it will cost to do it. It’s not guesswork and sign an estimation. It is exactly. We know exactly what it will cost to do it, which is the awesome part. Do you know when you’re dealing with a lot of custom home builders or maybe even as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, you’ve bumped into people that will give you an estimate of what it’ll cost and by the end of it they either overshoot and they get it in their pocket or they undershot and now you still owe them money, but we know exactly how many pieces of two by fours go inside of our home.

We know exactly what it costs to build the mud bench down to how many pieces of tile that goes in the arm and row floor plan. So there’s no guesswork for us. We know exactly what it will cost and price it out system that allows us to do custom options and we’ll do the research so that way we can let, you know this is done at a small charge, but that’s just because it’s the research and development charge, uh, that allows us to be able to do that for you. That gives you those prices. We negotiate a, our, um, prices with our trades at the beginning of every year, so our pricing usually does have to increase because everyone else’s prices increase as well. Um, that, uh, makes all prices go up just like they always have since the beginning of time. Um, as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, uh, with that, uh, mom model home tour, we actually have more fully furnished and decorated and model homes than any other builder.

And I just took someone on a tour this morning and I don’t think they realized the value of going on the tour until, Oklahoma City new home construction, or really what I should say is, is the value of seeing a decorated unfurnished model homes until they went through today. I actually showed them a Redford one that was move in ready so it was empty and then I took him over to see the Redford one h, which is the model home in Somerset, and they said, wow, this actually looks bigger. And I was like, the funny thing is downstairs, this is the same exact plan that you just saw. And they were like, that’s insane how that looks exactly, uh, that this is the same exact plan, but this one actually does look bigger. And so that’s why we do that. We make sure that we put the furniture in there so that way you can see how it would look if you were to live in there.

When you have a sectional inside of the Great Room, then you have an idea because you already have something this scale that off of like you might already have a sectional or you have something that you know as close to that size and therefore it’s not. You’re not really doing any, like I said, any guesswork with it. And then same with a king or a queen size bed. It gives you a good idea of what’s already going to go in there and what will work and fit for you as well. And so they saw the value in that and it just makes me all the more reassured that like, hey, we do this for a reason. It’s not just because we’re trying to sell some exterior to someone but it’s or some facade, but it’s actually just making sure that people get what it is as the real deal and are aware of what they’re purchasing because of it being a fully furnished.

It’s kind of hard to know that if you don’t put any event in there. Oklahoma City new home construction, so with that being said, the other thing is we do not talk about pricing and there’s no pressure here. In fact, we won’t talk about pricing. You might ask a few questions and we might answer a few things here and there. But our goal here is just to talk about function and is the focus on that and just information. We believe there’s something for everyone and we always want to reassure you that we’re going to cover everything and pricing further on in something called the price App. We’ll cover that in detail, that way you know what those numbers are and we can, it’ll be an itemized price out down to the dollar and we’ll give you every single number that you’ll ever want that you’ll be bleeding numbers out your nose.

And as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we just want to let you know that there are first plans, one and two story that will fit your needs. In fact, we only have about three plans and their variations that can only be built as a two story. Most other plans can be built as a one or two. And then we have very few that can only be built as just a one. And our model homes, we often show them as two story, just so you know, it, it looks like a, as a whole. Um, however, it’s pretty easy for us to describe what it’s like to be without it. Then for you to try to imagine what it would be like to have it with it. Just like our model homes, we liked it. A lot of things that you can get in there so you know, that’s what people aspire to have is the upgrades and those homes.

So we put a lot of those in there to let you know these are the selections that you can have. Labs, not everyone gets these by far out. Everyone gets, sees what it gives you an idea if you want six inch tram or if you want a head molding around the doors or case molding there or if you want the fireplace and the Redford and the and the harvest. Or do you want crown molding or do you not? And all of our plans that will have things that come included and things that don’t. And that way you have a pretty good idea. For example, in this model home and the stone brick can be in sevenoaks south. It comes, uh, the master has cultured marble in there and that’s actually what comes included with the plan. So therefore you could just see it and you know exactly what it is and other plans.

Sometimes we put granite in there so you know, you can put granted in there with an undermount sink, some bowls, a singles will be around, some will be a wave. So it’s, you just know all the different options that you can, that you can select and through that price that we actually go room by room and there’s an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, you’ll go through this process as well. And that is going room by room selection, by selection, knowing what comes included and knowing what else that you can select as well. And that’s the fun part is you get to go through pages of doors and uh, all the different, uh, uh, you know, um, fixtures and everything else that she’ll be heading into the design studio. Um, so that’s the exciting part about all that. And like I said, that’s something that as an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, that’s something that you are able to do as well.

And like most of my customers, we end up taking things on and off that price. So that way they know what that number is and they’re like, well, hey, Oklahoma City new home construction can we go ahead and see what it would be like to do the hardwood floors? We want people to just put everything they want in there. I think people have a tendency to be very surprised that they can get everything that they want and their budget or at least close and then, uh, make very few adjustments. And so with that being said, we’ll join you again on the next one as an avenue home builder. Jordan Moore 3 12-7-18

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