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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Oklahoma City new home construction | Do The Job Right

Oklahoma City new home construction | Do The Job Right

Here we are with another segment presenting shaw homes where we are talking about multiple different things. One of the main things that we want to emphasize on as of lately is that we’re building homes in Edmond, Oklahoma. It’s right Edmond, new homes. Shaw homes is building right over there. So we’re expanding our family over, uh, into the Oklahoma City area. So, uh, of course we’re the, we’re the largest builder in eastern Oklahoma and there in Tulsa. Oklahoma City new home construction so we’re excited to bring our easy process right over there to, uh, Oklahoma City, which is a larger city, so they’ll get to be able to benefit from our easy process and what it’s like to build a shaw home. And so we’re excited to bring that to them. We’re excited to bring, uh, the function of our floor plans to them. Admin new homes will not be the same because a shaw homes will be changing that for everyone. And so for the better and we’re excited

Oklahoma City new home construction do that. And so for us here in Tulsa, a, what we like to tell a lot of people is that we actually have over 70 different floor plans for you to pick from. And we have over 20 different communities as well as 500 science. So we are uh, Tulsa as large as builder. We do the most volume for sure. And what I like to mention is if you do an apples to apples comparison to us, to other builders, because we build a larger volume, that means that we get our supplies at a better rate than other builders do. And because we have a lot of the same exact framers and trades that we’ve been using for a very long time, we get them at a better price too. If someone wants to do cheaper, they’re probably going to find someone that’s less experienced or they’re going to try to do a job a lot quicker and the amount of time for that video job.

So it’s, we do the, uh, since we do so many jobs with our framers, we’ve been able to work a better deal with them because they wanted. Oklahoma City new home construction they are also able to provide that quality as well. So when you’re comparing apples to apples, no one’s going to beat a no one’s going to have a better price and we were going to be the most reasonably priced one, especially when it comes down to all the features that we do have to offer. And so, uh, we’ll be excited to be able to bring that over to Oklahoma City as well and offer just a superior product there in Edmond and new homes as well as what we do here in Tulsa. This company is full of integrity and Mr Glenn Hsa is a phenomenal man of character and gives us all a, such a great opportunity to be able to work for him and with him.

Oklahoma City new home construction so I can tell you from experience, I’m actually done freelance photography for Shaw Homes for Oh, about five years now. And just seeing the awesome integrity of, of Mr Shaw and Mr. Ansys and self, it’s a made me want to actually go in and work for them directly. That’s trust in my livelihood with that. And so there, it’s a great company to work for and they’re just, they’re just phenomenal group of people and so that is the kind of company that’s going over to Admin for Oklahoma City new home construction, homes, Oklahoma. And so I’m excited and thrilled to be able to present that and to let people know that, that this company is growing and is blessed because of the favor of the Lord and the integrity and the discipline that has been placed in by its owners.

So with that being said, I would like to actually end up talking to you about a few of our floor planes that we do have to offer. Yesterday I had the privilege of being able to price out for one of our customers. And uh, it’s just a great experience for people primarily because they can see exactly what that number will end up being and get to price it down. They’ll know exactly what it cost to add sort of things. It’s not just like Oklahoma City new home construction, if you were to do a custom built home, I think that’s where some of those numbers started getting a little bit more blurry because as a constant goal, you don’t know exactly what that’ll cost. So you just kinda throw a number out there, it’ll be pretty close to this or it, it’ll be that and just kind of give them a number and hopefully that’s in the ballpark of that. Whether they lose, lose it and if it’s a more than, they’re going to charge you more for it. Oklahoma City new home construction so what we’ve done since we’ve done this a few thousand times, we’re actually able to itemize it bound to exactly what the cost is to build the home exactly the way it is and know exactly what that cost is. And we’ve itemized everything else out into that as well.

Well, so that way we know what those numbers are. There would make no sense for us to put all these other, what you would consider upgrades in each home, especially, uh, you know, in regards to Edmond, new homes, Oklahoma City new home construction, if those features didn’t work for you, uh, if you have, don’t have a dog and we tell you that the dog door comes included, that doesn’t benefit them. Not every one.

One needs three cm, a granite countertops when they could just be fine with two or not everyone needs, you know, puck lighting on the top of the cabinet or under counter lighting. Uh, when you have the top lighting. So it just really depends on people’s needs and it wouldn’t do us any good to. So you consider fully loaded. If you don’t use those features, why would you want to spend money on something that she would not end up using? One to save people money by putting in there the things that most people want and desire in their home. Oklahoma City new home construction they’re going to give you the option and the liberty to choose what you want to add to it and then what you feel worthy to spending extra to add it on to you. Some people would argue that we, that we would include as much and that’s just it.

We do. We actually have a massive list of things that come included. Will you just let you choose what you want and we have a great system to do that. And so as far as the floor plans go, like I said, we have actually over 70 different floor plans and we’d have three different price levels and I’m not sure how this will work and it had been new homes but I know that we’ll have a handful that are offered there as well. But our three levels are Manchester heritage and waterstone. That Manchester Series starts at about one 70 and works its way to 30 for that price range. And then a man. Shit, sorry. Heritage at that point would be about 2:40 up to 40 slash 50. Oklahoma City new home construction then your waterstone is usually dealing with those upper ends and having a little bit more custom options that heritage in Manchester serious often.

So like I said, with epic new homes, I’m not entirely sure what all series that we will be offering over there and I know there will be for sure. I don’t know the offering Manchester or waterstone there. So with that many floor plans and it just gives you a pretty good idea that we have a lot to pick from a it just to give you a simple illustration of this one arm row floor plan, which is one of the most versatile plans that we have, Oklahoma City new home construction can be built 15 different ways that gives you three different ways to build the first floor and all the other options. So I guess at that point would be

12 other options would be a all done by how you want the second floor done. It’s a lot of different ways to build one floor plan. And so, uh, that’s kind of the idea that I gave you a hint. Think about the Prescott. There’s four different ways to build that one. Oklahoma City new home construction, the Greenville a, I want to say that there’s eight different ways to build that one. So we give a lot of different options for people that really works for, you know, if you’re an empty nester or if you’re a multi generational, if you’re looking to downsize or upsize, whatever that might be. If you, if you are expecting a child, we have plans that work well for nurseries. If you have an only child, you know, uh, if you want the bedrooms only upstairs, we have plans for that. If you only want them downstairs, we have plans for that.

So it had been new homes. This is the versatility that you’ll be able to have in selecting those in that easy process that we have, that it takes to owning and building a Sha home. We’re thrilled to be able to present those things to you. And a shaw homes will be an exciting new addition to Edmond, Oklahoma for Edmond new homes and we’re a really are excited to be able to present that and bring that over to you guys as well. Therefore, for Shaw, homeless can be all over the state of Oklahoma at and it’s two largest cities, so we appreciate the time and, uh, you joining us for another segment here and we will join you again next week and maybe I won’t be at a different model home then. Jordan Moore 6 10-12-18

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