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Oklahoma City new home construction | Designing Processes

Oklahoma City new home construction | Designing Processes

Thank you for joining us for the final segment this week, uh, from Shaw homes brought to you by Jordan more in the seven oaks south community in broken Arrow, Oklahoma. And so our exciting news and what we’ve been talking and sharing with them for the last couple of weeks and we’ll continue to add that is admin new homes. We are expanding our family, uh, to Oklahoma City so they can have the same simple process that we have here in Tulsa and they have the same beautiful homes. Oklahoma City new home construction, the, I know everyone in Oklahoma City I wish that they had and now they will have the opportunity to have it. And so with that being said, I’ve made my way through halfway through the path and I should be able to probably finish it out on this one just because the second half is pretty self explanatory, but I always want to make sure that I’ve covered.

So for Edmond new homes, that sixth step, we’ve already made it through home number one, model homes who were number two financing, three homesite reservation for. We’ve got their price out. And then the last one that we did was the purchase agreement. The sixth step is the design studio, and I think this is probably everyone’s favorite because this is when you’re actually legitimately making all of your selections. So yeah, and the price that you know, what it would cost that gets you a three cm countertops or whether or not you wanted it to do 52 inch uppers. Well this is where you actually determine the exact color and the exact design that you’re wanting. Oklahoma City new home construction these saying. So the design studio a, at least for us here in Tulsa, uh, are manned by the ladies that win us awards every single year at the parade of homes.

In fact, our sales manager, a director of sales and told us that over the last three years, no one has won more than two awards at the parade of homes except for us. Oklahoma City new home construction we’ve won 17. And so that gives you a pretty good idea how awesome these ladies are. They’re the same ones that design these homes that everyone falls in love with are the same ones that you’ll be working with in the design studio and so the way that it’s broken up into and admin new homes will be no different and that is three easy meetings, one for the exterior too for the interior and three, three is for the final signature, so once again that’s meeting number one’s interior meeting number two is exterior and meeting number three is the final statement shares. These are all placed a week apart and done so intentionally because we want to make sure that you are marinating on your choices and your decisions that way.

You know when you come back again next week, is that really what you wanted done in the house and then so you determined that one, the next one you’re like, okay, well I still feel good about that one. And then between meeting number one and number two, that will usually give you homework so that way you can go check out a different homes with different styles so you can see exactly what it looks like with those finishes. In a house instead of just on a photo or on a piece of paper and then on the third one, that’s what when it does become final, but then you can really determine, well I guess I guess we really don’t want to do the paint painted. The cabinets weren’t sure about the stain, but now we know at that point it does of course become final as a to reemphasize there will be no central changes on this meeting you the last time you would’ve been able to do that was before the purchase agreement and it becomes final then Oklahoma City new home construction.

So again, these are with award winning design as we actually had the largest design studio and Tulsa. Tons of options are offered and it’s a super simple process. It does take time because there are a lot of selections to make, but it is simple. One thing and we want to emphasize is there. There is no children and the design studio and that is under the age of 12. The purpose of this is just because there are so many options going on. We want to make sure that we do have you focused for that time so we can make sure that we get them done because each of those meetings are a couple of hours long. It could be longer with that in fact will actually reschedule you if you arrive with your children. So that’s number six. Step number seven a for Oklahoma City new home construction is plan review.

Now the awesome thing about the plan review is you have made a ton of selections and a ton of options. This is where we just find out this is where we double check to make sure that all of our selections are accurate as to the ones that you have made. So we’ll actually review your selections at this time. We’ll also discuss the timeline, discuss weekly updates and discuss homeowner orientation. So it’s a lot of discussing because what we’re trying to do is set the proper expectation about what’s everything is about to come. You’ll actually meet your builder, uh, at this time, which is the construction manager that will be in every room of your house every day during the week. Oklahoma City new home construction, fellows also review your blueprint blueprint says to make sure everything lines up properly and also review your site plan, discussing the greater the land and you’ll actually to meet at the main office for this meeting.

Oklahoma City new home construction so that’s a meeting number seven for a new homes, a admin or admin new homes. Step number eight would be building, and this is where we actually get to meet at your home. There’s actually a few meetings that happen there, a pre dry wall meeting so that way you can kind of see the guts of the home. This is where you’ll see the ILEC electrical and all the plumbing and they’ll talk about what’s going on in each room and you can see everything before those walls are put up. And then you’ll also have the homeowner’s orientation meeting done on site where they’ll just kind of walk you through each room of the home so that you can look at it and get a good feel for it. And also talking about things like lighting, a pilot light. Other things that you need to know about your new home.

But other than that, you just get to enjoy the progress. It’s an open factory. Some, some builders don’t want you to be on the sites a while they’re building, but we encourage it. We like it. We want you to, we ask that you, uh, you know, ask any questions, but be careful when you’re out there. I mean, it is a construction side, so, Oklahoma City new home construction, be, be safe and be careful. But the construction manager will be sending you weekly updates so you know exactly where they’re at in the building process and everything that’s going on. They’ll send you photos and kind of just let you know the progress of everything. Oklahoma City new home construction, the next step for Admin, new homes is closing. Now, of course, this is probably the most exciting part because this is when the keys are given. It’s time to move in. But we’ll meet you at the title company a.

This is, we’re down payment would be fulfilled. This is where you pay closing costs. So once again, um, that for as far as that downpayment goes, uh, during the purchase agreement, you’ve given us a certain percentage or a certain amount. And as well as at homesite reservation, this is where you would just fulfill the rest of it depending on which loan that you have as a certain amount that you want to put down or if you want to put down in any additional, this is what you would do it and pay any closing costs. And this is when the mortgage is signed for and the title would be transferred if a mortgage is applicable to you, might be paying cash. Oklahoma City new home construction so that’s the exciting step number nine. And then step number 10, no, we’re not done with you after closing because we have warranty and we actually have Tulsa’s best warranty.

We’ll see after we get into the market for Edmond new homes if we have the best one there. But regardless, what we offer is a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty and a one year limited warranty. So a structural warranty, of course we, we, uh, we back that for 10 years and we want you to know that no other builders get, does that. We do that to your mechanical warranty is usually anything that has to do with, uh, you know, electrical plumbing, uh, h vac and then one year limited is just about everything else but sod and landscaping because you can kill that. Um, we actually have a 24 hour emergency line and a fulltime warranty coordinator on staff. Oklahoma City new home construction, we, you can call us at anytime, uh, if you have any questions that regards to the warranty but will actually call you at a 60 day follow up or two months and we’ll also call you at 11 month followup, just shy of a year just to make sure if there’s anything else that you need done.

So that is the simple process to the path to your new Shaw Hall. That’s the important part of what we want to explain to you is that, look, we’ve done this a few thousand times. So you say you don’t have to. And Oklahoma City new home construction We’re offering this simple process as well. This is included in that packet that I was telling you about. When you come on that model home tour, we give it to you. So you’ll know exactly what that path is, so when you get done with the tour, you’re like, well, what’s the next step? And then when you’re done with the price out, you’re like, well, what do we do next? What are we going to do next? Oklahoma City new home construction then what do we have to do to reserve the home site? You’ll know exactly what that is because that path sets that expectation and it helps keep the salesperson on track as well. So we appreciate you joining us for this week’s edition of Admin new homes where we get to feature our expansion into the Oklahoma City area and we’re excited to announce that. And that’s you’re a part of that. We thank you for joining us and I look forward to talking to you again about it next week for another segment at Shaw Humps, Edmond new homes. Jordan Moore 6 10-19-18

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