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Oklahoma City new home construction | Continually Changing

Oklahoma City new home construction | One Story Versions

Thank you for joining us for a nother shaw homes, um, article here. And this is Jordan more at seven oaks south. Uh, one of the main things that we’re wanting to bring a to your attention is the expansion of our family to Oklahoma City, uh, for Oklahoma City new home construction a few things that I want to, you know, talk to you about a little bit today is, is really just our path and our m two or that we take our customers on. We all. This is our first step in our process and I would say it’s by far one of the most important and one of the most helpful steps that we have in our process. The reason why I say this is because this is where we find out the plan that works for you here at Shaw homes. We actually have over 70 different floor plans, uh, and they are versatile.

One or two story, uh, we believe that something fits for everyone. And for example, we have one plan alone that can be built 15 different ways and that can range from someone that is an empty Nester, a all the way up to multigenerational so you can see that there is a big range and the way that we can build a home and all the different versions that what we can do to add onto each of those features. With that being said that monroe can be built three different ways is a one story. And then each one story version has four different ways to build a second story. Oklahoma City new home construction each of those ways are the same for each plan. It just varies on the way that the first floors built. Some people really want a study in the dining, some people just want one, whether that is a study or, or, uh, dining, uh, other people, uh, like the idea of being able to have one of those.

I think having the walkthrough feature that we have in this for like the snooze button, a Oklahoma City new home construction will be featuring a lot of these same floor plans. In fact, we’re introducing a new one, but with that being said, people have told us that even if they end up buying a used home or building with someone else, they found our model two or model home tour to be the single most helpful thing that they did during their home shopping experience. And the reason is because we focus on the function, it’s all about the function behind the design of the homes floorplan and why the rooms are laid out the way that they are. And these are all from, I mean thousands of comments from customers over the years of telling us what they want and what they like and what they don’t like. And also from 30 years of architectural experience, we’ve been around since 1985.

Oklahoma City new home construction so there has been a lot of adjustments to our plans. There are some that we continually change and there’s some that we’ve gotten rid of, some that we would, that we’ve added added on more recently. Uh, and so we want to design a plan that’s most efficient for you and your family to be able to live in. Oklahoma City new home construction. That model home to where you are, I’m going to follow us in your own vehicle. That way you know, if any kind of emergency comes up, you are free to go at anytime. We’re not holding you hostage in our car and you just follow us out in your car and we just basically go from home to home and spend a few minutes in each one of them. And we point out some of the unique points of each of those plans. Every plan is designed differently. Some of them were a little bit more subtle, but they have, um, a big impact in the way that they’re laid out. For example,

we start in the Prescott, which is an Ashbrook and that plan has a laundry room that is right off of the entry from the garage. Now it’s not like you’re going straight through the laundry room. It’s just that it’s right there next to it other plans. You either come through it or come around to it in that laundry room is on the opposite side of where the living is at. Now some people have stressed how important it is to them to be able to have the laundry room on the other side of the home because they might run, there are laundry late at night so they don’t have to hear it running. Oklahoma City new home construction, and then there was other people that liked the idea of being able to enter through the laundry room, into the master closet, into the master bathroom and then into the bedroom. And of course, the importance of that to is so that you can get home a strip out of your clothes and then, uh, you know, jump into the shower and go right into the master.

Oklahoma City new home construction so there’s a two way entry to other people don’t like that. There’s two bedrooms that go in to the, uh, master. So, you know, there’s just so many different ways that we lay you to amount. Some of them have smaller outdoor living areas because it’s not important. Some of them have the largest other ones have turned islands towards the, Oklahoma City new home construction, kitchen nook and other ones are towards the great room because we know that’s important for people when they’re looking into buying. And building their home. And so we have a bunch of different variables about the way that we lay each of the plans out, down to even know where the other bedrooms are at.

Oklahoma City new home construction, and so that’s the important part about going on the model home tours, just to find out the differences between all the different things that we do offer. A one thing I always point out is the fireplace and this home will be different than the one that’s in the other home goes from the one that comes included, might be full brick or then we have a stone fireplace. And then we have the stone that goes to the ceiling. Then we also have a, the wood mantle that goes around with the encasing and the tile backsplash with or without the hearth. Oklahoma City new home construction so when you’re going through this too, where you get to realize all the different optional features that we have, um, it’s there to, uh, you know, kind of help and guide and age you through the process. That way, you know, Oklahoma City new home construction, all the different things that you can do, whether that’s the hardwood floor or it’s the tile on the, on the, on the floor, uh, we do a lot of things that come included as well, so you can see maybe the cultured marble countertops and all the different colors that we have versus under Mount Sinks and Granite countertops in the master to tile in the master versus the fiberglass insert that would be in there.

So we offer all those different ones so you can kind of see those things like, you know, if you go to the, the Ashbrook and for Oklahoma City new home construction, this is the same way, uh, you can do an optional, a firepit that goes out and we can run a gas line that goes out from the home and you can basically start up a fire and let that run outside. So some people want to be able to do that. So we show that and one of the homes so they can get an idea of what they can do. Our model homes are put there because that’s what people aspire to have. The thing is, is, uh, the model homes might have what most people consider upgrades or all these other optional features that are there. Um, but the vast majority of people obviously don’t deck out their home and all those because not everyone needs those things.

Not everyone wants granite countertops in the master or the guest bathroom. You, they’re fine with just having cultured marble in there. It doesn’t really matter, but they really want it in the kitchen. So we give that included there as well. So, um, we just like to show a lot of things so people can know with options that they do have because if we don’t provide that, then the things that they have to get what comes included and they don’t, they have the option of getting whatever they want and we want to be able to show that in our homes and give people that option. And so that’s the fun part of that process. And that model home tour, you’re following us out and we’d go through six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. I’m in Oklahoma City new home construction. I know for at least us in Tulsa.

We have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder. Oklahoma City new home construction, that way you can get an idea of what it’s like to go through the go through a home that’s not just empty. It shows you the full function of having the actual um, bedroom furniture in there and walking around and getting the function of the homes floor plan. It’s hard to picture your sectional in the Living Room when there’s nothing in there. We actually provide different kinds of furniture and gave me an idea of the, the functionality of walking through. And most of the time we put things that are larger, are even bigger. So that way people can realize, hey, my cash isn’t even this big and this gives us a lot of room. So you know, that’s part of the function that we have a in that tour. And by the end of that tour I think they all start to kind of run together a little bit. And most I would say the vast majority of people that go on the two that are interested and actually buying a home will want to go back through it again. So they can get an idea and start narrowing down from what their favorite plans are. And so that’s the process that we have for the model home to her in Shaw homes so people can have the best experience at the camp for Oklahoma City new home construction. This is shaw homes and Jordan more will join you again on the next one. Jordan Moore 4 11-2-18

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